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About the eliminations

left-bottom 2 girl (saved)
right- bottom 2 girl (cut) bold letters

episode 2_ lauren-katarzyna
episode 3_ anya-lauren
episode 4_ claire-aimee
episode 5_ whitney-stacy ann
episode 6_amis leaves the show
bottom 2: whitney-atalya
episode 7_ marvita-kimberly
episode 8_ fatima-dominique
episode 9- recap show
episode 10_ (milan)claire-marvita
episode 11_ allison-anya
episode 12_ fatima-allison
episode 13_ first bottom 2= claire_whitney(2nd runner up)
final two_ claire and fatima
claire wins!

I would be incredibly surprised if an elimination order so detailed  were leaked already.  So, I’m going to assume this one is probably wrong… otherwise I think someone probably should lose their job over it.


I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time trusting anyone that can’t spell “cycle” and misuses the word “their” (vs. “they’re”).  It reeks of attention-hungry 13-year-old.

claire, believe it or not, she’s the winner
fatima, the somalian girl comes in second
kimberly pulls off a renee when her 1st bottom 2 appearance sends her home
whitney is 4th, her haircut’s amazing!
marvita gets to go to milan but eliminated 2nd
allison, takes 6th
BTW, dominiquetakes 7th……

Again, it’s a rather detailed elimination list so early in the game.  I’d imagine that we’d hear about the girls first eliminated rather than the ones who stay on to make it to the top 7.  And if Kimberly makes it to the top 3, then I’ll admit that I’ve severely underestimated her.

About the Girls:

dominique has that creepy habit of talking “dominique is cool, she’s me!”
lauren’s the bitch (im not surprised)
fatima is pure african, her sisters were murdered, it’s a sad story
claire and dominique will see their families ala dionne and renee cycle 8, coz they won a challenge by pair
and whitney wiill be the most amazing plus size girl there is

Since we had already heard that Dominique talks in third person, and there were rumors going around that Lauren is the least-personable of the group,  this person is probably just quoting things that they’ve heard in speculation threads and  other spoilers which may or may not be true.  Plus, the whole statement about Whitney being amazing is really subjective, and can’t exactly be proven later.

My source confirmed that my 2 favs Anya and Whitney do really well. I was told not to ask specifics but the show is pretty good though. And the first epsiode is not as scandalous as we were told it may be. Just a little over dramatic.

Compatibility issues are pretty much what causes the drama, same soup different bowl.

Sounds believable.  This spoiler doesn’t really give very much info, but the first elimination being “over-dramatic” seems a lot more likely than it being “scandalous!”

only 12 girls are going to get makeovers, their group photo will be dark blue and bright orange swimsuits……it’s gonna be great!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t 12 normally get makeovers?  Or were some people assuming that there would be 13 this cycle because there are 14 to start out?

Theme: back to basics
The house beds will be bunk beds and there will be one BIG bed for 4 of the girls to share
14 girls, 13 episodes. possible double elim.
The first elimination is “scandalous” has nothing to do with tyra but it has to do with the girls
Photo shoots a la C1 C2 & C3
International Destination is back to Milan and the final runway will be Salvatore Ferragamo
Marvita wont ‘pull a jaslene’ & will walk around naked alot
Dominique refers to herself in third person & went to T-zone camp
Anya is lovable, like Natasha
One photoshoot at Milan will be of them posing as statues
Look carefully in the premiere episode for something that will show itself by the 3rd episode
Miss Js thing for the cycle will be that there are all the girls names are on the jacket and he removes the eliminated girl’s name weekly
Marvita is NOT in the final three
A girl whos name starts with A is a lesbian
Lauren may be the bitch of the house
Saleshia will not be featured in the opening credits

This was a recap post of all of the supposed spoilers that had been stated previously, so they aren’t all credited to one source.  There are some believable ones in here… others that sound a bit  ridiculous… and others (such as the names on the jacket thing) that just sound kind of lame.

 And, despite my scrounging around on other websites and searching online, it seems that the only spoilers out there have already been posted on FORT.  Oh, well… we’ll find out soon enough!


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  1. Fort. Remeber pugpix? XD

    He made quite a name for himself.

    There’s another version.. Kata winning ANTM.

    I hope thats true! 😛

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