Top 10 Makeovers

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The good folks at Yahoo TV also gave us this slideshow, showing the top 10 makeovers of ANTM history.  What they don’t tell you in the title is that it’s really just the top 10 most “dramatic” makeovers, which obviously doesn’t mean that they’re the top 10 BEST.

Here’s their list:
C2 – Shandi & Yoanna
C3 – Amanda  & Norelle
C6 – Joanie
C7 – Jaeda & Melrose
C8 – Renee
C9 – Bianca

The top 10 BEST makeovers?  I think not.  Shandi’s transformation really had more to do with building her self-confidence instead of whatever they did to her on the makeover episode.  I know I’m a minority, but I really didn’t like Amanda’s makeover — I thought the blonde made her look really washed out and pale.  Renee’s hairdo made her look ten years older, and Melrose looked great as a brunette or blonde; I half-wish they had left her brown hair.  Jaeda & Bianca both went super-short, which although was dramatic, wasn’t really great in either case.  I like Bianca’s sleek bob that she is currently sporting a lot better:

My Top 10 Makeovers Of All Time:
Obviously, I have my own opinions about the makeovers, so here they are… in cycle order, the Top 10 ANTM makeovers!

Yoanna C2 –

Okay, so I agree with them on this one.  I loved her cut; it made her look much fresher.
Michelle C4 –
Hers was very edgy, very modern, and actually made her look differently!
Brandy C4 –
Okay, honestly… anything would have been an improvement  from her Ronald McDonald hair.  I think she looked great with a shaved head, though.
Coryn C5 –
She went from blase girl-next-door to glamorous!  And, hey, isn’t that what ANTM is all about?
Nnenna C6 –
Again, pretty much anything would have been an improvement from the hair that she came in with.  She really did rock the bald, though!
Michelle C7 –
She had the right idea with long hair, to accentuate her long, thin features… the color and style were just totally off, though, and the red really made her stand out.
Amanda C7 –
Same as above.  ‘Nuff said.
Brooke C7 –
She looked adorable, cute, and very high-school-esque with the blonde, but the brown hair made her fierce and really brought out her facial features.
Sarah C8 –
The blonde made her look pale and malnourished.   With darker color brought out her eyes and made her look like less of a wallflower.
Dionne C8 –
Her long, oily locks weren’t helping her cause at all.  Her makeover cut drew the attention away from her hair and back to her face.
Jenah C9 –
I was really surprised not to see this one in Yahoo’s slideshow.  After all, Jenah’s transformation was a lot more dramatic than Joanie’s snaggletooth.  I remember watching C9 and finally actually noticing Jenah only after the makeover episode — before, she hadn’t really made an impression on me at all; afterwards, she was one of my favorites.  That being said, there have been pics around about some of her post-show work, where she’s gone back to her original color and a shorter cut, and I think she looks fantastic there as well.  For instance:
So, there’s my Top 10.  Did I miss anyone?  Disagree with any?  Let me know!


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  1. Hi…
    Nice blog yo…
    But anyway, I think you put wrong name, it should be Sarah Dankleman (C4) instead of Michelle ^_^

    Keep working dude…

  2. hi
    love this website so much!!!!
    i think you should do worst makeover page to go along with this one. Also what are you least favorite shoots/ or photos?

  3. I need my Wife blonde!

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