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(link to YouTube video of premiere promo)
I must say, I am excited about next week… and this promo has once again made me take a second look at my own favorites order. Later this week, I’ll be recapping my opinion on each of the girls and finalizing my preshow favorites order, but for right now, I just want to focus on this promo.

Katarzyna actually looks better than I expected… the screencaps show a nice, soft face which in the promo pics looked rather harsh and unforgiving.

Dominique needs the makeover episode, fast. That hairstyle is just NOT working for her, and with that strong face, you know Tyra’s going to chop it alllllll off. The real question is whether or not she’ll cry about it.

Whitney also needs the makeover episode… that hairstyle makes her look way older than her years.

I’m still really kind of annoyed about the homeless photoshoot, and looking at these pics, I’m even more annoyed. We have plenty of homeless people in the city where I live… who obviously have a very poor sense of “homeless style” — since they’re way less decked-out than these girls.

I hope that’s not supposed to be an actual pose. It reminds me of Melrose’s “boxing.”

Claire in this shot made me laugh. All the other girls look like they’re taking the panel oh-so seriously. And any ANTM-er who can make me laugh with them (as opposed to at them) is alright in my books. Bonus points for Claire.

This is Lauren!?!?! She actually looks like a model in this shot, which is good. It also, however, looks like she’s upset about something, which isn’t a good sign for the Lauren fans out there… and with the promise of a “shocking” elimination and Tyra’s voiceover saying “Why are you even here?” … it doesn’t look good.

More of my reviews and predictions coming later this week!


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