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So, there’s a rumor going around on some of the boards that Tyra’s “back to the basics” philosophy may actually mean re-working some of the photo shoots/themes from previous cycles. While I’d love for new and original photo shoots, some of the previous cycles did have some really awesome ones, so it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world (after all, “new and original” sometimes translates into “circus freaks,” which was probably one of my LEAST favorite shoots). So, in the spirit of “back to the basics,” here are my favorite photo shoots from each cycle! Enjoy!

Cycle 1: Merrit Diamonds B&W Beauty Shot

I’m a huge fan of beauty shots and love black and white shots even more… there’s something that’s very classic and gorgeous about these.
Cycle 2: Steve Madden Shoes
I liked this one for a number of reasons. First off, they were actually modeling a product, which is more true-to-life than many of the other shots. Also, I liked that in this one, the girls were able to pick out which photo they thought was their best, which was an interesting twist.
Cycle 3: Jamaica Swimsuit
I think that having this swimsuit one so early on was a good idea; it gave the girls a really good starting point and brutally honest critique of exactly what they needed to work on.Cycle 4: Kloofing/Waterfall
I just really liked this setup, with the waterfall in the background. Very picturesque.
Cycle 5: Secret Platinum Endorsement
I’m all for variety, but I really like how this one evened the playing field by having all the girls with the same background, with similar clothing and similar poses… it really let you see what each could really do.
Cycle 6: Venus Vibrance Razors on Elephants
I liked that the models were advertising a product.  I liked that it forced them to be creative.  I liked that the props were the same for all of the girls.  And — let’s face it — I liked the elephant.
 Cycle 7: Hair Wars
I loved the fantastic hair during this shoot… it looked awesome.  Plus, I really liked how the bust-and-up style of the shot presented a challenge for posing.
 Cycle 8: Women’s Magazine Shot
I really enjoyed the photography in this part of this photo shoot; I really am a sucker for black and white photo shoots.
 Cycle 9: Plants
I’m normally not a fan of the shoots which require the girls to dress up as objects, circus freaks, celebrities, etc… I think they tend to be really, really cheesy.  This one, though, I thought was kind of neat, and some of the models ended up with some really great pictures from it.
So… fess up!  What were your favorites?  Which ones would you like to see re-worked in Cycle 10?

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  1. I’d have to exclude the Final/Covergirl shoots in choosing my faves, since they usually end up being my faves anyway. xD

    Cycle 1 = Nude shoot with coal and water.
    Cycle 2 = Solstice Sunglasses. : )
    Cycle 3 = Spider shoot.
    Cycle 4 = The cheesy-liking kid in me says Seven Deadly Sins, but I liked the atmosphere in the dancing shoot too.
    Cycle 5 = Mad with the wild boys.
    Cycle 6 = Doll/Career shoot.
    Cycle 7 = Hair wars, water nymphs and bull-fighting. : ) I’d have to admit Michelle’s and Caridee’s photos were the only ones I liked in that shoot though. xD
    Cycle 8 = Most of them sucked, but I kinda like the Political shoot.
    Cycle 9 = Recycling and fashion gargoyles.

    And so far, from cycle 10 = Paint. : )

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