ANTBlogger’s Official Pre-Show Standings

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With only three days left until the premiere, I’m finally committing to my official pre-show standings. And here they are…

#14 Stacy-Ann
The Girl Most Likely to Have a Nervous Breakdown

Even by the initial promo shots, I was not impressed and placed her last in my line-up. On the exterior, she looks tough, confident, even a bit harsh. She seems to over-think her actions, to the point where they look unnatural. In her interview, she displayed a Mila(C9)/Saleisha(C9)-like attitude, and her super-cheeriness almost seems to be a façade. She may make through a few eliminations by sheer luck, but if she were to make anywhere near the top 6, I’d suspect a Scandaleisha Part Deux.
# 13 Fatima
The Girl Most Likely to Make Everyone in the House Hate Her

The first thing that I noticed about Fatima was how skinny she is. Obviously, models are supposed to be thin, but her figure (or lack thereof) seemed to me to make her a prime candidate for anorexia rumors, the likes of which we have not seen since Elyse(C1) or the semi-finalist whom Eve called out about her weight a la C3. Add onto that her tragic background story, and you have the recipe either for the most shy, quiet, and self-conscious girl we’ve ever seen, or the most self-centered the-world-owes-me-something-and-I-deserve-this girl yet. And from the recent previews, it seems that the latter is more likely to be true. If she can put on a good, humble show for Tyra, she may make it far (think: Eve C3 or Melrose C7)… make the attitude too apparent, and she’ll be out faster than you can say “She dumped beer on my weave!”
#12 Lauren
The Girl Most Likely to be Sent Home for Not Being “Committed”

Initially, I liked Lauren. I thought that some well-meaning, but ill-informed wardrobe intern had picked out the outfit for her, thinking it would look “hip.” I thought she looked fierce in the group shots, and from some of the previews, it’s apparent that she can pull off a great look – if she tries. I don’t care who she is, if she’s really as anti-authority, anti-society, and anti-conventionalism as she portrays in her artwork and her personal webpages, there is no way she’d be on ANTM. So what does that mean for the show? Either a.) she’s a poser who really has no idea what the punk movement is all about (just because you shop at HotTopic doesn’t make you punk) and just likes having an excuse to draw “dark” sketches OR b.) she had no idea what she was getting into, will realize at some point that it’s completely against her nature, and will quit trying, OR c.) she’ll somehow go through some introspective transformation and come out a more versatile, more feminine version of her former self. The third option is I’m sure what Tyra is banking on… let’s just say I’m not putting any bets on that particular outcome.

#11 Kimberly

The Girl Most Likely to be Sent Home for Being
“Just Another Pretty Face”

My opinion about Kimberly has remained rather consistently low throughout all the pre-show hype. I wasn’t impressed with her look – we’ve seen it before – and there was really nothing striking about her that made her stand out for me. Her photos don’t seem to show any versatility and we been shown absolutely nothing about her personality throughout all the promotions. I’m seeing another Kimberly(C9), who had high-fashion potential and appeal, but just couldn’t pull it off in photos, so got sent home early. Either that, or Tyra will fight tooth and nail to keep her in, episode after episode, hoping that someday, with more training, it’ll pay off.

#10 Dominique
The Girl Most Likely to Get Her Hair Chopped Off (and Cry About It)

Here’s a tip for all of you ANTM-hopefuls out there. If you have strong features, a solid jawline, a darker complexion… and you make it onto ANTM… your hair is going to get chopped. There’s no point in crying about it, begging or pleading, or talking about how much you loved your long hair. It’s practically inevitable (think: CorynC5, JadeC6, JaedaC7, LisaC9). Referring to herself in third person lost a lot of points from me, as well as the rumor that she’s a T-Zone alum. Her photos all seem to have the same facial expression; it’d be nice to see at least one picture or screenshot that she didn’t look completely annoyed.

#9 Allison

The Girl Most Likely to be Criticized for Looking Too “Actress-y”

Could she pull off high fashion? Part of my kind of doubts it. I’ve seen one picture of her that I really loved, and the rest of them all made me feel like I was looking at media shots of Alyssa Milano or some other actress on a TV set. Tyra also mentioned that her personality is a bit “abrasive,” which is another bad sign… after all, without a tragic story of homelessness or abuse, her personality flaws are not going to be so easily forgiven. I don’t see her making it very far.

#8 Aimee
The Girl Most Likely to be Eliminated on the Male-Model Shoot

Aimee started in my top five. She has great looks, albeit perhaps a bit “common,” but beautiful. She looks confident, but very much in the young and indestructible way (a la BrookeC6), and I just have a gut feeling that because she is one of the younger contestants and because Tyra refers to her as “All-American, sweet, pure,” that she just might get eaten alive (or just simply overwhelmed) with the industry and may get that same “We just don’t think you’re ready” speech as she’s asked to leave the competition. But would they be so cruel as to do it on the night of her graduation? We’ll just have to wait and see.

#7 Atalya
The Girl Most Likely to be the Hidden Threat

Yes, she is very “girl-next-door,” as Tyra would say… but give her a fierce makeover and teach her to strut the runway, and I could see her very quickly moving away from the cutesy/pretty image to the seriously high-fashion. As is, I’m not impressed… what they do to her is really going to make all the difference, and – yes – that includes getting rid of that gap and teaching her how to speak in public. I can see why Tyra cast her – she does have a lot of potential – but she’s only going to make it to the final 6 if she is able to apply what she learns.

#6 Marvita
The Girl Most Likely to be Given a Ridiculous Number of
Second Chances

After all, she was already turned down from the semi-finals once… and we all know that when Jaslene came back she was given more second-chances than many of the other girls. I suppose some of my initial distaste for her (I initially had her in 12th place) was due to all of the hype surrounding her return because so many people liked her from last season. Yeah, I wasn’t one of them. I wasn’t sad when she didn’t make it into the house, and even this year, I can’t say I’m a big fan of her masculine features and (surprise, surprise) sob story. My mind was only really changed after seeing some shots of her with long hair, looking very feminine and fantastically beautiful… who knew that she could be so versatile? Although she’s in my top six, I do know that I’m going to be harder on her than the other girls… after all, this is her second chance.
#5 Amis
The Girl Most Likely to “Lose Her Spark”

There’s been a few in the past – a bubbly, sometimes loud and boisterous personality that over time and through the pressures of the competition seems to dull. ToccaraC3 was the first one eliminated for this “dwindling personality” which more likely just came from homesickness, fatigue, and the constant pressures of being on TV 24/7. The next cycle, Naima was accused of it in one episode, as was Jaslene in C8. That’s part of the problem with coming into ANTM with such a vibrant personality as we’ve now been told Amis possesses… you’re setting the bar really high. Regardless, I hope she does well; she is rather beautiful.

#4 Anya
The Girl I’m Most Likely to Love and Hate (at the Same Time)

From the very beginning, we’ve had this kind of relationship. I loved her photo in the group promo. I hated her individual photo. Some of her pre-show photos that I’ve seen, I’ve loved; others I’ve absolutely hated. I love her eyes. I hate her nose. The rumors say that she is crazy (which I don’t mind), and like Natasha (who drove me nuts). I had initially put her in 9th place, yet here she is ranking in my top five. And I fear that as long as she’s in the competition I’ll be flip-flopping back and forth like this with my opinion of her.


#3 Katarzyna
The Girl Most Likely to be the Fan Favorite

Already on the forums and chats, I can see that she is going to be a fan favorite. She looks absolutely striking in the group shot, and – being from Poland – has the advantage of a somewhat foreign look. She presented herself very well in the interview portion, and from the previews it does look like she actually knows what she’s doing, at least to a certain extent. Her downfall could, however, be knowing how to hold her face, especially her nose.

#2 Whitney
The Girl Least Likely to Win

“But, Blogger,” you might say, “If she’s your #2 pick, why on earth would you say she is the least likely to win?”
The sole reason that I can almost guarantee that she won’t win is because she is a real-sized model and until they run an entire cycle composed entirely of plus- and real-sized models, I just don’t see it happening. Granted, if it were to happen, I’d be pleasantly surprised and happy, but of all the girls, Whitney has the greatest disadvantage and the least likelihood of becoming America’s Next Top Model. Personally, though, I think she’s very pretty – although she does need a makeover. She seems intelligent and confident, which I’m sure will probably rub some people the wrong way, but hey, wouldn’t we all rather see some girls with personality on here, rather than just all wallflowers?

#1 Claire
The Girl Most Likely to Make Us All Laugh

Claire was my initial top pick, and the more I see of her, the more I like her. When we just had pictures on which to base our opinions, I thought she looked unique, confident, and somewhat spunky. Since the new promos have been out, more and more people are being converted to Claire-fandom, based on her versatility, looks, and her personality. Already we’ve seen her unabashedly talking about drinking her breast milk… we’ve seen her crazy hairstyle… we’ve seen her wearing funky-crazy earrings… and we’ve read about her previous TV debut on Runway Moms, documenting her natural, at-home, un-medicated labor and childbirth.

Goodness gracious, what else is there in store for us this season!? I, for one, can’t wait to find out.


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