Episode 4 Predictions!

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It’s prediction time!
So how did I do last week?

Fatima cried during her makeover (although, it was really because of the pain of her weave and not because she hated it). Dominique should have cried about her makeover, but in her childlike enthusiasm obviously didn’t realize how awful it really was (for a model, that is… for a mom it looks cute). Allison also should have cried about her makeover, but didn’t. From one of her post-show interviews, though, she does mention that she went back to her natural color (a dark brown) and got a cut with bangs. So, I was sort of right. Sort of.

Although I didn’t physically throw anything at the TV, Allison & Fatima both made me want to with their constant bickering and cattiness.

Top photo? I was completely off. I never in a million years expected them to call Lauren first, especially after seeing her photo. It looks awkward, amateur, and like she has no idea what she’s doing. Nothing about it says “high fashion” to me, and I’m a little appalled that people are saying it is so.

And, Katarzyna was criticized for being too “mens’ magazine”… or, in this case, “Russian mail-order bride.” (Wait… so she looks like Natasha?)

Allison was eliminated (thank goodness!), which was exactly what I predicted (and hoped) would happen. I will NOT miss watching her on TV.

The next episode is entitled “Where’s the Beef” and involves a runway challenge with Jaslene “I-Walk-Like-This-All-The-Time-Every-Day” Gonzales from C8. While I’m glad it’s not Saleisha, Jaslene has always had a tendency to drive me nuts, too. And her hairdo for this episode reminded me of someone and it took me awhile to figure out who… almost every single female in any yearbook from the 70s! Or maybe Rambo? It’s okay, Jaslene, you’re only 30 years behind the times!

But I digress. Jaslene apparently offends someone, and from the previews it’s obvious that it’s Lauren, who looks like she doesn’t even want to be there when she’s on the runway. Which is absolutely true. Maybe Lauren will catch on that part of the “game” here is trying to be the girl that has the most desire and passion for the industry… before it’s too late.

And, they will be posing with meat. We already know from the preview that Claire isn’t too happy about that, as she says that she thinks she’s going to “ralph” (wow, that’s a term I haven’t heard in awhile! You’re showing your age there, Claire!) Although ANTM usually tries to get at least one illness into each cycle, I doubt it’s going to be this episode. If so, however, I vote for Claire as “most likely to become physically ill” in this episode.

Random predictions:
– Girl most likely to make me throw something at the TV: Fatima (hey, she hasn’t let me down in this category yet!)
– Girl most likely to be the challenge winner: Katarzyna (who won the casting episode’s runway challenge), or Claire (because she has a fierce walk and I’d love to see her win two weeks in a row).
– Girl most likely to cry this episode: Fatima (3 out of 3 episodes so far… we’ll see how long she keeps it going!)
– Girl most likely to get the top photo: Claire (hey, I can hope!), Lauren (working hard to prove Jaslene wrong), or Aimee

Like Anya, Claire is a forerunner right now. This does put her at a disadvantage, since when you’re at the top, it’s harder to keep improving every week, but neither of the top two girls of the second elimination have ever been the next eliminated in previous cycles, so she’s safe for awhile yet.

She got the top photo (in the judges’ opinion) last week, and has been doing remarkably well. Jaslene’s comment this week has a great chance of giving her the kick that she needed to really push herself to prove that she does want to be there, so we’ll see what she manages to turn out, and if she’s able to take all that “potential” and actually turn it into something.

The judges were really impressed with her first photo, and even with her 7th-place photo last week had very little negative to say about her, except for her accent… which at this point they can’t really use as a reason for elimination.

Marvita – UNLIKELY
I don’t think we’re done with Marvita yet. She’s been keeping her head above water with a respectable 7th and 2nd place in the call-out order, and keeping out of any major trouble in the house and in the judging panel. Anyways, I think Tyra will keep her on for a bit longer, if only just to spite everyone (such as myself) who says that her made-up “horse main” mullet ‘do is a fashion travesty.

If anyone’s a “silent predator” in this competition, I think it’s Aimee. We know just enough about her personality to think she’s adorable, sweet, and wholesome; and we see just enough of her work to know that she can pull of a good picture and that the judges like her (or, at least, don’t hate her). Either they’re editing it like that we’re surprised when she makes it to the final three, or so we won’t miss her when she’s gone. I prefer to think it’s the former, considering her decent call-out placements (5th and 3rd).

Whitney – UNLIKELY
Her size will likely buy her a few more episodes, especially since Tyra acknowledged that her bad film during the last episode wasn’t her fault. Eventually, though, the judges are going to realize that she uses nearly the exact same facial expression in most of her photos, and she’ll either have to adapt or go home.

Despite the reality TV ratings appeal, she hasn’t managed to turn out a great roll of film yet. So far she’s had one photo the judges have loved… not very good consistency. She’s not in the top six girls, which puts her at a greater risk for elimination if she doesn’t turn out an awesome photo this week. Plus, they compared her to Iman again last week – which is generally not a good sign. I don’t think they’d boot her this week, but if she doesn’t start improving soon, it doesn’t look good for her.

Stacy-Ann – POSSIBLY
Her new hairdo may help her look more edgy and less doll-like, but I’m still not convinced she has any idea what she’s doing and she hasn’t really done anything to make herself stand out in this competition at all. She doesn’t strike me as a very competitive person, and I think that’ll catch up to her sooner than later.

A huge lack of airtime, being compared to Paulina, being called a “Russian mail-order bride,” and being called 8th and 9th in the last two eliminations are all signs which spell out loud and clear: danger! I think Tyra might let her slip by another episode or so in favor of getting rid of a few other loose ends, but she really needs to shine this next episode.

Dominique – QUITE LIKELY
She went from being drag queen to soccer mom in the course of a week… neither bodes well. She’s yet to pull of a photo the judges liked, and they don’t seem to have much positive to say about her. Perhaps the only thing that could save her at this point is the fact that Tyra acknowledged that her haircut was awful, so maybe they’ll do something with it that will help her pull through yet another week.

I know there are many Amis fans out there that don’t want to hear this, but Amis’ airtime is becoming less and less, and seemingly more annoying, while personalities like Stacy Ann’s and Anya’s are being focused on more, and in a more positive light. She’s also failed to get a good photo, and is currently at the bottom of the pack with 12th and 10th place call-outs. If she doesn’t pull something amazing out of her hat, she won’t be around much longer.


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