I am “So Fierce”

February 24, 2008 at 9:06 pm | Posted in Aimee, Allison, Amis, Anya, Atalya, Claire, Dominique, Fatima, Katarzyna, Kimberly, Lauren, Marvita, promo, speculation, StacyAnn, Whitney | Leave a comment
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Have you played the new ANTM Video Trivia game (LINK)? I wasn’t going to, because, frankly, I find trivia games somewhat… trivial. But then I saw that the cycle 10 girls were the ones “hosting” it, and figured it would be a good way to get a preview of their CoverGirl spokesmodel commercial skills.
Aimee – She put her best foot forward and came off sounding genuine and sweet. I could totally see her in a CoverGirl commercial.
Allison – She looks really good, but doesn’t show any personality or warmth.
Amis – Wow… talk about over-acting. Her clips here totally annoyed me.
Anya– She seemed very sweet, but a bit hard to understand. That may not bode well for her.
Atalya – STOP with the hand-waving already! DRIVING! ME! NUTS!
Claire – She seems to have good camera skills, and was one of the only ones to remember to smile.
Dominique – She also remembered to smile, and looked like an actual spokesmodel
Fatima – Okay, what’s with the cardigan? You’re showing a huge lack of fashion sense here, Fatima. Plus, you can totally tell that she’s reading off the teleprompter. I think I expected more from her.
Katarzyna – She seems very personable and has good camera skills. I’m pleased, as she is one of my top 3.
Kimberly – It took me six rounds to finally get Kimberly’s video.  I think that could have been purposeful, because of all the clips, hers and Lauren’s were by far the worst.  She had very little expression, was obviously reading off the teleprompter, and looked so awkward that it made me feel guilty for watching it.  She is going to BOMB any acting/commercial challenges, mark my words.
Lauren – Once again, she looks like she has no interest in what she’s doing. She’s lacking any sort of charm and seems to just want to get it done and over with… not exactly a CoverGirl attitude.
Marvita – She shouted at me when I got it right. I was scared. I think she’s trying too hard.
StacyAnn – Her mispronunciation of Keenyah’s name bothered me, but other than that, she didn’t really stand out at all.
Whitney – I agree with Jay Manuel… she does seem to talk like she’s in a beauty pageant. She’s slowly slipping down my list of favorites.

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