Episode 3 Recap

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Dominique and Allison both got “going home soon” edits today… Dom was the first girl interviewed, and throughout the episode continued to talk about her goals and aspirations – not a good sign. Allison got the “I hate everyone here and am completely miserable” edit, which also usually means that she’s headed home soon.

The doorbell rings… white bags miraculously appear (I wonder if the delivery boy had to haul them all up there first, then ding-dong-ditch)… screaming ensues.

Fashion note: I HATE pants with writing on the butt. I think it’s horribly tacky.

And, then it was time for a catfight!
Allison vs. Fatima – F says that A’s butt is bigger than hers; A freaks out, reverts back to her previous-anorexic ways and runs for a tape measurer (I wonder if she brought that along with her, or if Tyra provided it).
Later on, after the award challenge, Allison and Whitney are playing with Barbie dolls – wait, what? how old are you girls? – and A stuffed tissue into the black Barbie’s pants to make her butt stick out more. A bit immature, are we? Fatima freaks out and starts “defending black women” by saying: “It’s not my problem that you have an eating disorder!” And I thought Fatima was going to be the more intelligent, mature fighter…. but, instead, she’s stooping to Allison’s level.

A note about the challenge… they went to Walmart and had a makeup challenge. I hate Walmart. I LOVE that Claire won the challenge and Allison got her comeuppance, though. Claire gets her photo on Walmart.com on the CoverGirl page (which I could not find). A pretty lame prize, but I’m glad Claire won.

TYRA MAIL! MAKEOVER TIME! Screaming ensues!
Tyra actually had a rather brilliant idea this cycle, and didn’t tell the girls what their makeovers were going to be. And it actually did minimize the whining and complaining. Kudos, Tyra… it only took you 10 cycles to figure that one out.

Speaking of makeovers, here’s my take on each girls’:

-love it-

Whitney – blonde, with bangs and body – Whitney looks great as a blonde. Her former ‘do gave her a “mom”-like appearance but with the blonde she looks young, fresh, and interesting.

Aimee – short, bright red – I thought it looked great. It got rid of her girl-next-door look and gave her a sophisticated edge

Katarzyna – shorter, dark – Here’s one that at first I didn’t think I’d like, but I really do. I think it really accentuates her European look, and reminds me of someone else… maybe one of the Bond girls?

Fatima – long, sleek, brown weave – Perhaps I just love it so much because anything is better than that orange ‘do she was sporting in the first few episodes. Her new ‘do looks really great on her and is a better “fit” with her long, slender bodytype.

-indifferent to it-

Lauren – long, blonde/reddish weave – It does look rather glam, but to me part of the appeal of Lauren was that she didn’t look like a typical model. It’s a very glamorous hairstyle, but the rest of her body doesn’t have a glamorous look to it – it’s more edgy and harsh – so the hair looks really out of place.

– I wish they had just shaved it all off. It doesn’t look bad per se, but a bit too “Jay Manuel” for my likings. I’m sure she can rock it either way, though, so I’m not too concerned.

Amis – blonde weave – Meh. I wasn’t impressed. It looks neither natural nor modelesque.

Anya – shorter, blonde – I thought I would love Anya as a blonde, but I’m not really a fan of this new ‘do. It makes her look rather washed-out, and it isn’t natural-looking at all. Plus, I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t leave it long. What is Tyra’s obsession with cutting long hair and putting weaves on short hair? Now she reminds me far too much of Amanda C3

-hate it-

Dominique – short, dark, cropped – Okay, so I wasn’t sure which category to put this in, because I do think it’s cute. If she were my best friend or sister, I would tell her it looks nice, because it does. HOWEVER, it doesn’t look a thing like a model. Although it makes her look more feminine, I think it also makes her look older, and more like a “mom” (which, ironically, she is).

Allison – shorter, light auburn, feathered – When Tyra was describing it, I thought it’d be cute. It wasn’t. The color looked kind of washed out, and I think that she looked a lot edgier before. She looks more common, girl-next-door now. Obviously, that means that Tyra hates her.

Stacy-Ann – very short – They gave her a Marvita/Ambreal (pre-makeover) ‘do. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they wanted her to look more edgy/less cute? Not a fan at all.

Marvita – horse mane hair weave – Yes, Tyra described it exactly as if they were dealing with a horse. Basically, it’s a mullet. Why Tyra thinks a mullet is a good ‘do for ANYONE is beyond me. Why it would be good for an already-masculine-looking model-wannabe is completely inexplicable. If I were Marvita, I’d be running for the scissors as soon as they got back to the flat.


The photo shoot for this episode took place in NYC, on a boat, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. It reminded me a bit of the C8 gargoyle shoot, only not as cold. George Holz (from the C2 underwater shoot) was the photographer and the wardrobe was provided by Elle MacPherson Intimates. Oh, and Elle herself was there. And apparently she was very nice. I’m just glad they’re actually modeling real products, instead of ridiculous themes like “circus freaks” or “let’s dress up as celebrities.” By the way, anyone know how tall Elle is? She seemed to be towering over Claire!Highlights of the photo shoot were:
– Whitney trying to deal with a really awful outfit that was very constricting and unflattering
– Allison bombing her photo shoot and not even realizing it
– Dominique saying that she was “ordained to be here” (ummmmkay?) but then producing a terrible, catalogue-y shootTYRA MAIL! “Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. Only 11 will continue on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model.” Isn’t this kind of stating the obvious here?

Lauren, Dominique, and Allison were all interviewed in the time before judging, which generally does not bode well (as if any of us had any doubts about who was going to be in the bottom two at this point).

I’m going to take a moment to point out some hideousness here…
1. Amis’s outfit. What on earth was she thinking? She looks like she’s in third grade.
2. Ms. Jay’s sparkly brow. Huh?
3. Marvita’s hair. I don’t care how much Tyra loves it… I think it looks nasty, nasty, nasty.
4. Allison. Sorry, but she looked like a complete train wreck, even before she started bawling (but, I’m getting ahead of myself here…)

So… without further ado, here are the photos (in order of my favorite photo to my least favorite photo):

Dominique – I’m going to go against the grain here and say that I really liked Dom’s photo. Yes, it did look a bit commercial, but seriously! It’s a photo advertising lingerie! That’s what commercial’s all about – advertising products! I thought she looked sassy, and looked good despite her awful makeover disaster. Anyone with that haircut would look “soccer mom!” Her thigh could have very easily been photoshopped smooth, but for whatever reason, they chose not to. Dom’s not by any means one of my favorites, but I didn’t think she deserved the harsh critique she got from this photo

Claire – This photo stood out for me because it was so different. It was edgy, Matrix-esque, and just plain fierce. I also liked that the photographer said that particular shot didn’t do her justice – being well-liked by the photographer is always a good thing

Amis – She stepped it WAY up from last week, in my opinion. She looks much more like a model, despite the fact that she still has no idea what she’s doing. It shows improvement, if nothing else, even if the judges didn’t necessarily think so.

Whitney – I HATE that they gave her that outfit and I HATE that they cropped out her legs, but even in such an uncomfortable position, she still managed to look glamorous and show off her curves

Katarzyna – It definitely does look rather “men’s magazine,” but her face is beautiful and soft, and she took risks with her poses.

Fatima – Anyone else see Jessica Alba in this shot? They compared her to Iman again, but I honestly don’t see that similarity. I thought that hers looked rather “men’s magazine” as well, but apparently the judges didn’t think so.

Aimee – I did like Aimee’s, but I also thought she looked a bit stiff. I’m not so sure about the pose, either, but her face looks great – soft and “transparently beautiful”

Marvita – I don’t think they do her any favors by encouraging her to look strong, tough, etc…. although it’s a well-composed photo, she seems to me to just be standing there… not at all a “panther in the jungle” as Paulina described her.

StacyAnn – I didn’t like hers very much at all. I thought it looked borderline “men’s magazine” as well, and her pose looks awkward and uncomfortable. Plus, she isn’t really selling the outfit.

Anya – I really did not like this photo. Besides the obvious photographical issues (such as the fact that it looks like the suspension wires on the bridge are going through her head), her hand looks like a claw and is awkwardly placed, and her foot strikes me as really wrong – like it’s broken or something.

Lauren – Despite the judges’ LOVE for this photo, I’m just not feeling it. Perhaps it’s the whole backwardness of this edgy girl being all dolled up to make her look feminine and girly, or maybe it’s the fact that she looks like she’s about to fall over, or the fact that her face looks like she thinks she’s about to fall over… whatever it was, I just don’t like it.

Allison – This, to me, is one of the worst photos ever – right up there with Lluvy’s Pisces photo. The outfit is NOT at all flattering, she looks completely dead in the face, and is that supposed to be some sort of pose? Fortunately, on this one, the judges agreed with me.

Callout order:
1. Lauren (overrated photo, but she is doing a good job playing along with their dress-up game)
2. Marvita (completely overrated)
3. Aimee
4. Claire (yay!)
5. Stacy-Ann
6. Fatima
7. Anya
8. Whitney (it’s their own fault they gave her such a bad outfit!)
9. Katarzyna (and Tyra STILL mispronounces her name…)
10. Amis

Which leaves Dominique and Allison in the bottom two, and Allison is sent home for being conceited… and she gets a nice speech from Tyra about it. Awww


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