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Episode 2: New York City, Here We Come
(airing 2/27/08)

The final 14 move into their New York City apartment, which has a humanitarian theme. Soon after, Miss J and Jay Manuel take the girls to Times Square for a surprise fashion show. Finally, a new judge is introduced and one contestant makes a confession that leaves everyone stunned.

I previously posted my commentary on this episode (LINK).

Episode 3: Top Model Makeovers (airing 3/5/08)

It’s makeover time, and the ladies receive fabulous new looks. Next, they must model lingerie at their photo shoot. Finally, tension builds between two contestants, causing friction throughout the house. Special Guest: Elle McPherson

The makeover episode has got to be my favorite episode of the season… the drama, the tears, the “dramatic transformations” that the girls get from having stylists cut and dye their hair. I always find it interesting to see what Tyra thinks the girls should look like, and how many of them end up looking worse than before (think: Brittany or Renee C8, or Saleisha C9). I always have many laughs at their expense.

Lingerie photoshoots tend to be some of my least favorite, however… I totally get that models should be comfortable with their bodies and whatnot, but nude shoots and lingerie shoots (especially if they involve male models) always seem to be used as a ploy to get rid of some of the younger, less experienced, more “sheltered” models, or ones that don’t quite have the “perfect” size 0 body (or perhaps I’m just still bitter over the eliminations of Rebecca C4 and Brooke C7). And honestly, let’s face it… not every model is going to want to be a Victoria’s Secret model, or be on the cover of Maxim.

Episode 4: Where’s the Beef? (airing 3/12/08)

The models get meaty, as they must pose with and wear meat for their photo shoot about the meatpacking industry. Meanwhile, Cycle 8 winner Jaslene Gonzalez makes an appearance that ends up with one contestant feeling hurt by something the top model says.

Wearing meat? A photoshoot about the meatpacking industry? Say what? This episode is solid proof that Tyra is officially off her rocker. The last cycle was smoke-free… is this one going to be meat-free? Are they going to focus on the dangers of mad cow disease? Is this going to be Fast Food Nation all over again (which, by the way, was one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever seen)? I hate touching raw meat — which is part of the reason that I don’t eat much meat — so the thought of posing with slabs of meat, or — even worse — WEARING slabs of meat is enough to make me feel like throwing up. And isn’t the whole “posing with meat” thing somewhat reminiscent of Cassandra C8’s ridiculous carnivore photo? Weren’t we all grossed out enough by that then? Why, oh, why must you torture us so, Tyra?

On a sidenote, however, I chuckled to myself when I realized that this is usually around the time that the previous cycle’s winner shows up to give all the girls a “my life is so wonderful now” pep talk… only this cycle, instead of the previous winner, Scandaleisha, they’ve brought back the oh-so successful Jaslene from the cycle before last. And I don’t think it’s because Scandaleisha is sooo busy with her life as a CoverGirl… if you get my drift. And who is Jaslene going to insult? My guess is Marvita (if she’s still around by then).


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