Episode Titles Revealed!

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Cycle 10 kicks off with J. Alexander and Jay Manuel welcoming 30 girls to top model prep, where they must work the runway, pose for class photos, and attend a conference with the judges in order to make the grade. In the end, the group of women ends up being narrowed down to 14 models who will compete for the ultimate title of “America’s Next Top Model.”

ANTM doesn’t exactly have a great track record for their “themes.” In a way, it’s a bit like theme weddings, which I absolutely loathe.. people tend to get all wrapped up in the “theme” and making sure that everything fits the “theme” and it ends up looking cheap and cheesy.  I mean, must we really pretend that they are posing for class photos?  I always HATED class photos and thought that my class photos were the worst!  Why can’t the theme just be “who wants to be a model?” and instead of posing for class photos, the models can pretend to be posing for a modeling competition.  Hmmm?


The girls check out their new apartment in New York City and admire the humanitarian theme behind this year’s loft. Once everyone is settled, Jay Manuel and Miss J take the girls to Times Square for an impromptu Badgley Mischa fashion show. While some ace the runway, others leave Miss J appalled. Paulina Porizkova is introduced as the new judge and gives the girls some honest and harsh criticism. One model stuns the judges with her revelation.”

Humanitarian theme?  Why oh why must Tyra be so intent upon saving the world?  Gee, maybe Fatima can sleep in the “Homeless and Hungry in Africa”-themed room.  I’m all for feeding the hungry and providing shelter for the homeless, but the fact this “humanitarian” themed house is most likely going to have a huge fridge full of food, a swimming pool, and more square footage than 300 African huts combined makes it seem just a tad hypocritical.

On the plus side, though, I do enjoy impromptu fashion shows, and that part should be fun.  I’m also kind of glad that they’re moving away from the “The Girl Who…” episode titles.  They were making less and less sense (much like the ever-cryptic Tyra-mails… can we get rid of those, too?)


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