The Girls Who Got Robbed (Part 7)

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Cycle 9 – My Winner: Jenah

If it’s at all possible to beat the Cycle 6 Joanie/Danielle upset or the unfairness of eliminating Brittany in Cycle 8… it’s only beat by the crowning of Saliesha (AKA Dora the Explorer, according to wikipedia) instead of Jenah. Let’s take a look at the top five girls…
Jenah 3.27 avg. call-out, 4 top-two photos
Heather 3.67 avg. call-out, 3 top-two photos
Lisa 3.75 avg. call-out, 3 top-two photos
Chantal 3.91 avg. call-out, 2 top-two photos
Saleisha 4.00 avg. call-out, 4 top-two photos
Yes, Saleisha started out rocky and got better over time, but there is something to be said for consistency, and the fact that FOUR other girls were more consistent in producing high-quality photos for their portfolios says something, especially since Saleisha had prior modeling experience — shouldn’t she have been fantastic from the start? Personally, in episode 4 when she and Victoria were in the bottom two, I felt Saleisha’s photo was far inferior, especially considering Victoria had no prior experience at all, and Saleisha — as we now know — had lots.
Then, there’s Sarah (the plus-sized model who was eliminated for losing too much weight, basically), and Lisa and Heather, who were eliminated before their weaker opponents Bianca, Saleisha, and Chantal. Overall, this season screamed of controvery and scandal, and I really am just going to chalk it up to Tyra wanting to help out her little friend Saleisha. In my mind, Jenah will always be the winner of Cycle 9!

The Girls Who Got Robbed (Part 6)

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Cycle 8 – My Winner: Brittany

Yup, Brittany. It was a bit of a shock for me, the mathematician, too, since — after all — she was eliminated in the final five, and yet still managed a 3.44 call-out average — compared with winner Jaslene’s 3.45 average. Brittany and Renee tied with the most challenge wins, and Renee was also never in the bottom two until the final three.I’m sure I could say much about the “Huh? They’re eliminating her?!?!” moments in this cycle. Sarah, Diana, Felicia, and Brittany were all eliminated before their statistically weaker competition. But, I’ll leave it at that. Next up, the controversy of the crowning of Dora the Explorer/Tootie/Bowl-Cut Kid!

The Girls Who Got Robbed (Part 5)

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Cycle 6 – My Winner: Joanie

Oh, Joanie… why oh why didn’t they let you win? Let’s take a look at the statistics.Average Call-Out:
Joanie 3.18
Danielle 3.27

#1 Photos:
Joanie 5
Danielle 1

Weeks in the bottom 2:
Joanie 0
Danielle 1

Challenges won:
Joanie 1
Danielle 0

I think you’ll agree; by all means she should have won. Why didn’t she? I guess only Tyra knows for sure.

Other oddities in this cycle…
– Kari was eliminated before the weaker Gina and Molliesue
– Leslie was eliminated before the weaker Brooke
– Sara was eliminated before the weaker (and more obnoxious) Jade

(Stay tuned for the biggest upsets in ANTM history!)

The Girls Who Got Robbed (Part 4)

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Cycle 5 – My Winner: Nik

Cycle 5 was the first to baffle my mind. How was it that Nicole, who had an average call-out placement of 3.90, who should have been eliminated in the final four, who was only in the top two twice, and who only one a single challenge beat out Nik, whose average call-out was 3.09, who had the most #1 photos, and who was tied for the most challenge wins. Statistically, Nik, Lisa, and Jayla beat Nicole, who for some reason or another was awarded the title.

Other injustices: Cassandra being sent home for a bad picture, though her other two pictures were 1st and 3rd call-outs… And, Lisa being sent home in episode 10 instead of Kim, Bre, Nicole, or Jayla, who were consistently weaker competitors.

(to be continued…)

The Girls Who Got Robbed (Part 3)

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Cycle 3

Cycle 3 was actually the only cycle where the statistically strongest competitor (Eva) won the competition, with a 3.182 average call-out placement. However, it should be noted that Amanda actually had the most #1 photos, and had never even been in the bottom 2 until her final three elimination — pretty impressive, if you ask me. Yaya, who was the runner-up had the most challenge wins, with an impressive five total.

That does not mean that this cycle was without its injustices, however. For some unknown reason, Kristi, Julie, and Jennipher were eliminated before the much-weaker and constantly-at-the-bottom Kelle, and Nicole, despite her strong pictures, was eliminated before Norelle and Ann, who were statistically weaker. Hmmmm….

Cycle 4

Cycle 4 was one of two cycles where there were really two possible winners. The top two in each were exactly tied statistically in regards to their call-up order. In Cycle 4, those two were Naima and Kahlen. Although Naima won, Kahlen had more #1 photos, and had never been in the bottom 2 until the final three.

This cycle was also rather messed-up in regards to who got sent home when. Michelle hung in there, despite having mediocre scores for her photos, while stronger competitors Rebecca, Tiffany, and Tatiana were sent home. In episode 10, the stronger Christina was sent home and the weaker Brittany continued on, only to be eliminated in the next round.

Cycle 7

Here’s where I skip ahead to Cycle 7, the final of the three cycles (out of nine, mind you) where the winners actually statistically deserved to win. The top two, CariDee and Melrose actually were statistically tied, which is probably why the end of this season was so suspenseful. Both had an average call-up order of 3.36, and each had three #1 photos. Melrose had more challenge wins (four total), but I for one have no complaints about CariDee winning, especially since it was so close.

There were, however, some frustrating eliminations during that cycle. Jaeda and Eugena hung on for far too long, while other, statistically stronger competitors such as Brooke and AJ were eliminated far too early. With AJ’s 3rd, 5th, 1st, 3rd, and 9th place photos, she averaged a 4.2 call-out placement, which actually places her as third statistically after CariDee and Melrose. I really believe that if she had not been eliminated so early (episode 6), she could have won the competition.

(to be continued…)

The Girls Who Got Robbed (Part 2)

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Cycle 2 – My Winner: Mercedes

Mercedes, as you may recall, was the runner-up in Cycle 2, and my second “Girl Who Got Robbed.” The title that cycle went to Yoanna, who — with her 3.3 call-out order average should have lost to Mercedes’ 2.9 average. Another interesting twist comes in when you realize that Shandi, who was eliminated in the final three actually had the most #1 photos that cycle, and that her and April shared the most challenge wins. But, like I said before… that doesn’t seem to matter in ANTM-world.Also in that cycle, I’ll note that Jenesica (statistically!) should have been sent home before Heather, as her photos were consistently poorer.(to be continued…)

The Girls Who Got Robbed

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Sometimes, between cycles of ANTM, there’s not much else to do but reflect upon the prior cycles and — if you have a tendency to over-analyze things like I do — compute statistics. Today’s blog, therefore, is dedicated to Elyse from cycle 1, Mercedes from cycle 2, Nik from cycle 5, Joanie from cycle 6, Brittany from cycle 8, and Jenah from cycle 9… hereafter referred to as “The Girls Who Got Robbed.”

In figuring out these mathematical injustices, I ordered each elimination call-out up to the final 3 for each cycle. First girl called out got one point, second got two, (etc.) and then their average call-out place was calculated. In theory, the girl with the best pictures overall, who has been most consistently good throughout the competition should have the lowest number (closest to 1). I’ve found, however, that’s not always the case.

Cycle 1My Winner: Elyse

Elyse from cycle 1 was eliminated in the final three. Statistically, however, with her average 3.0 call-out order, she should have been the winner, compared with Shannon’s 3.13 average and Adrianne (the actual winner)’s 3.25 average. Shannon, the runner-up, had the most #1 photos, and Elyse had the most challenge wins, but apparently in ANTM-world neither of those count for much.

Let’s also remember Kesse, who was sent home before her time… despite three top-two photos, was eliminated in the final five, before Robin who hadn’t scored herself a single top-two photo.

(to be continued….)

More Casting Rumors (part 2)

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Another day at the grindstone reveals more ANTM-hopefuls and rumors of those who are already in the top 13. Today’s model…

Julie… age 19, from Oregon

More Casting Rumors

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Hanging out on TV message boards pays off sometimes. They are all abuzz about possible Cycle 10 contestants. Let’s bring them out!
One of the 45 finalists was Brandy Boyd, 22 years old, 5’7, Jacksonville, Fl.

Another (possibly in the top 13) was Stephanie Nieman, 19 years old, Lubbock, Texas.
There’s also a rumor buzzing around that Rebecca from season 4 of Beauty and the Geek made it to semi-finals. Can they do that!?!

My Picks

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The WGNTV posted some pics of ANTM10 hopefuls on their website recently, and I’ve taken the time to scroll through and see which ones I’d expect to see in the first episode. Of course, I’m sure these weren’t all the girls at the casting call, but hey — I’ve got to entertain myself somehow for the next month and a half!

Jamilla – From this picture, it seems that she has a really outgoing personality, knows how to walk in high heels and is able to do her own hair. Tyra likes outgoingness.

Unknown girl on the far left – She seems calm, collected, and like she knows what she’s doing. Tyra likes confidence.
Unknown girl in the middle – Her eyes really seem to connect with the camera. Tyra likes eyes that aren’t “vacant.”
Unknown girl on the far left – Her hair seems a bit dull, but nothing an ANTM-episode-2 makeover can’t fix, and she has a unique look about her, especially in her facial features, that kind of reminds me of the season 7 twins. Tyra likes uniqueness.
Unknown girl – There’s something kind of sophisticated about her look, and she has really nice facial features. Tyra likes “high fashion sophistication”
Amber – It’s hard to tell in that outfit if she has a model-esque body, but she certainly does have a chipper smile!
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