The Girls Who Can (and Can’t) Walk

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I was hoping someone would do this, and lo and behold, my dreams came true… a YouTuber put together all of the girls’ walks from Tyra’s intro into one concise clip.  Thank you efobs.

So what do I think of these walks…?  I can’t wait for Miss Jay to get his hands on them!  Whereas there are some diamonds in the rough, some of these walks are simply awful.

Katarzyna – bummer… he only shows her at the end of the runway, and winking.  I’m not a fan of models winking at the end of a runway… seems a bit cheesy.

Stacy-Ann –  Cha-cha-cha!  That shoulder movement made me laugh the first time I saw it.  Overdoing it just a little there, Stacy-Ann!

Aimee – She looks like she’s taking a stroll through the park… not exactly a runway walk, there.

Whitney – Fierce walk, but obviously has no idea what to do at the end of the runway.

Anya –  Again… all dressed up with no clue what to do at the end of the runway.

Dominique –  Fierce body… no facial expression.

Claire – Great walk; you can tell this girl’s been on a runway before

Anya – Not sure if it was because her sweater was only sort of off her shoulders, but it seemed like her arms were kind of dead weight.

Lauren – Someone puh-leze teach this girl how to walk in heels!  I mean, it’s funny, but on the other hand, she’s coming at this show with a severe disadvantage!

Amis – Actually a half-decent walk… okay, maybe 1/3 decent.  She just needs to step it up to the next level.

Kimberly – Chalk her up as another one that seems awkward in heels (which, hey, I am, too!  Yet another reason I don’t try out for these things!).  I think that she has — as Tyra would say — great potential for a good walk.  She seems to know (mentally) how to walk correctly, but is having issues with the execution.

Atalya – Another fairly decent walk.  Perhaps a bit “bouncy,” but then again, I think that may just be part of her personality.

Fatima – I’ll give her this… she has a strong walk!  Rather fierce!

Marvita – I was hard to tell because you couldn’t really see much of her walk, but to me it didn’t look particularly model-esque.
So, overall, these runways remind me a bit of the “before” pictures that someone takes of a makeover — with just enough potential to make me excited to see the “after” picture.
What do you think?


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