Final 13? Spoilers or a Wiki-fraud?

January 3, 2008 at 1:50 am | Posted in news | 2 Comments
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Amelia Collins, Angelina Brown, Brooklyn Johnson, Ella Rodriguez, Hailey Williams, Jessica Smith, Kaylee Novak, Madeline Carter, Makayla Herz, Marilyn Kleinman, Rebecca “Becky” Wood, Sarah Zanter & Stephanie Nieman

These were the names posted on one of the ANTM boards in the spoilers thread as being the final 13.  Whether or not it’s true is up for debate… it was presented as a “friend-of-a-friend-told-me” sort of story, so it could be totally fictitious, but — since we all like to speculate — I figured I’d better let you know… or you all would never forgive me.  So, take it with a grain of salt!



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  1. I think its a wikifraud.
    Hailey Williams is the lead singer for Paramore. I dont think she would have tiome to shoot top model while she was touring

  2. Just to let you know. That list is not accurate. My friend made it to the final 13 and she is not listed :p. That is all I could say.

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