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Check out the scan from Top Model Gossip:

My thoughts…

I’ve already made mention of Fatima’s background story. I’m sure it was a horrible experience, and I don’t want to make light of it, but I also don’t think that it should be exploited on TV… it really has nothing to do with modeling. I know that if it were me, I would avoid mentioning any of my personal hardships with Tyra – I wouldn’t want to be anyone’s pity case.

Whitney actually sounds rather intelligent and confident, which is such a good thing, considering how plus-size (or, in this case, REAL-size) models often face in ANTM… somehow the other girls, the judges, or a combination of the two manage to really wear on their self-confidence. Hopefully she’ll be able to stay strong throughout!

I’m not always a fan of the motherly-types in the house, who often tend to spend the time griping about the house being messy, sobbing about how they miss their children, and trying to be everyone’s friend… whereas I think it’s GREAT that they are able to pursue their goals while modeling, they know that there are sacrifices when they sign up for it, so I get a bit sick of hearing how sad and lonely they are. Yes, if I were in ANTM, I would miss my family SOOOO much — but that’s one of the (many)reasons I’ve never considered trying out for it. But, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Claire will actually have a somewhat normal personality and will be mature enough to handle being away from her family, because I really like her photos so far. And, I do like her good attitude about the makeovers… if there’s anything that annoys me more than people complaining about missing their families, it’s complaining about their makeovers.

We all know Marvita’s back story (if not, rewatch cycle 9, episode 1), so I was kind of surprised that US Weekly did a blurb on her as well — I’d really like to know more about some of the other contestants.

The section about Lauren confuses me. The things that I find confusing:
1. Is it really necessary to for us to know which of the contestants have been abused as a child? Really? What bearing does that have on her modeling career?
2. What kind of artist is she? “Artist” is such a general term that this doesn’t really tell us anything… it could mean that she is a published illustrator of children’s books… or it could mean that she’s unemployed but likes to sketch.
3. Why do we care that she has a boyfriend? Do none of the other models have boyfriends? Why is this important “news”?
4. Why use a quote from her in which you have to censor 1/6 of the words in it? Did she say nothing else in the interview? Couldn’t you have found something else inspiring to say about her?
5. “I’ve never really done my hair” Wait… what? So, she never combs it? Never curls it? Never puts it up in a ponytail? What does this phrase even mean?

And… Dominique… fourth time trying out… 2-year-old daughter… yeah, that doesn’t really tell us much about her, either. Although it will be interesting to see how the two moms in the house get along and compare how they handle the separation from their children



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