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December 28, 2007 at 7:10 pm | Posted in casting call | Leave a comment

The WGNTV posted some pics of ANTM10 hopefuls on their website recently, and I’ve taken the time to scroll through and see which ones I’d expect to see in the first episode. Of course, I’m sure these weren’t all the girls at the casting call, but hey — I’ve got to entertain myself somehow for the next month and a half!

Jamilla – From this picture, it seems that she has a really outgoing personality, knows how to walk in high heels and is able to do her own hair. Tyra likes outgoingness.

Unknown girl on the far left – She seems calm, collected, and like she knows what she’s doing. Tyra likes confidence.
Unknown girl in the middle – Her eyes really seem to connect with the camera. Tyra likes eyes that aren’t “vacant.”
Unknown girl on the far left – Her hair seems a bit dull, but nothing an ANTM-episode-2 makeover can’t fix, and she has a unique look about her, especially in her facial features, that kind of reminds me of the season 7 twins. Tyra likes uniqueness.
Unknown girl – There’s something kind of sophisticated about her look, and she has really nice facial features. Tyra likes “high fashion sophistication”
Amber – It’s hard to tell in that outfit if she has a model-esque body, but she certainly does have a chipper smile!

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