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This is going to be my official “first impressions” thread… I’m not saying all of my impressions are going to be accurate, but hey, it’s fun to speculate. I won’t be at all offended if you disagree with me :p


I like this girl. She looks very confident (albeit, perhaps a bit over-confident), and has very striking nose, chin, and jawbone. Her eyes don’t seem to stand out very much, though, which may work against her.


I could really go either way with Allison. She’s very pretty, but she seems to have more of an “actress”y look than a modelesque look and in both photos she has her mouth open, which really bugs me. Also, in that dress and that pose she almost looks like she had a baby-bump.


Something about her face bothered me and it took me a few seconds to figure out what it was… in both of these pictures, she’s doing that snarly-lip-curled-up thing. If it were not for that, I would probably like her pictures better… her pose in the full-length shot has an awkwardness about it that she pulls off rather well… just get rid of the lip-snarl!


For some reason didn’t have pictures of Amy/Amis… but I was able to find this one elsewhere. I hate, hate, HATE her outfit but with a quick makeover, I think she would have a lot of potential… she has such a strong jawline and really pretty eyes.


Well, her close-up from the group shot looks rather fierce and even somewhat professional, but her individual shot gives off a kind of girl-next-door air. I’ll be keeping my eye on her… she’s either going to be a big hit or a huge flop.


Based upon these pictures alone, I would have to say that Claire is one of my favorites. She has a mysterious look about her, and anyone who can wear legwarmers and still look that good is alright in my books. Keeping in mind also that she has a 13-month-old daughter, I’m really impressed that she’s in such good shape.


She seems to me like a softer version of Jaeda (C6), which could work to her advantage… I remember the judges really liked Jaeda’s strong features… let’s just hope her makeover (if she makes it that far) doesn’t make her look as manly as Jaeda’s did.


Well, I’m definitely not a fan of the hair, but that’s nothing a makeover can’t fix. To me, she looks very different in the individual shot than in the group shot, which could mean that she’s very versatile in her looks (definitely a good thing). She strikes me as a bit too skinny, but in the modeling world that’s (unfortunately) sometimes seen as a really good thing. Also, it could just be the contrast between the super-big hair and the super-small body…


While I’m not a fan of the pose of her individual shot, and it looks like her nose is scrunched up, she looks rather striking in the group shot, despite the fact that half her face is behind the veil.


Wow that girl has a forehead! I’d bet you that part of her makeover (if she makes it that far) is giving her bangs… although I’m not normally a fan of bangs, I think they would suit her. She is definitely tall and thin, with a very modelesque physique… slightly gawky-looking, which does sometimes translate into high fashion… we’ll just have to wait and see if (as Tyra would say) she’s “just a pretty girl, not a model” or if she can pull it off.


Again… I really don’t like the clothes she’s wearing. I have no idea what kind of look she was going for. I do think there’s a strong possibility that this is actually the same Lauren with the MySpace page that I posted about earlier. She has very similar features. Overall, I’m kind of up in the air with her, and could really go either way with really liking her or really disliking her, depending on her personality.


It may be an unpopular opinion, but I wasn’t really a huge Marvita fan last cycle, and I’m still not really convinced that she’s Top Model material. She definitely seemed nice enough in the first episode of cycle 9, but I wasn’t heartbroken that she didn’t make the top 13. She does have some really great features (her lips, for instance), but I’m not really into her.


Anyone else get the impression that these photos are screaming “Diva!”? I could be way off, but something about the way she holds her lips just really gives that impression. She is pretty in a kind of combination Danielle (C6)/Eugena (C7) sort of way, though.


Whitney is this cycle’s size 8 “plus-size” model (which I will hereafter refer to as the “real size” model), which makes her this cycle’s underdog. Like most people, I enjoy rooting for the underdog sometimes, which is why I’ll probably root for Whitney (unless, of course, she gives me some reason not to). When oh when will people learn that baby-doll-cut shirts like that tend to look like maternity shirts, irregardless of whoever is wearing them? She also did the open-mouth thing in her individual shot, which could be another strike against her in my books, but she has really pretty facial features, and I could see her progressing pretty far in this cycle.

So, for a recap… here are my picks from #1 (the one I like the most) to #14 (whom I like the least):


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  1. I hope they’re as good as they seem. Cant wait! I wont make first impressions as its better to have favs after i see what theyre capable of. 🙂

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