Episode 2 Recap

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New York, Here We Come
It was another exciting episode of ANTM last night, complete with ‘the most shocking elimination in ANTM history’ which I pretty much called (see my Episode 2 predictions post).

A quick note about the opening… up until this point, the opening has always featured past ANTM winners… however, I think that Tyra realized that with excluding Adrienne and Scandaleisha, people may notice, and so she decided to make it all about her. You’re so clever, Tyra. For those of you conspiracy theorists, here’s the order:

Anya, Atalya, Whitney, Fatima, Kimberly, Dominique, Marvita, Amis, Aimee, Allison, Stacy-Ann, Claire, Katarzyna, Lauren

So, the girls arrive in New York, and we get a few touristy glances around the city. They have breakfast(?) and a discussion about how awesome it is to be on ANTM. Blah, blah. One funny note… Amis says she changed her name to that because it’s in the Bible, and it took me the whole rest of the episode to figure out what on earth she was talking about. It’s AMOS – a minor Old Testament prophet, who was a man and spelled his name with an “O,” not an “I.” Just clearing that up.

They get a note, head to their loft, and more screaming ensues (for how many more episodes do we have to put up with the screaming?)

I’m not horribly impressed with the loft. There are bunk beds and one huge bed (is that supposed to be more economical? or is it really that low-budget this cycle that they can’t afford more beds?) There are posters of former ANTMers, including one of Robin C1 that is quoted as saying:

If you stand for – nothing – you’ll fall for anything.

Besides the atrocious punctuation that was obviously just put there to puzzle and confuse English majors, Robin wasn’t exactly the first one to ever say that, so I think they’re giving her rather undue credit. Ever heard of Aaron Tippin? John Mellencamp? ALEXANDER HAMILTON???Kim gets scolded for going outside to smoke, which she doesn’t think will make her any less of a model… silly girl, doesn’t she realize she’s not auditioning to be just any old model… she’s auditioning to be a Tyra Banks model.The Jays arrive, there is more screaming, and their wisked off to Times Square for their Badgley Mischka fashion show. Hoorah. We didn’t get to see much of it, but we saw enough to know that Marvita and Lauren bombed it, and Claire, Katarzyna, and Dominique rocked it (just as I predicted).

I almost forgot to mention the catfights in this episode:

vs. Amis
Amis is running her mouth, Fatima tells her she acts like a clown, and then later goes on to say “I didn’t know I could actually make people feel upset. It’s interesting,” as she smiles her manipulative little smirk.

Fatima vs. Marvita
Sensing a pattern here? Fatima flings her arm out and hits Marvita, Marvita says that she’s never met a mean African except for her, and then when Marvita tells her story, Fatima breaks down and apologizes, claiming she had no idea. Because obviously, it’s okay to act like a complete jerk to people who haven’t been homeless, abused, and raped.

So, then it’s time for Tyra mail (as I once again plug my ears to muffle the screaming). They read it off of a scrolling machine, which drives me absolutely nuts… it sounds like a classroom full of kindergarteners when you take it one… word… at… a .. time.

It’s critical for a new face to make a great first impression.

And the silly girls think that Tyra’s talking about them. Obviously, though, the message is referring to Paulina, whom the girls meet. No big surprises there (at least not if you’ve seen the previews). And when Paulina is through ripping the girls apart, there’s a taxi limo waiting for them (because that’s SOOOOOO eco-friendly).

Homeless Youth Photo Shoot
A spokesperson for the Reciprocity Foundation was there, which was good, but I wish they would have given her more screen time to explain her organization… it really seemed to be somewhat of an afterthought. They posed as homeless people among others dressed in high fashion couture clothing, which made absolutely no sense to me. The whole concept seemed rather contrived and thrown together at the last minute, and I’m not exactly sure what message they were trying to get across… you can still be fierce even if you’re the worst-dressed person in the alley?

Oh, and Tyra of course brings it up in panel that she was homeless for (wait for it…) a whole day. With video cameras following her around. For her talk show.

Judging Panel
On to the judging panel, where I’m going to get this “shocking elimination” out of the way right away. Kimberly quits. She quits because she isn’t into high fashion, isn’t interested in designers, and thinks it’s stupid to pay $2000 for an outfit. While I can see where she’s coming from… the show’s been on for nine cycle now… and you’re telling me you didn’t know what it was all about? Whatever. I’m just glad she quit now instead of hanging in there like Ebony C9, when she had no desire to be ANTM anyways.

Now that’s out of the way… here’s what the judges and I thought of each photo (in order from my favorite to my least favorite photos):


Okay, so maybe I’m a bit biased because she’s my fave, but she totally rocked this shot. She looks homeless, edgy, and a bit harsh, but also – as Mr Jay said – is selling the clothing in every frame. Yes, her hand was awkwardly placed in that particular shot, but Tyra even mentioned that the rest of her film was also just stunning.


She managed to pull off homelessness and still looked like a model in the process. I was rather impressed. The judges were as well, and said she looked like she had a wind machine on her.


She looked like a dancer to me here, very graceful and self-aware. The judges raved about her bone structure, and Tyra claimed that she would be harder on Anya because she was already good. Right, Tyra… that’s what you said last cycle to Scandaleisha… and we all know how that turned out.


And Tyra had to ask how to pronounce it… again. Very lame.
But on to the photo… she blends in more than I’d like, but she looks both homeless and modelesque. Her arms are a bit awkward, but her face looks good.


I thought it had an interesting awkwardness about it, and an alright face. MsJay raved about the lighting, but I guess I credit that more to the photographer, photoshopper, and set crew than to the model. Nigel also mentioned that her nerves would terrify any photographer, which caused a short, somewhat heated dialogue between him and Paulina, which Tyra seemed to enjoy a bit too much.


Although she seemed to blend in a bit more than I’d like, her face is awesome (oh, and Tyra agreed with me.)


She had pluses and negatives… she did look homeless, and did have a nice-looking face, but she also looked like a man. Tyra called her glam, but I would have to disagree.


I thought it looked over-exaggerated, but I did like that she tried to use props. So, a few points for creativity. The judges had a few critiques… basically saying that she looks “dragilicious” and shorter than she actually is.


Initially, I was surprised at the pose, which seemed a bit daring, but then Tyra mentioned that she used the same five poses the whole time, and I ceased being impressed. By the way, are they going to start singing her audition music EVERY time they mention her? It was funny the first time.


I thought she really got lost in this shot, and her crying looks completely contrived. Plus, she’s doing that staring-up-at-the-light thing that they scolded Amis for doing. Unfortunately, the judges didn’t agree with me, and thought it was awesome… although, they admitted, the ONLY awesome shot of her entire film.


To me, this photo was boring. I really had nothing to say about it at all… it wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t really get anything out of it either. Apparently the judges felt the same way.


She looked to me like she was dancing at a rave, and not in a good way. She looked like she had an idea of what she thought a model should look like, but had no idea how to pull it off. Mr. Jay also had no positive things to say about this shot and blamed her pilates, which I think was kind of ridiculous… pilates give you BETTER posture and self-awareness, not worse. I do love, love, LOVE how they compare her to an upper-east-side princess-wannabe. Hilarious, because it’s totally true.


This shot reminded me of a cheesy musical. It made me laugh, which I’m fairly certain wasn’t the desired effect. Tyra calls her a beauty without a clue. Very true.

So, here’s the call-out order for you statistic-obsessed folks:

Anya, Claire (I echoed her “yay” as she was called out second), Whitney, Lauren, Aimee, Fatima, Marvita, Katarzyna, StacyAnn, Dominique, Allison, and the bottom two: Amis and Atalya (eliminated).


“Model for a Cause”

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Let’s discuss.

According to a recent Tyra interview (which you can find on cwtv.com), the theme for the house is “Model for a Cause,” and will feature Tyra’s own T-Zone camp (sans Scandaleisha, I hope), as well as former ANTModels and their personal causes. Tyra wants these girls to see modeling as a platform on which to push their own agendas.

The first questions that comes to my mind are:

  • Will Adrienne be included?
  • Will Scandaleisha be included?
  • What are their “causes”? CariDee’s with the National Psoriasis Foundation, but I don’t recall any of the other winners having a “cause.”

    In cycle 10, we already know some of the girls coming in here with pet causes —

    • environmentalism (Claire)
    • domestic abuse (Dominique)
    • female circumcision (Fatima)
    • feminism/body image (Whitney)

    — but I could definitely see this coming up again over and over in this cycle. Will the remaining girls have to come up with a pet cause of their own?

    ANTM seems to be getting more and more demanding — not only does America’s Next Top Model have to look good, take good photos, take criticism well, be a good spokesmodel, have a bubbly personality, and be a role model for little girls, but now they also have to save the world? They might as well rename it “America’s Next Tyra Banks.”

    100th Episode?

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    I had no idea it was their 100th episode… huh, how ’bout that?  Also… eyes a little dead there, Tyra?

    My Episode 2 Predictions

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    So, we know that they arrive at their apartment, that Fatima continues getting on everyone’s nerves, and that they have a Time Square runway show. For the winner of that challenge, I’m going to guess it’s either Claire, Katarzyna, or Dominique – from what we’ve seen so far, their walks are pretty fierce. They also meet Paulina, whom we’ve heard has some pretty interesting things to say about the girls. And, then they have a “homeless” photo shoot. Then, the panel will judge the photos to see which girl would be most likely to be found penniless and starving in an alley. I mean… which girl would look best penniless and starving in an alley. I guess.

    First of all, I do think that it will be a double-elimination. From the “shocking elimination” preview, we know that Tyra is still sitting when she speaks her “Why did you come here?” lines, so we know it took place not during elimination, but during the assessment at the beginning of the panel. My guess is that one girl quits, and because she did it before elimination, that the judges will decide to still go ahead and eliminate one of the other girls as well. Shocking, eh?

    The first “shocking” revelation that leads to a “shocking” self-elimination (as I think it will be) could be anyone, especially since we don’t really have much background on some of the girls. The forerunners in my mind, however, are the following (in no particular order):

    Kimberly – We don’t really have much background on her, and unlike a lot of the other girls, in the interviews she doesn’t really talk much about modeling. Could this be one of those girls that are more interested in the TV exposure than the industry?

    Lauren – In her interviews, she says she’s here to learn and to try out this artistic medium, but in the first episode, she was SO awful at walking, posing, etc. that it sure made me wonder if she was purposely trying to do her worst, just to show the industry as a farce. It may be a bit farfetched, but, hey, they said it was “shocking.”

    Whitney – There have been rumors flying around that she’s the first out. Although with her previous boldness, I don’t know why she wouldn’t jump right in to answer Tyra’s first “Why did you come here?” but as the token plus-size, I don’t see Tyra eliminating her first, either. Perhaps she says something so negative about the industry that the judges wonder why she even wants to be a part of it?

    If it is the case that there is only one elimination, or if after a shocking self-elimination Tyra goes on to eliminate one more, here’s my predictions for whom it might be (and might NOT be):

    Allison – NOT ELIMINATED
    We know from a TV Guide description that Allison is still causing trouble in the house in the third episode, so it’s safe to say that she makes it through the first elimination… so it looks like we’ll have to put up with her for at least a few more weeks.

    Same as above… she’s in the summary for the next episode, so we know we have to put up with her longer, too.

    Lauren – VERY UNLIKELY
    Unless she quits, Lauren isn’t going anywhere until at least after the makeover episode. Even if she is the most horrible model in ANTM history (which from what I’ve seen of her first shot, she actually does pretty well), the judges will convince themselves that she’ll do great after the makeover because she has so much potential.

    Marvita – VERY UNLIKELY
    Unfortunately, I think Marvita’s here to stay for awhile, too. As cold-hearted as Tyra is, it just isn’t good TV to bring Marvita back for another try and then eliminate her the first chance they get. No… they’ll wait at least until the second chance they get.

    Claire – UNLIKELY
    I don’t see Claire being the first to go, either. Tyra likes to play makeover on these girls with really crazy looks (Brandy C3, Naima C4, Jael C8), so I think she’ll keep her around at least until then. Plus, you have to admit, she has a fierce walk.

    Dominique – UNLIKELY
    In past episodes, the last girl called has never been the first one eliminated, although there have been two last-called girls that left the house in the second elimination (Ebony C5 and Wendy C6). Tyra wants even the last-called to feel good about herself, so I think she makes an extra-special effort to make sure they’re not the first eliminated.

    Katarzyna – UNLIKELY
    The judges seemed to really like her, and she won the runway challenge at Top Model Prep, so I don’t think she’ll be going anywhere in the first episode.

    Whitney – UNLIKELY
    As the token plus/real-sized model, Whitney is probably fairly safe from the first elimination. I wouldn’t guarantee that she makes it past the second or third, but unless she gets herself kicked off the show some other way, or quits, I expect to see her next week.

    Aimee – POSSIBLY
    She didn’t get much exposure on the first episode; and in the past it seems that they do try to give the girl who is first out quite a bit of air time on the casting episode (maybe just because they feel bad for them?), but there’s no really pressing reason for them to keep her on the show, either.

    Anya – POSSIBLY
    I don’t see any indications one way or the other, so it looks like it’ll be really up to her photo (imagine that! a model actually be chosen by her abilities to model?)

    She was given quite a bit of screen time in the casting episode, which from past cycles seems to either mean that she’s supposed to be the fan favorite (Heather C9), or that she’ll be the first to go.

    Her edit was very unmemorable, which could be an indication that she is one of the first to go. Right now, she has a look and personality that reminds me a bit of Kathleen (C8), who was the first to go.

    Kimberly – SOMEWHAT LIKELY
    She got the “dumb blonde” edit (a la Mila C9), so I could see her going very early as well, especially if they could somehow make it seem as if she wasn’t bright enough for the fast-paced industry.

    New Jaslene Photos….

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    looking like she’s sitting on the toilet.  Jaslene, Jaslene… did you learn nothing at all from ANTM?

    It’s Dominique

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    There’s an email interview with her from The Columbus Dispatch out online (LINK).  Apparently, she participated in the Columbus Fashion Week last year as well.
    “Q: Which models do you look up to?

    A: I have a new appreciation for Tyra and her talents that goes beyond her beauty. I also find Paulina Porizkova (one of the show’s judges) amazing; she makes models feel at ease. And, finally, I admire Heidi Klum; she has managed to balance modeling, a family and a successful business career.” (excerpt)

    I am “So Fierce”

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    Have you played the new ANTM Video Trivia game (LINK)? I wasn’t going to, because, frankly, I find trivia games somewhat… trivial. But then I saw that the cycle 10 girls were the ones “hosting” it, and figured it would be a good way to get a preview of their CoverGirl spokesmodel commercial skills.
    Aimee – She put her best foot forward and came off sounding genuine and sweet. I could totally see her in a CoverGirl commercial.
    Allison – She looks really good, but doesn’t show any personality or warmth.
    Amis – Wow… talk about over-acting. Her clips here totally annoyed me.
    Anya– She seemed very sweet, but a bit hard to understand. That may not bode well for her.
    Atalya – STOP with the hand-waving already! DRIVING! ME! NUTS!
    Claire – She seems to have good camera skills, and was one of the only ones to remember to smile.
    Dominique – She also remembered to smile, and looked like an actual spokesmodel
    Fatima – Okay, what’s with the cardigan? You’re showing a huge lack of fashion sense here, Fatima. Plus, you can totally tell that she’s reading off the teleprompter. I think I expected more from her.
    Katarzyna – She seems very personable and has good camera skills. I’m pleased, as she is one of my top 3.
    Kimberly – It took me six rounds to finally get Kimberly’s video.  I think that could have been purposeful, because of all the clips, hers and Lauren’s were by far the worst.  She had very little expression, was obviously reading off the teleprompter, and looked so awkward that it made me feel guilty for watching it.  She is going to BOMB any acting/commercial challenges, mark my words.
    Lauren – Once again, she looks like she has no interest in what she’s doing. She’s lacking any sort of charm and seems to just want to get it done and over with… not exactly a CoverGirl attitude.
    Marvita – She shouted at me when I got it right. I was scared. I think she’s trying too hard.
    StacyAnn – Her mispronunciation of Keenyah’s name bothered me, but other than that, she didn’t really stand out at all.
    Whitney – I agree with Jay Manuel… she does seem to talk like she’s in a beauty pageant. She’s slowly slipping down my list of favorites.

    More Episode Descriptions

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    Episode 2: New York City, Here We Come
    (airing 2/27/08)

    The final 14 move into their New York City apartment, which has a humanitarian theme. Soon after, Miss J and Jay Manuel take the girls to Times Square for a surprise fashion show. Finally, a new judge is introduced and one contestant makes a confession that leaves everyone stunned.

    I previously posted my commentary on this episode (LINK).

    Episode 3: Top Model Makeovers (airing 3/5/08)

    It’s makeover time, and the ladies receive fabulous new looks. Next, they must model lingerie at their photo shoot. Finally, tension builds between two contestants, causing friction throughout the house. Special Guest: Elle McPherson

    The makeover episode has got to be my favorite episode of the season… the drama, the tears, the “dramatic transformations” that the girls get from having stylists cut and dye their hair. I always find it interesting to see what Tyra thinks the girls should look like, and how many of them end up looking worse than before (think: Brittany or Renee C8, or Saleisha C9). I always have many laughs at their expense.

    Lingerie photoshoots tend to be some of my least favorite, however… I totally get that models should be comfortable with their bodies and whatnot, but nude shoots and lingerie shoots (especially if they involve male models) always seem to be used as a ploy to get rid of some of the younger, less experienced, more “sheltered” models, or ones that don’t quite have the “perfect” size 0 body (or perhaps I’m just still bitter over the eliminations of Rebecca C4 and Brooke C7). And honestly, let’s face it… not every model is going to want to be a Victoria’s Secret model, or be on the cover of Maxim.

    Episode 4: Where’s the Beef? (airing 3/12/08)

    The models get meaty, as they must pose with and wear meat for their photo shoot about the meatpacking industry. Meanwhile, Cycle 8 winner Jaslene Gonzalez makes an appearance that ends up with one contestant feeling hurt by something the top model says.

    Wearing meat? A photoshoot about the meatpacking industry? Say what? This episode is solid proof that Tyra is officially off her rocker. The last cycle was smoke-free… is this one going to be meat-free? Are they going to focus on the dangers of mad cow disease? Is this going to be Fast Food Nation all over again (which, by the way, was one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever seen)? I hate touching raw meat — which is part of the reason that I don’t eat much meat — so the thought of posing with slabs of meat, or — even worse — WEARING slabs of meat is enough to make me feel like throwing up. And isn’t the whole “posing with meat” thing somewhat reminiscent of Cassandra C8’s ridiculous carnivore photo? Weren’t we all grossed out enough by that then? Why, oh, why must you torture us so, Tyra?

    On a sidenote, however, I chuckled to myself when I realized that this is usually around the time that the previous cycle’s winner shows up to give all the girls a “my life is so wonderful now” pep talk… only this cycle, instead of the previous winner, Scandaleisha, they’ve brought back the oh-so successful Jaslene from the cycle before last. And I don’t think it’s because Scandaleisha is sooo busy with her life as a CoverGirl… if you get my drift. And who is Jaslene going to insult? My guess is Marvita (if she’s still around by then).

    Sneak Peek of Episode 2

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    There’s a new, short (about one-minute) clip from episode 2 on YouTube (LINK)… it shows short excerpts of Lauren & Marvita, as well as the Jays announcing the BadgleyMischka fashion show.  Lauren definitely looks very different with makeup on, but I’m still not convinced she looks like a model.

    Meet the Cast Videos

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    I had been looking forward to these… the one-on-one interviews with each of the Cycle 10 girls.  Woohoo.  Here they are:


    She’s playing the “good role model” card, which in the midst of all of the “victim of my past” girls this season, is actually kind of refreshing.  I just hope they won’t find that boring.


    I know… I’m so mean.  That screenshot is awful.  In my defense, though, this girl has no idea how to hold her face while talking!  I couldn’t find a single good screenshot!  Blah blah blah.  She talks the talk, but looks sooooo bored while she’s being interviewed that it comes off as sounding scripted and fake.

    She seems very genuine.  I could see her as being a CoverGirl spokesmodel, because she is very articulate and seems rather carefree and easygoing.

    She seems to ramble quite a bit.  It is interesting (and very cool) that she is adopted.  I think it’s funny that she’s already nervous about go-sees.  You’ve got a long way to go, girl.

    Her lisp isn’t nearly as noticeable here as in the audition in the first episode.  The talking with the hands thing and rolling the eyes thing is driving me nuts.  Yikes.  Looking in the mirror inspires her… ummmkay.

    “It’s a lethal combination to have brains and beauty.”  True that.  She seems really down-to-earth and I like how she acknowledge the other girls’ strengths.

    When she’s actually smiling (unlike in the first episode when she’s scowling the whole time), she’s fairly pretty.  Apparently, she thinks that the other girls are intimidated by her.  Don’t they all?  Her laugh drives me nuts.

    Was this taped at 3am?  She looks awful, and her skin is very oily.  She feels she’s more educated than the other girls.  She feels that there is no competition.  She doesn’t see any talent in any of the other girls.  She says “like” way too much.  Wow… this made me like her even less.

    I like that she’s smart, and I like that she graduated from the university before she pursued modeling.  She seems to have a really great — and realistic — attitude.  I’m liking her more and more.
    She seems so young!  I know she’s not the youngest one here, but she really acts young.  “Ummmmmmmm.”  22 times.  I counted.  In the 2 minutes and 26 seconds, she managed to say “Ummmm” 22 times.  That’s about once every seven seconds.  Excuse me while I go bang my head on the wall.

    This interview scored some points with me… I really like that she addressed the “sellout” issue, because that was one issue I had with her, but the fact that she sees that and people have mentioned that, but she doesn’t care what they think in some weird way makes her seem like less of a sellout to me, because she is making a personal, individual stand, even going against what her close friends say.

    Raised herself, poor, homeless, always in fights, doing drugs… I can’t say I really learned anything new about her from this interview.  It was basically just her talking about how bad her life is… it makes her seem very one-dimensional.

     Whitney’s interview definitely showed some attitude.  It also focused on a singular aspect of her, which made her seem really one-dimensional.  Just as skinny girls’ skinniness shouldn’t be their defining characteristic, “real-sized” women’s “real-sized”ness shouldn’t be their defining characteristic, either.  Just sayin’.
    And Stacy-Ann?  I have no idea what happened to StacyAnn.  The site I pulled the videos from had none for her.  If you find it, let me know!
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