A Note About the Photo Shoot…

March 13, 2008 at 6:53 pm | Posted in random thoughts, scandal | 1 Comment
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At the risk of sounding preachy… what was up with that meat photo shoot? After the homeless photo shoot, I’ll admit that I didn’t have particularly high expectations of this one, but the whole concept ended up being far more disgusting and far less meaningful than I even expected.

What I expected was some sort of mediocre, half-hearted political viewpoint; but I’m not even sure if this shoot was supposed to be pro-meat or anti-meat? Neither? Both? It certainly didn’t make me want to go out and eat a steak (if I were the type of girl that liked red meat anyways). On the contrary, it made me want to “ralph” (as Claire so succinctly put it).  It seemed to be saying that meat was fashionable to wear, much as the first photoshoot seemed only to be saying that homeless people can be trendy and fierce, too… or something.

And whatever happened to being “green”? First, we have a giant, gas-guzzling limo; next we have pounds and pounds of meat which is no longer suitable to be used – how wasteful! Comments? Thoughts? Suggestions about what they could do with the meat that was worn (besides just throwing it away)?


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  1. Cook it and feed it to the homeless you shot the other day?

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