What I Learned (or re-learned) from Top Model Exposed Last Night

February 14, 2008 at 1:29 pm | Posted in cycle 2, cycle 3, cycle 7, cycle 9, episode recap | Leave a comment
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You can watch it for yourself on YouTube (parts 2-3 even contain the preview for cycle 10’s premiere — woo hoo!)

-Katie(C2) is a daddy’s girl.
-Jael(C7) and Heather(C9) are “intimately connected” because they’re “different” — okaaaaaaaaay…
-Jael(C7) messed up her commercial because she was more focused on the kangaroos. That girl is nuts (no… wait… we knew that already).
-Eva(C3) wears fuzzy cheetah slippers. Not so tough now, are we?
-Toccara(C3) needs her own talk show. I know I would watch it.
-I like Bianca(C9) a lot better now that she’s not in the running for ANTM…. of course, that’s not saying much, since I absolutely despised her on the show. Now I merely find her tolerable.
-ANTM likes exposing people’s pain for entertainment purposes (did we really need to relive the whole Shandi thing again? It was painful enough the first time!)… oh, wait. I guess we already knew that, too.

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