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I had been looking forward to these… the one-on-one interviews with each of the Cycle 10 girls.  Woohoo.  Here they are:


She’s playing the “good role model” card, which in the midst of all of the “victim of my past” girls this season, is actually kind of refreshing.  I just hope they won’t find that boring.


I know… I’m so mean.  That screenshot is awful.  In my defense, though, this girl has no idea how to hold her face while talking!  I couldn’t find a single good screenshot!  Blah blah blah.  She talks the talk, but looks sooooo bored while she’s being interviewed that it comes off as sounding scripted and fake.

She seems very genuine.  I could see her as being a CoverGirl spokesmodel, because she is very articulate and seems rather carefree and easygoing.

She seems to ramble quite a bit.  It is interesting (and very cool) that she is adopted.  I think it’s funny that she’s already nervous about go-sees.  You’ve got a long way to go, girl.

Her lisp isn’t nearly as noticeable here as in the audition in the first episode.  The talking with the hands thing and rolling the eyes thing is driving me nuts.  Yikes.  Looking in the mirror inspires her… ummmkay.

“It’s a lethal combination to have brains and beauty.”  True that.  She seems really down-to-earth and I like how she acknowledge the other girls’ strengths.

When she’s actually smiling (unlike in the first episode when she’s scowling the whole time), she’s fairly pretty.  Apparently, she thinks that the other girls are intimidated by her.  Don’t they all?  Her laugh drives me nuts.

Was this taped at 3am?  She looks awful, and her skin is very oily.  She feels she’s more educated than the other girls.  She feels that there is no competition.  She doesn’t see any talent in any of the other girls.  She says “like” way too much.  Wow… this made me like her even less.

I like that she’s smart, and I like that she graduated from the university before she pursued modeling.  She seems to have a really great — and realistic — attitude.  I’m liking her more and more.
She seems so young!  I know she’s not the youngest one here, but she really acts young.  “Ummmmmmmm.”  22 times.  I counted.  In the 2 minutes and 26 seconds, she managed to say “Ummmm” 22 times.  That’s about once every seven seconds.  Excuse me while I go bang my head on the wall.

This interview scored some points with me… I really like that she addressed the “sellout” issue, because that was one issue I had with her, but the fact that she sees that and people have mentioned that, but she doesn’t care what they think in some weird way makes her seem like less of a sellout to me, because she is making a personal, individual stand, even going against what her close friends say.

Raised herself, poor, homeless, always in fights, doing drugs… I can’t say I really learned anything new about her from this interview.  It was basically just her talking about how bad her life is… it makes her seem very one-dimensional.

 Whitney’s interview definitely showed some attitude.  It also focused on a singular aspect of her, which made her seem really one-dimensional.  Just as skinny girls’ skinniness shouldn’t be their defining characteristic, “real-sized” women’s “real-sized”ness shouldn’t be their defining characteristic, either.  Just sayin’.
And Stacy-Ann?  I have no idea what happened to StacyAnn.  The site I pulled the videos from had none for her.  If you find it, let me know!


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  1. Where did you get these i want to see the whole thing, please please let me know.
    Claire has a pretty smile, and brains? awesome.

  2. Click on each of their names, brah. It should link to a video… if it doesn’t work, just go to

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