Jade Cole, Reality Show Villian

February 8, 2008 at 5:52 pm | Posted in cycle 6, news | 7 Comments
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According to this new Yahoo TV slideshow, anyways.

“Following the reign of Janice Dickinson, there was a vacancy in “America’s Next Top Model’s” loud and vicious W-I-T-C-H department … until Jade Cole strutted onto the scene in Cycle 6. From the get-go, Jade exuded arrogance, claiming none of the other girls stood a chance, even though she won very few challenges. Jade reminded the rest of the girls that the show wasn’t “America’s Next Best Friend,” and took it upon herself to pick on the quieter, more insecure girls like Gina and Joanie. And though Jade didn’t win the ultimate title, her cattiness and drama-fest got her to the top tier of the scratching pole, landing her a third-place finish. We may not have wanted the meanie to win the competition, but Jade was definitely one of those contestants we loved to hate. Because really, who wants to watch models play nice?” – The CW/Jim DeYonker
Personally, I was a tad disappointed that Tyra herself wasn’t included in the Top 10 Reality Show villains… she was probably a close 11th place.



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  1. Jade Cole (aka Jade Rodan) is a dopey arrogant cow! Can’t stand the witch! URGH! Would change the channel if I saw her on TV! URGH!!!

  2. hola jade cole, sabes eres preciosa un gran saludo para ti desde chile

  3. Jade is a complete idiot who has no concept of the english language. Was horribly uncomfortable watching her string a sentence together. Surely those who love her would tell her how horrific her vocabulary is?

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