Contestants Revealed!?!?

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From FORT:

“guys! the 14 models are revealed in a gorgeous two-page spread in US mag with trista from bachelorette on the cover! the girls are looking fierce! there’s also a plus size model, she’s a 8 (go figure, lol). other models include, marvita (the black girl who failed last cycle), a dani look alike, the oldest model aged 25, a model who was abused when young, a fled somalian model whose 2 sisters were murdered, and a lot of lovely models. cant wait for the new cycle!”

Thanks for the news, moxon! Now let’s see those pictures!!

The fact that the “plus-size” model is a size 8 kind of baffles me… I’m a size 8, and have a healthy BMI. Regardless… I’m interested to see what this girl can do; maybe she’ll be able to open up the competition for more “real-size” models.

I’m not quite as excited about the Dani-look-alike… I like seeing unique looks, but Danielle was really pretty, so I won’t write her off yet.

So there’s a model who was abused and one who fled Somalia… not a big surprise. It seems that every cycle there are one or two “hardship cases” — (i.e. Amanda the blind girl C3, Nnenna the African girl C6, Wendy the Katrina girl C6, Heather the Asperger girl C9). While I really respect these girls for what they are able to overcome to be on the show, it tends to make their persona rather 2-dimensional. We’ve all gone through tough times (well, except for Mila, apparently), but if I were a contestant, that’s not what I would want to be known for, nor would I want anyone to think that I just got in as a pity-prize… maybe that’s just me, though. In the meantime, I’m reserving judgment until Feb 20th.

For those of you that don’t remember Marvita… I found a picture and some clips for you of her from Cycle 9.

Part 1 – Look for her at 2:05-2:09 and 4:15-4:22
Part 2 – Look for her at 6:45-7:07 and 7:35-8:41
Part 4 – Look for her at 1:46-1:55 and 5:58-6:13 and 7:35-7:40
Part 5 – Look for her at 4:55-5:05
(edited 1/17: If these links don’t work, just search for season 9 episode 1 on YouTube; that’s where they’re all from)

I’ll keep you updated as soon as I can find that magazine spread!
(On a side note, as I was watching Part 4, I noticed what Tyra said about Saleisha when convincing the Jays to keep her in the competition:
She’s that girl that I feel needs ANTM. Without it, I feel like she’s a mediocre model, but with a makeover, with some training from you guys and from me… she just has to take her career; it’s not going to be handed to her.
Hmmmmm… thoughts, anyone? Funny how it sounded so innocent at the time, but now with the post-finale controversy, it takes on a whole new meaning!)


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