The Girls Who Got Robbed

December 31, 2007 at 3:27 pm | Posted in Cycle 1, statistics | Leave a comment
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Sometimes, between cycles of ANTM, there’s not much else to do but reflect upon the prior cycles and — if you have a tendency to over-analyze things like I do — compute statistics. Today’s blog, therefore, is dedicated to Elyse from cycle 1, Mercedes from cycle 2, Nik from cycle 5, Joanie from cycle 6, Brittany from cycle 8, and Jenah from cycle 9… hereafter referred to as “The Girls Who Got Robbed.”

In figuring out these mathematical injustices, I ordered each elimination call-out up to the final 3 for each cycle. First girl called out got one point, second got two, (etc.) and then their average call-out place was calculated. In theory, the girl with the best pictures overall, who has been most consistently good throughout the competition should have the lowest number (closest to 1). I’ve found, however, that’s not always the case.

Cycle 1My Winner: Elyse

Elyse from cycle 1 was eliminated in the final three. Statistically, however, with her average 3.0 call-out order, she should have been the winner, compared with Shannon’s 3.13 average and Adrianne (the actual winner)’s 3.25 average. Shannon, the runner-up, had the most #1 photos, and Elyse had the most challenge wins, but apparently in ANTM-world neither of those count for much.

Let’s also remember Kesse, who was sent home before her time… despite three top-two photos, was eliminated in the final five, before Robin who hadn’t scored herself a single top-two photo.

(to be continued….)


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