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These are from the individual introductions found on… Unfortunately, I don’t have as many for all the girls because they won’t let you view it from outside the USA, and I’m still waiting for someone to post them on YouTube (hint, hint).   Oh, well… we take what we can get.


The lipstick is a little much on the last one, but I really like the shape of her eyes.  In the bottom one, she even seems to be “smiling with her eyes” (thank you very much, Tyra).


Yikes, those are some seriously un-flattering pictures.  She looks a little bit possessed in the first one.  It makes me wonder if her intro video was all this bad, or if whoever made the screencap just managed to catch a really horrible moment.  Scary.


So, it looks like our choices here are super-cute or super-scary.  I love her profile in the top shot, but my-oh-my what on earth sort of look was she going for in that second one?  It could be another case of horrible (biased?) screencapping, but — yikes — that one scares me.  And NOT in a good way.


As much as this girl has started to grow on me… the sooner she realizes that straight-on shots are NOT flattering to her nose, the better she’ll do.  That second shot is just awful.


Very pretty, but not very unique.   She may be the “cutesy,” girly, Saleisha-type of this cycle.


I’ll admit it… that second picture is just awful.  But the rest look pretty good.  I am still, however, waiting to see what she were to look like if she were to actually smile.


Tyra may like the strong Jade/Jaeda/Lisa-esque features, but I’ll admit it… I don’t.  She bores me.


It’s a good thing ANTM is being filmed in NYC and not Chicago, because one good gust of wind would blow this girl over.  She does seem to have very model-esque features,  so I hope she’s really there because she has some potential, and not just because of her tragic past.


The jury’s still out.  This is more of a candid shot anyways, so I don’t know how fair it would be to judge her modeling ability based upon this one.


Her fourth picture here is really heinous, but the rest actually aren’t that bad.  I hadn’t realized before what a round/square-ish face she had; definitely a different type of model than stick-figure-Fatima or some of the other girls.


Pretty much the same as the shots of her which were previously posted… nothing new here.


Again, looking a bit too masculine for my tastes.


It’s funny how sometimes you associate certain names with certain looks… I always forget Stacy-Ann’s name because, to me, she doesn’t look at all like a Stacy-Ann, or a Stacy-anything.  Perhaps I read too many Babysitters-Club books while I was growing up, but to me the name “Stacy” always indicated a white girl with lots of blonde hair and a tan, walking around the city clutching her Gucci bag.  I have never known a single black “Stacy,” though I’ve met plenty of blonde ones (at least three that I can think of off the top of my head!)  Therefore, I’m not really sure what to think of Stacy-Ann.   Now you know why.


Hair up = fierce
Hair down = someone’s mom
Take note, Tyra… take note.


Spoilers, Spoilers, Everywhere!

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About the eliminations

left-bottom 2 girl (saved)
right- bottom 2 girl (cut) bold letters

episode 2_ lauren-katarzyna
episode 3_ anya-lauren
episode 4_ claire-aimee
episode 5_ whitney-stacy ann
episode 6_amis leaves the show
bottom 2: whitney-atalya
episode 7_ marvita-kimberly
episode 8_ fatima-dominique
episode 9- recap show
episode 10_ (milan)claire-marvita
episode 11_ allison-anya
episode 12_ fatima-allison
episode 13_ first bottom 2= claire_whitney(2nd runner up)
final two_ claire and fatima
claire wins!

I would be incredibly surprised if an elimination order so detailed  were leaked already.  So, I’m going to assume this one is probably wrong… otherwise I think someone probably should lose their job over it.


I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time trusting anyone that can’t spell “cycle” and misuses the word “their” (vs. “they’re”).  It reeks of attention-hungry 13-year-old.

claire, believe it or not, she’s the winner
fatima, the somalian girl comes in second
kimberly pulls off a renee when her 1st bottom 2 appearance sends her home
whitney is 4th, her haircut’s amazing!
marvita gets to go to milan but eliminated 2nd
allison, takes 6th
BTW, dominiquetakes 7th……

Again, it’s a rather detailed elimination list so early in the game.  I’d imagine that we’d hear about the girls first eliminated rather than the ones who stay on to make it to the top 7.  And if Kimberly makes it to the top 3, then I’ll admit that I’ve severely underestimated her.

About the Girls:

dominique has that creepy habit of talking “dominique is cool, she’s me!”
lauren’s the bitch (im not surprised)
fatima is pure african, her sisters were murdered, it’s a sad story
claire and dominique will see their families ala dionne and renee cycle 8, coz they won a challenge by pair
and whitney wiill be the most amazing plus size girl there is

Since we had already heard that Dominique talks in third person, and there were rumors going around that Lauren is the least-personable of the group,  this person is probably just quoting things that they’ve heard in speculation threads and  other spoilers which may or may not be true.  Plus, the whole statement about Whitney being amazing is really subjective, and can’t exactly be proven later.

My source confirmed that my 2 favs Anya and Whitney do really well. I was told not to ask specifics but the show is pretty good though. And the first epsiode is not as scandalous as we were told it may be. Just a little over dramatic.

Compatibility issues are pretty much what causes the drama, same soup different bowl.

Sounds believable.  This spoiler doesn’t really give very much info, but the first elimination being “over-dramatic” seems a lot more likely than it being “scandalous!”

only 12 girls are going to get makeovers, their group photo will be dark blue and bright orange swimsuits……it’s gonna be great!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t 12 normally get makeovers?  Or were some people assuming that there would be 13 this cycle because there are 14 to start out?

Theme: back to basics
The house beds will be bunk beds and there will be one BIG bed for 4 of the girls to share
14 girls, 13 episodes. possible double elim.
The first elimination is “scandalous” has nothing to do with tyra but it has to do with the girls
Photo shoots a la C1 C2 & C3
International Destination is back to Milan and the final runway will be Salvatore Ferragamo
Marvita wont ‘pull a jaslene’ & will walk around naked alot
Dominique refers to herself in third person & went to T-zone camp
Anya is lovable, like Natasha
One photoshoot at Milan will be of them posing as statues
Look carefully in the premiere episode for something that will show itself by the 3rd episode
Miss Js thing for the cycle will be that there are all the girls names are on the jacket and he removes the eliminated girl’s name weekly
Marvita is NOT in the final three
A girl whos name starts with A is a lesbian
Lauren may be the bitch of the house
Saleshia will not be featured in the opening credits

This was a recap post of all of the supposed spoilers that had been stated previously, so they aren’t all credited to one source.  There are some believable ones in here… others that sound a bit  ridiculous… and others (such as the names on the jacket thing) that just sound kind of lame.

 And, despite my scrounging around on other websites and searching online, it seems that the only spoilers out there have already been posted on FORT.  Oh, well… we’ll find out soon enough!

Some more fan art

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My favorites from each cycle:

Jenah C9:

Renee C8:

Brooke C7:

Joanie C6:

Jayla C5:

Kahlen C4:

Norelle C3:

Shandi C2:

A PhotoBucket Lesson Learned

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It’s all about bandwidth, people… each time a photo is hotlinked (where you take my photo link and post it on your own page), it uses up bandwidth that counts towards my monthly limit.  And, unfortunately, it’s only the 26th of the month and my bandwidth has been exceeded.  Ooops.

So, to make life easier for everyone (in the long run), I’m now going to be hosting pics at instead of photobucket, so that you can hotlink to your little heart’s content without having to save the photo on your own computer and upload it somewhere else.  Happy linking to all!

In the meantime, however, please be patient while I try to replace the photos that Photobucket will no longer let me show at this time… if you have requests for a specific post (like, you can’t wait to see the promo shots of your favorite C10 girl), just post a comment in that thread and I’ll make that a priority!  Thanks for your patience!

Cycle 10 Promo

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The Stilettos are Going to Hit the Fan.

New Faces, New Attitudes, New York.

My overall assessment of the videos… so far, so good. Overall, I’m liking the theme and feel of this cycle a lot better than the “future” one from C9 or the “jungle” one from C8 — both which seemed incredibly cheesy and contrived.

Here are some screen-shots, for your viewing pleasure, complements of the ever-ANTM-obsessed posters at FORT – thanks!

Allison: Looking very good in these shots, although perhaps a bit more actress-y than model-y. I like the mysterious air of the first one.

Amis: Super-cute in this shot, but in kind of a 12-year-old girl way.

Anya: This girl is growing on me, for sure. Although there’s a **spoiler** out there saying that she’s “dumb and crazy in a lovable Natasha sort of way” which has me a bit concerned. I’m not a fan of dumb models, and I wasn’t a huge Natasha supporter, either. Plus, Natasha had the language/culture barrier, so she really had an excuse for being a bit slower to catch on.

Atalya: Meh… like I said before, she’s a girl-next-door. I’m still holding out for them to give her some sort of fierce makeover, though, because she looked great in the group promo shot. Maybe she’s one of those that look a bit dull in person, but can pull it off in pictures?

Claire: As you may remember, Claire was the girl I pegged as my favorite based on the previous shots. I was excited to see her pop up in the promo so often, but on further inspection of her hair, I was speechless. What is with her hair!?!? Is it a mohawk? Shaved on one side, longer on the other? Maybe they really should shave her head (like she suggested in the USWeekly article!), because her face is strong, but what, oh what is with that hair!?!? I mean, kudos to you, Claire, for having the self-confidence to wear that look, but I just don’t “get” it.

Dominique: She scares me in this shot. It makes me like her less. Also, I heard a rumor that she’s a T-Zone alum (just like Saleisha), which makes me like her even less. And, one of the **spoilers** on FORT says that she refers to herself in the third person, which makes me like her even less.

Fatima: I know, I know, everyone likes Fatima… everyone feels bad for her… I’m just not that impressed yet.

Katarzyna: Again… still not impressed yet. I think that her facial features tend to give the impression that she’s stuck up or wrinkling her nose at something that smells badly.

Kimberly: Yes, I know she looks like Gemma Ward… but if everyone looked like Gemma Ward, then Gemma Ward’s look wouldn’t be considered unique and high-fashion… it would be considered normal. There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing, and there’s a lot more to modeling (or so we’re told) than just having a “unique” look.

Lauren: Not really anything new here that we haven’t seen on the promos. Lauren is one of my favorites, and I’ll admit she looks tons better here than she does in those tacky tight-jeans and tattered shirt she’s posing in for the individual shots.

Marvita: She looks way too masculine for my liking. Tyra, give the girl a weave!

Stacy-Ann: Again… not impressed. She reminds me a lot of Saleisha, which is not a good thing.

Whitney: If Tyra would ever allow a real-sized model to win ANTM, I think it should be Whitney. ‘Nuff said.

And Aimee… sorry. No shots of Aimee at all. And, yes, I find that rather odd. Perhaps it has something to do with the other *spoiler* posted on FORT that the first elimination is “scandalous” and it sends “shockwaves” through the girls. Shocking! Oh, what could it be!?!? My theory is that one of the girls is disqualified for some reason. Now that would be “scandalous!” Admit it… you love the drama.

Promo Videos on CWTV

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Find them on CWTV here… if you’re living in the USA.

Otherwise… one of them can be found here … I’ll let you know when I find the other one for you.  Overall, nothing really new.  If you’ve seen the promo pictures, then there’s not really any big surprises.  Oh well… it’s fun anyways.

Reality TV Awards 2007

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Oh what fun.. the Reality TV Awards! After all, what’s not to love about reality TV? Real people, real competitions, real drama, and clever editing that attempts to play on our emotions.

So, I took each category of the Reality TV Awards (as posted online here – thank you dior_chic) and posted my own winners for each category from ANTM since, frankly, it’s the one that I watch on the most consistent basis, although I have been known to tune in to Beauty and the Geek, Kid Nation, Top Chef, The Apprentice, and The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll (which is absolutely horrid, IMO) on occasion. So, here goes…

(actual winner was Heather Kuzmich C9)
1. Jenah Douchette (C9)
2. CariDee English (C7)
3. Joanie Dodds (C6)
4. Norelle Van Herk (C3)
5. Brooke Miller (C7)

(actual winner was Saleisha Stowers C9)
1. Saleisha Stowers (C9)
2. Jade Cole (C6)
3. Bianca Golden (C9)
4. Ebony Morgan (C9)
5. Melrose Bickerstaff (C7)


(actual winner was Natasha Galkina C8)
1. Joanie Dodd (C6)
2. Heather Kuzmich (C9)
3. CariDee English (C7)
4. Melrose Bickerstaff (C7)
5. Elyse Sewell (C1)

1. Eva Pigford (C3)
2. Yoanna House (C2)
3. Adrianne Curry (C1)
4. CariDee English (C7)
5. Naima Mora (C4)

(actual winner was Saleisha Stowers C9)
1. Saleisha Stowers (C9)
2. Jaslene Gonzales (C8)
3. Danielle Evans (C6)
4. Nicole Linkletter (C5)
5. Naima Mora (C4)

(actual winner was Natasha Galkina C8)
1. Adrianne Curry (C1)
2. Shandi Sullivan (C2)
3. Chantal Jones (C9)
4. Brooke Miller (C7)
5. the Babin Twins (C7)

(actual winner was Victoria Marshman C9)
1. Lisa Jackson (C9)
2. Brooke Miller (C7)
3. Victoria Marshman (C9)
4. AJ Stewart (C7)
5. Sarah Hartshorne (C9)

(actual winner was Jaslene Gonzales… did these people even watch C8???)
1. Heather Kuzmich (C9)
2. Natasha Gilkina (C8)
3. Eva Pigford (C3)
4. Melrose Bickerstaff (C7)
5. Jade Cole (C6)

1. Jade Cole (C6)
2. Saleisha Stowers (C9)
3. Bianca Golden (C9)
4. Amanda Swafford (C3)
5. Sara VonderHaar (C8)

1. Jade Cole (C6)
2. Bianca Golden (C9)
3. Eva Pigford (C3)
4. Melrose Bickerstaff (C7)
5. Camille McDonald (C2)

1. Jael Strauss (C8)
2. Natasha Galkina (C8)
3. Jade Cole (C6)
4. Amanda Swafford (C3)
5. Adrianne Curry (C1)

(actual winner was Tyra Banks; also, I included the rest of the judges from previous cycles in this category)
1. Jay Manuel
2. Nigel Barker
3. Jay Alexander
4. Twiggy
5. Tyra

(again, including judges as well)
1. Nole Marin
2. Beau Quillian
3. Eric Nicholson
4. Janice Dickenson
5. Tyra (yes, she’s in my top ten and my bottom ten… it’s a love/hate relationship)

1. Tyra going on a rampage at Tiffany… I was scared, and I knew I was just watching it on TV!

2. Jael getting pushed into the pool… she totally deserved it (1:08-1:40)

3. Chantal knocking over the guy on stilts in the runway show. I’m sure it hurt, and I would feel AWFUL in her position… but on the other hand, it was rather unexpected and funny! (2:30-2:55)

4. Gina freaking out about the roach. Sometimes I think ANTM finds out these girls’ fears and then purposely includes them in the competition when they need an excuse to get rid of them (snakes, roaches, heights, tarantulas… and are you really telling me it’s just a coincidence these girls are deathly afraid of these things?) (4:30-5:25)

5. Amanda blames Eva for stealing her crystals, sets a trap for her by putting out money for her to steal, they get into a huge fight, all the while Kelle keeps asking if anyone has any sunglasses. Later Amanda remembers that she hid her crystals.
Sorry, I can’t find a video for it… it’s cycle 3, episode 4(?)… if you find a video, let me know!

Did I miss anyone? Anything? Let me know!

From US Weekly…

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Check out the scan from Top Model Gossip:

My thoughts…

I’ve already made mention of Fatima’s background story. I’m sure it was a horrible experience, and I don’t want to make light of it, but I also don’t think that it should be exploited on TV… it really has nothing to do with modeling. I know that if it were me, I would avoid mentioning any of my personal hardships with Tyra – I wouldn’t want to be anyone’s pity case.

Whitney actually sounds rather intelligent and confident, which is such a good thing, considering how plus-size (or, in this case, REAL-size) models often face in ANTM… somehow the other girls, the judges, or a combination of the two manage to really wear on their self-confidence. Hopefully she’ll be able to stay strong throughout!

I’m not always a fan of the motherly-types in the house, who often tend to spend the time griping about the house being messy, sobbing about how they miss their children, and trying to be everyone’s friend… whereas I think it’s GREAT that they are able to pursue their goals while modeling, they know that there are sacrifices when they sign up for it, so I get a bit sick of hearing how sad and lonely they are. Yes, if I were in ANTM, I would miss my family SOOOO much — but that’s one of the (many)reasons I’ve never considered trying out for it. But, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Claire will actually have a somewhat normal personality and will be mature enough to handle being away from her family, because I really like her photos so far. And, I do like her good attitude about the makeovers… if there’s anything that annoys me more than people complaining about missing their families, it’s complaining about their makeovers.

We all know Marvita’s back story (if not, rewatch cycle 9, episode 1), so I was kind of surprised that US Weekly did a blurb on her as well — I’d really like to know more about some of the other contestants.

The section about Lauren confuses me. The things that I find confusing:
1. Is it really necessary to for us to know which of the contestants have been abused as a child? Really? What bearing does that have on her modeling career?
2. What kind of artist is she? “Artist” is such a general term that this doesn’t really tell us anything… it could mean that she is a published illustrator of children’s books… or it could mean that she’s unemployed but likes to sketch.
3. Why do we care that she has a boyfriend? Do none of the other models have boyfriends? Why is this important “news”?
4. Why use a quote from her in which you have to censor 1/6 of the words in it? Did she say nothing else in the interview? Couldn’t you have found something else inspiring to say about her?
5. “I’ve never really done my hair” Wait… what? So, she never combs it? Never curls it? Never puts it up in a ponytail? What does this phrase even mean?

And… Dominique… fourth time trying out… 2-year-old daughter… yeah, that doesn’t really tell us much about her, either. Although it will be interesting to see how the two moms in the house get along and compare how they handle the separation from their children


More Anya Photos

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Thanks to the folks over at livejournal…

For comparison:

Jury’s still out with this one… I think she looks really different in the new photos (which could be a good thing, showing versatility), but I also think she looks a bit commercial…

The Lauren Controversy

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Could it be that Marvita is not the only semi-finalist return for this season? A post popped up on one of the message boards today that linked Lauren C10 with a semi-finalist (top 20) from cycle 8. So, I took it upon myself to go back and re-watch the first episode of cycle 8, keeping my eye out for this Lauren girl… Sure enough, there was a Lauren, but she didn’t get any one-on-one time with the camera, they didn’t show her audition, and they didn’t show her photo from the party (where Tyra & the Jays determined the top-14). The jury’s still out as to whether she’s the same one that made the top-14 this cycle.  The nose definitely looks similar, and I can see how her eyes and lips (especially in the last screenshot and the group promo shot) might look similar… but I’m not convinced yet. What do you think?

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