My Episode 2 Predictions

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So, we know that they arrive at their apartment, that Fatima continues getting on everyone’s nerves, and that they have a Time Square runway show. For the winner of that challenge, I’m going to guess it’s either Claire, Katarzyna, or Dominique – from what we’ve seen so far, their walks are pretty fierce. They also meet Paulina, whom we’ve heard has some pretty interesting things to say about the girls. And, then they have a “homeless” photo shoot. Then, the panel will judge the photos to see which girl would be most likely to be found penniless and starving in an alley. I mean… which girl would look best penniless and starving in an alley. I guess.

First of all, I do think that it will be a double-elimination. From the “shocking elimination” preview, we know that Tyra is still sitting when she speaks her “Why did you come here?” lines, so we know it took place not during elimination, but during the assessment at the beginning of the panel. My guess is that one girl quits, and because she did it before elimination, that the judges will decide to still go ahead and eliminate one of the other girls as well. Shocking, eh?

The first “shocking” revelation that leads to a “shocking” self-elimination (as I think it will be) could be anyone, especially since we don’t really have much background on some of the girls. The forerunners in my mind, however, are the following (in no particular order):

Kimberly – We don’t really have much background on her, and unlike a lot of the other girls, in the interviews she doesn’t really talk much about modeling. Could this be one of those girls that are more interested in the TV exposure than the industry?

Lauren – In her interviews, she says she’s here to learn and to try out this artistic medium, but in the first episode, she was SO awful at walking, posing, etc. that it sure made me wonder if she was purposely trying to do her worst, just to show the industry as a farce. It may be a bit farfetched, but, hey, they said it was “shocking.”

Whitney – There have been rumors flying around that she’s the first out. Although with her previous boldness, I don’t know why she wouldn’t jump right in to answer Tyra’s first “Why did you come here?” but as the token plus-size, I don’t see Tyra eliminating her first, either. Perhaps she says something so negative about the industry that the judges wonder why she even wants to be a part of it?

If it is the case that there is only one elimination, or if after a shocking self-elimination Tyra goes on to eliminate one more, here’s my predictions for whom it might be (and might NOT be):

We know from a TV Guide description that Allison is still causing trouble in the house in the third episode, so it’s safe to say that she makes it through the first elimination… so it looks like we’ll have to put up with her for at least a few more weeks.

Same as above… she’s in the summary for the next episode, so we know we have to put up with her longer, too.

Unless she quits, Lauren isn’t going anywhere until at least after the makeover episode. Even if she is the most horrible model in ANTM history (which from what I’ve seen of her first shot, she actually does pretty well), the judges will convince themselves that she’ll do great after the makeover because she has so much potential.

Unfortunately, I think Marvita’s here to stay for awhile, too. As cold-hearted as Tyra is, it just isn’t good TV to bring Marvita back for another try and then eliminate her the first chance they get. No… they’ll wait at least until the second chance they get.

I don’t see Claire being the first to go, either. Tyra likes to play makeover on these girls with really crazy looks (Brandy C3, Naima C4, Jael C8), so I think she’ll keep her around at least until then. Plus, you have to admit, she has a fierce walk.

Dominique – UNLIKELY
In past episodes, the last girl called has never been the first one eliminated, although there have been two last-called girls that left the house in the second elimination (Ebony C5 and Wendy C6). Tyra wants even the last-called to feel good about herself, so I think she makes an extra-special effort to make sure they’re not the first eliminated.

Katarzyna – UNLIKELY
The judges seemed to really like her, and she won the runway challenge at Top Model Prep, so I don’t think she’ll be going anywhere in the first episode.

Whitney – UNLIKELY
As the token plus/real-sized model, Whitney is probably fairly safe from the first elimination. I wouldn’t guarantee that she makes it past the second or third, but unless she gets herself kicked off the show some other way, or quits, I expect to see her next week.

She didn’t get much exposure on the first episode; and in the past it seems that they do try to give the girl who is first out quite a bit of air time on the casting episode (maybe just because they feel bad for them?), but there’s no really pressing reason for them to keep her on the show, either.

I don’t see any indications one way or the other, so it looks like it’ll be really up to her photo (imagine that! a model actually be chosen by her abilities to model?)

She was given quite a bit of screen time in the casting episode, which from past cycles seems to either mean that she’s supposed to be the fan favorite (Heather C9), or that she’ll be the first to go.

Her edit was very unmemorable, which could be an indication that she is one of the first to go. Right now, she has a look and personality that reminds me a bit of Kathleen (C8), who was the first to go.

She got the “dumb blonde” edit (a la Mila C9), so I could see her going very early as well, especially if they could somehow make it seem as if she wasn’t bright enough for the fast-paced industry.


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