Episode 3 Predictions!!

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It’s time once again for my episode predictions!

As you may recall, there was no challenge last week (are they going to have them at all this cycle?), so my challenge winner prediction was a moot point. Oh well. I was, however dead-on with my elimination predictions: Kimberly had no interest in the industry and quit; and Atalya (whom I said was one of the most likely to be eliminated) was told in no uncertain terms to go home.

On a sidenote, I don’t see why people are making a big deal out of Tyra’s reason for her elimination. Atalya is by far not at all the first girl to be eliminated because she wasn’t “high fashion” or was “too commercial” – think of Mercedes C2 – of course then again, winners Eva C3, Naima C4, and Scandaleisha C9 were also called “too commercial” as well.

This next episode, as you may recall, is the makeover episode. Following their makeovers, the girls have a lingerie photo shoot featuring lingerie from Elle McPherson. Oh, and “tension builds” between Fatima and Allison. I guess I’ll root for Allison to come out ahead on this catfight… but I think Fatima has more refined skills, so she’ll make it look like it’s all Allison’s fault.

Girls most likely to cry about her makeover: Allison, Dominique, Fatima
Girls most likely to make me throw something at the TV: Allison, Fatima, Marvita
Girls most likely to take the top photo: Claire, Fatima, Katarzyna
Girls most likely to be criticized for looking too “mens’ magazine” in the lingerie shoot: Allison, Katarzyna, Whitney

She got the top photo in the first elimination, which means that she’s probably safe for a few more episodes. The earliest any “first-photoshoot-top-photo” model has been eliminated is in 9th place (Tiffany C4), and since we all know Tiff had other issues as well, I’m going to assume Anya is going to make it quite a bit further.

Like the “first-photoshoot-top-photo” models, the second called in the first elimination tend to do quite well as well. Only one “first-photoshoot-second-place-photo” model has failed to make it to the top 6 (that was Kristi C3). Plus, we already know from an interview that Claire is completely open to any makeover, so that shouldn’t be an issue, either.

As pathetic as it was last week that she only got one good photo out of the whole bunch, and as high-maintenance as she was acting during the “senior photo” shoot, I’m pretty certain we’ll have to deal with Fatima for awhile yet. She’s got a smart but abrasive attitude reminiscent of Jade C6 around the house (which is good for ratings), but a sweet, innocent, and demure attitude reminiscent of Saleisha C9 around the judges (which makes her look good to them)… the two-facedness is rather Melrose C7-esque, and made me sick even back then. Strategically, it’s a good idea, though… Jade, Saleisha, and Melrose all made it to the top three, and it wouldn’t surprise me (although it would disappoint me) if Fatima pulled off the same.

They still have a lot of work to do on this girl before she could pass for a model. Her runway last week reminded me of that scene from My Fair Lady when Henry Higgins takes Eliza to the horse races all dolled up, and despite her best efforts she still manages to embarrass them by shouting obscenities at the horses. The makeover is only step two. And besides, her photo last week proved that she had that elusive and indefinable “potential” for which the judges are always looking.

Whitney – UNLIKELY
She’s shaping up to be one of the strongest models here, plus-size or not. The only girl to ever go from 3rd-call-out to elimination in the first two eliminations was Julie C3, and that was only because she opened her mouth about not really being in it for the modeling. And even if she were to bomb the next photo shoot, they do tend to keep the plus-sized girls around for a few more episodes to wear down their self-esteem a bit more before telling them to go home.

Despite her bottom-two finish last week, I think Amis’ personality will save her at least for another round. Never in the nine previous cycles has the girl who was in the bottom two of the first elimination actually been eliminated second. The judges also described her as “warm and lovable,” “interesting,” and said that she had an “impressive” personality, so I think they’ll be more likely to give her ample opportunity to redeem herself.

Katarzyna – POSSIBLY
As much as I hate to admit it (since she is one of my favorites), Katarzyna is getting sorely overlooked in this competition. Her constant comparison to Paulina reeks of C8’s comparisons of Tyra and Felicia. Although Felicia hung on for a few more episodes, it seemed that comparison haunted her, and instead of comparing her to the other girls, the judges seemed to compare her to a nationally-renown, experienced and well-established supermodel. Putting that comparison out there over and over just does not seem to bode well for her.

Marvita – POSSIBLY
Though dead-center in the call-out order last week, she’s being played up as the “black girl with issues” (a la Tiffany C4). With Allison and Fatima creating enough drama for about seven girls (at least according to the previews for next week), Marvita’s been kind of taking a back seat, all while still trying to figure out her life. The following week, however, someone takes offense to something Jaslene says, and I think that could definitely be Marvita… so she might hang on for another week before having a complete breakdown.

Despite her rockin’ photo last week (I think I like it even more now, after a few days to let it sink in), I’m not convinced she’s “safe” yet. They could easily pull a Samantha C8 on her, saying she, too, is “too inexperienced and lacking personality,” especially since this next photoshoot is a lingerie one… the more sensual shoots tend not to bode well for the sweet, All-American girls (think: Rebecca C4, Brooke C7).

One thing we know about the masculine models is that Tyra likes to give them short hairdos (Coryn C5, Jade C6, Jaeda C7). From the preview, it didn’t seem as short as usual, and it seemed like Dominique was taking it fairly well, which will work in her favor, and if she can work it, she may hang around for a few more episodes. With all of the ‘drag’ comments being thrown out there, though, I’m going to be surprised if she makes it to the final 6.

She had somewhat of a mediocre photo last week, and needs to learn more poses, but her personality might keep her there for awhile yet. She has a sweet-girl innocence, so they may decide that she isn’t “experienced” enough for the industry, but I think this week is definitely going to depend on how well she pulls off her photo.

She bombed the photoshoot last week, and NONE of the judges seem to be on her side. She has Mr Jay comparing her posing to “early man,” Paulina calling her an “upper-east-side princess,” Ms Jay calling her lopsided, Nigel saying he’s not drawn to her, and Tyra calling her a “wannabe Gossip Girl.” Although 12th place seems to commonly go to the sweet, and sometimes somewhat timid girls (Anna C2, Julie C3, Wendy C6, Samantha C8), I’m sure Tyra could make an exception to throw Allison off her high horse. Or at least I certainly hope so.


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