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Slightly different than the one I posted yesterday (found on FORT), with some important inconsistencies and new information


Welcome to Top Model Prep
The 10th cycle begins with 35 would-be models entering “Top Model Prep” in L.A. where they are schooled in posing and walking a runway. After interviewing with Tyra, the number is cut to 20 and then to 14 finalists who will fly to New York City to compete.

Okay, so the review yesterday said 30 models, TV Guide says 35… which is it? It seemed to me that they normally started out with 30, then narrowed it down to 20, then to 13 (or 14, or whatever). Anyone remember how that went?

New York City, Here We Come!
The 14 models move into a New York City apartment and visit a modeling agency where they are critiqued by Paulina Porizkova. In Times Square, they participate in a fashion show. Later, they pose as homeless individuals for a photo shoot. After appearing before the judges, the first model is eliminated.

Posing as “homeless individuals”??? Seriously??? Can you get any tackier, Tyra? So these models are going to go out there and promote a stereotype that “homeless people” dress in rags? Sit on street corners? Live in boxes? Beg for food? Pose glamorously? Wear “fierce” expressions? I’m struggling to comprehend why — in all of her “humanitarianism” — Tyra would choose to have this photo shoot, which is basically mocking a life struggle which many people would do anything to leave behind. Just imagine the individual girls’ assignments:

“Atalya, you get to be the prostitute who sells her body because she can’t get legitimate employment… Claire, you get to be the mother who steals food for her kid… Fatima, you’re going to be a panhandler… Lauren, you can be the alcoholic who gets drunk and tells everyone that you’ve seen revelations from God… and Anya, you can be the compulsive gambler who can’t hang on to a dollar.”

Having known people — kids, even! — that don’t have a home to go to at night, I find it rather appalling. There are better ways to push your humanitarian viewpoints, Tyra. MUCH better ways. Why not have the girls volunteer at a homeless shelter? Or have them tutor kids who are struggling in school because there’s no one at home to help them with their homework? Run a food drive for a food pantry? Donate some of their own designer jackets to a family in need? No, no… that would be way too “normal” and make far too much sense. I think I’m going to go throw up now.


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  2. zaaa zaaa zaaaa wicky wicky wicky =]

  3. this is really sick.

    there should be more eye openers like this on the net so people would start to really help the homeless people instead of walking over them.

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