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These are from the individual introductions found on… Unfortunately, I don’t have as many for all the girls because they won’t let you view it from outside the USA, and I’m still waiting for someone to post them on YouTube (hint, hint).   Oh, well… we take what we can get.


The lipstick is a little much on the last one, but I really like the shape of her eyes.  In the bottom one, she even seems to be “smiling with her eyes” (thank you very much, Tyra).


Yikes, those are some seriously un-flattering pictures.  She looks a little bit possessed in the first one.  It makes me wonder if her intro video was all this bad, or if whoever made the screencap just managed to catch a really horrible moment.  Scary.


So, it looks like our choices here are super-cute or super-scary.  I love her profile in the top shot, but my-oh-my what on earth sort of look was she going for in that second one?  It could be another case of horrible (biased?) screencapping, but — yikes — that one scares me.  And NOT in a good way.


As much as this girl has started to grow on me… the sooner she realizes that straight-on shots are NOT flattering to her nose, the better she’ll do.  That second shot is just awful.


Very pretty, but not very unique.   She may be the “cutesy,” girly, Saleisha-type of this cycle.


I’ll admit it… that second picture is just awful.  But the rest look pretty good.  I am still, however, waiting to see what she were to look like if she were to actually smile.


Tyra may like the strong Jade/Jaeda/Lisa-esque features, but I’ll admit it… I don’t.  She bores me.


It’s a good thing ANTM is being filmed in NYC and not Chicago, because one good gust of wind would blow this girl over.  She does seem to have very model-esque features,  so I hope she’s really there because she has some potential, and not just because of her tragic past.


The jury’s still out.  This is more of a candid shot anyways, so I don’t know how fair it would be to judge her modeling ability based upon this one.


Her fourth picture here is really heinous, but the rest actually aren’t that bad.  I hadn’t realized before what a round/square-ish face she had; definitely a different type of model than stick-figure-Fatima or some of the other girls.


Pretty much the same as the shots of her which were previously posted… nothing new here.


Again, looking a bit too masculine for my tastes.


It’s funny how sometimes you associate certain names with certain looks… I always forget Stacy-Ann’s name because, to me, she doesn’t look at all like a Stacy-Ann, or a Stacy-anything.  Perhaps I read too many Babysitters-Club books while I was growing up, but to me the name “Stacy” always indicated a white girl with lots of blonde hair and a tan, walking around the city clutching her Gucci bag.  I have never known a single black “Stacy,” though I’ve met plenty of blonde ones (at least three that I can think of off the top of my head!)  Therefore, I’m not really sure what to think of Stacy-Ann.   Now you know why.


Hair up = fierce
Hair down = someone’s mom
Take note, Tyra… take note.



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  1. well you have not been around much because I know plenty of black stacey’s where i’m from. 🙂

  2. Well, our Stacy-Ann is from Florida, which is quite a ways from where I’m from… maybe it’s a regional thing!

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