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The Stilettos are Going to Hit the Fan.

New Faces, New Attitudes, New York.

My overall assessment of the videos… so far, so good. Overall, I’m liking the theme and feel of this cycle a lot better than the “future” one from C9 or the “jungle” one from C8 — both which seemed incredibly cheesy and contrived.

Here are some screen-shots, for your viewing pleasure, complements of the ever-ANTM-obsessed posters at FORT – thanks!

Allison: Looking very good in these shots, although perhaps a bit more actress-y than model-y. I like the mysterious air of the first one.

Amis: Super-cute in this shot, but in kind of a 12-year-old girl way.

Anya: This girl is growing on me, for sure. Although there’s a **spoiler** out there saying that she’s “dumb and crazy in a lovable Natasha sort of way” which has me a bit concerned. I’m not a fan of dumb models, and I wasn’t a huge Natasha supporter, either. Plus, Natasha had the language/culture barrier, so she really had an excuse for being a bit slower to catch on.

Atalya: Meh… like I said before, she’s a girl-next-door. I’m still holding out for them to give her some sort of fierce makeover, though, because she looked great in the group promo shot. Maybe she’s one of those that look a bit dull in person, but can pull it off in pictures?

Claire: As you may remember, Claire was the girl I pegged as my favorite based on the previous shots. I was excited to see her pop up in the promo so often, but on further inspection of her hair, I was speechless. What is with her hair!?!? Is it a mohawk? Shaved on one side, longer on the other? Maybe they really should shave her head (like she suggested in the USWeekly article!), because her face is strong, but what, oh what is with that hair!?!? I mean, kudos to you, Claire, for having the self-confidence to wear that look, but I just don’t “get” it.

Dominique: She scares me in this shot. It makes me like her less. Also, I heard a rumor that she’s a T-Zone alum (just like Saleisha), which makes me like her even less. And, one of the **spoilers** on FORT says that she refers to herself in the third person, which makes me like her even less.

Fatima: I know, I know, everyone likes Fatima… everyone feels bad for her… I’m just not that impressed yet.

Katarzyna: Again… still not impressed yet. I think that her facial features tend to give the impression that she’s stuck up or wrinkling her nose at something that smells badly.

Kimberly: Yes, I know she looks like Gemma Ward… but if everyone looked like Gemma Ward, then Gemma Ward’s look wouldn’t be considered unique and high-fashion… it would be considered normal. There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing, and there’s a lot more to modeling (or so we’re told) than just having a “unique” look.

Lauren: Not really anything new here that we haven’t seen on the promos. Lauren is one of my favorites, and I’ll admit she looks tons better here than she does in those tacky tight-jeans and tattered shirt she’s posing in for the individual shots.

Marvita: She looks way too masculine for my liking. Tyra, give the girl a weave!

Stacy-Ann: Again… not impressed. She reminds me a lot of Saleisha, which is not a good thing.

Whitney: If Tyra would ever allow a real-sized model to win ANTM, I think it should be Whitney. ‘Nuff said.

And Aimee… sorry. No shots of Aimee at all. And, yes, I find that rather odd. Perhaps it has something to do with the other *spoiler* posted on FORT that the first elimination is “scandalous” and it sends “shockwaves” through the girls. Shocking! Oh, what could it be!?!? My theory is that one of the girls is disqualified for some reason. Now that would be “scandalous!” Admit it… you love the drama.

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