The Girls Who Got Robbed (Part 7)

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Cycle 9 – My Winner: Jenah

If it’s at all possible to beat the Cycle 6 Joanie/Danielle upset or the unfairness of eliminating Brittany in Cycle 8… it’s only beat by the crowning of Saliesha (AKA Dora the Explorer, according to wikipedia) instead of Jenah. Let’s take a look at the top five girls…
Jenah 3.27 avg. call-out, 4 top-two photos
Heather 3.67 avg. call-out, 3 top-two photos
Lisa 3.75 avg. call-out, 3 top-two photos
Chantal 3.91 avg. call-out, 2 top-two photos
Saleisha 4.00 avg. call-out, 4 top-two photos
Yes, Saleisha started out rocky and got better over time, but there is something to be said for consistency, and the fact that FOUR other girls were more consistent in producing high-quality photos for their portfolios says something, especially since Saleisha had prior modeling experience — shouldn’t she have been fantastic from the start? Personally, in episode 4 when she and Victoria were in the bottom two, I felt Saleisha’s photo was far inferior, especially considering Victoria had no prior experience at all, and Saleisha — as we now know — had lots.
Then, there’s Sarah (the plus-sized model who was eliminated for losing too much weight, basically), and Lisa and Heather, who were eliminated before their weaker opponents Bianca, Saleisha, and Chantal. Overall, this season screamed of controvery and scandal, and I really am just going to chalk it up to Tyra wanting to help out her little friend Saleisha. In my mind, Jenah will always be the winner of Cycle 9!

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  1. [1]I think Danielle was the right choice for cycle 6 but I loved Joanie too; NOT ONE designer wanted to book Britanny and in the end being a model is all about getting booked. Also, Brittany threw temper tantrums like a child

    [2] Heather had to get eliminated, she took great pictures and she was sweet but not understanding social norms would make it very hard for her to be successful in the modeling business;Lisa started falling apart

    [3] Bianca was a strong model but I hated her; Saliesha took amazing pictures and ANTM gave her the dora the explorer hair, which she no longer has; I didn’t care either way for Chantal

    [4] I know its not a valid reason but if Joannie won cycle 6, Brittany won cycle 8, and Jenah won cycle 9, then of all 11 cycles 9 of the winners would have been white and that’s not really fair. I think diversity is kool

    *Those are just my opinions

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