Tyra Introduces the Girls!

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Tyra On the Girls for ‘ANTM’ Cycle 10

It’s nice to finally see some of these girls “in person” (vs. just in photos)… here are my thoughts on them…

Katarzyna – “The Girl with the Romantic/Sexy Face”

She’s from Poland!  Tyra claims that Kat has an accent, but during the short interview that they did with her, I didn’t hear it at all.  She seems nice; definitely scored a few points with me.

Stacy-Ann – “The Girl That TAWKS LYYKE DIIIIIS.”

Yikes.  She seems a little too happy (like, as in Mila C9 who just doesn’t think about bad things and then they go away, like omg!)

Aimee – “The Girl who is Sweet, Pure, and All-American”

Awww… she’s cute!  She does seem really sweet… hopefully the other girls won’t walk all over her.

Whitney – “The Girl Who’s Sticking up for us Normal-Sized Women!”

I really like her.  She seems to have more personality than some of the recent plus-sized models (“Diana who?”) and is very pretty.

Allison – “The Girl Who is a Little Abrasive At Times”

Watch out, girls!  That’s all I have to say!

Lauren – “The Girl Who is Alternative, Punk, and ‘Different'”

She’s one of the only girls who seeing her talk in this interview made me like her less.  She strikes me as a punk/alternative poser, and gives me kind of a Jael-type feeling (keep in mind that I didn’t particularly like Jael).  After all, how many truly punk/alternative girls are going to try out for a modeling competition?  Huh?  Yes, because that’s obviously the dream of every self-proclaimed “punk-rock artist from the streets.”  Whatever.

Anya – “The Girl Who – OMG, Tyra – loves Tyra SO MUCH”

Again, this interview has kind of changed my opinion of her… from Tyra’s description, Anya’s not at all like I expected from her pictures.

Dominique – “The Girl who Deserves to be ANTM because she’s been through a lot”

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I was looking forward to watching America’s Next Top Model, not America’s Next Top Sob Story Girl or America’s Next Top Rags to Riches Chick.  Since when does “going through a lot” automatically qualify you to be a model?

Claire – “The Girl Who is a ‘Very Interesting Person'”

Okay, so she’s a bit eccentric.  One of the other videos on that site shows her audition, where she says that she’s actually pumping so that when she gets home she can still breastfeed her daughter, which I think is actually really awesome – both that she takes her role as a mother so seriously, and that she can look that good after having a baby.

Amis – “The Girl Who is Quirky”

She sounds like fun!  Can’t wait to see how she interacts with the other girls in the house!

Kimberly– “The Girl Who is a Barbie Doll”

Tyra really only talked about her looks, not her personality, so she’s still kind of a big question mark.

Atalya – “The BLACK Girl Next Door”

Tyra, Tyra, Tyra… why the double-standard?  We all can look at her and see that she’s black, so why make such a big deal out of her ethnicity?
And yes, I know that’s a horribly unflattering screenshot… that’s actually why I included it, because I thought it was horribly unflattering how she was rolling her eyes up in the back of the head, showing all of her teeth, and flailing her arms around as she was talking.

Fatima – “The Girl with the Serious Issues”

Okay, so she was very, very poor.  I guess I’d rather them discuss that “serious issue” rather than the murder of her two sisters and her female circumcision.

Marvita – “The Girl Who is Back with a Vengence”

And… we apparently “need” to point out that she has “issues” as well.  Thanks, Tyra.

Okay, that’s all for now.  Check out the videos yourself, before they’re taken down!


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