Cycle 10 Promo Pictures!

January 9, 2008 at 2:05 pm | Posted in news | 2 Comments
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Kudos to nina on the topmodel livejournal page for posting these for us… apparently passed on from a “reliable source,” but hey — they look pretty legit!

She also mentioned that this same reliable source says that one of the final 13 was Marvita (of C9 casting fame… remember the mohawk hair?)

Thanks to Mr P from FORT for piecing this together for us:

I’ve found that all the girls really tend to look good in the group promo shoot, and this one is really no exception. It kind of makes me wonder how many photos they have to take of each girl to get it looking that good. Unfortunately, these are rather small and blurry, so it’s hard to tell what each girl really looks like (especially the ones that got stuck wearing hats). It doesn’t look like there’s any plus-sized models (except perhaps the girl laying on the bottom from of the last pic, although that could just be how it’s cropped). It looks like there’s 8 Caucasian girls(?), 5 African-American(?), and one that looks like she could be Latina or some sort of mixed-race(?), which brings us to a grand total of 14 girls? (keeping in mind that the one in the center is Tyra.) So this is either two photos or there actually adding another girl this season (which would make some sense with the bunk beds + one large 4-person bed story… you’d have to have an even number of girls). Ideas?



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  1. Pretty sure the one african american in the middle of the picture is Tyra. She is always in the middle of the group photos. And that leaves us with 13 girls.

  2. Hi, I cant understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please

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