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March 2, 2008 at 5:14 pm | Posted in Allison, Claire, statistics | 2 Comments
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First off, yes, I do have a ridiculously detailed stat sheet for each cycle that gives the order of eliminations, who won the challenges, how many times each girl was in the bottom two, etc. If you are also interested in obtaining one of these (in Excel format) let me know and I’ll make it available online somewhere. I wouldn’t expect very many people to be as detail-oriented as I am, though.

I went ahead and uploaded it… for the time being, you can get my Excel sheet here (LINK). Let me know if for some reason it doesn’t work.

Secondly, yes — I, too LOVE Claire’s earrings! I also love the fact that she obviously did her homework and knew not to wear any into the judging panel… there have been many other girls in the past that have been asked to remove their earrings because they aren’t “modelesque.” Personally, I say, if they aren’t tacky and you can pull it off, why not?

In case you don’t remember the particular earrings, I found a screenshot of them:

I used my mad google skillz to try to find these, or at least ones that were similar, and these were the closest I could come up with (click on pic for link to site, where you can buy them for a mere $22 + S&H)

I’m sure, however, anyone skilled in beadwork could make a set which would be pretty close to Claire’s.

And while we’re on the topic of earrings… my “cutest earrings” award also goes to Claire, for the pair she wore in this week’s episode:

And, the “worst earrings” award goes to Allison, for these fug ones. Silver drop earrings = cute. Silver drop earrings with little blue stars (probably made of plastic) on the bottom = something that I’d have worn in third grade.



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  1. I need this sheet!!

  2. Wow!! It’s great. Thank you.

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