Episode 4 Recap: Where’s the Beef?

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It’s time for episode four, for us to find out who has the best firehouse strut, how Lauren handles Jaslene’s criticism, how Tyra plans to fix Do-mom-ique’s hairdo, and who will be eliminated next.

Dominique once again gets the first confessional close-up of the episode. Oh, honey…you aren’t so safe from the bottom-two yet. While in the gas-guzzling Tyra-mobile, she goes on and on about how she’s here to stay (which somewhat echoes last week’s opening as well), and Whitney rolls her eyes. I do, too. And I’m not certain why she thinks it’s the “best bottom two ANTM has ever had.” In case she hasn’t noticed, each time there is a bottom two, one of those people is given another week. Your “special treatment” ain’t so special, honey.Back in the house, Fatima is back to giving advice. (Shut UP already… once you get a top photo, Fatima, THEN I’ll let you go back to telling everyone what to do.) Lauren got the second confessional of the week, which means she may not do so hot this week, either. Or they could just be playing it up for her confrontation with Jaslene.

Katarzyna and Amis are having fun, dancing. Fatima mumbles about how stupid they are, what a joke Amis is, and how she doesn’t think that Amis really wants it. Has this girl never had a day of fun in her life? What’s so stupid about goofing off and dancing around? Yes, Amis’ constant flittyness can get annoying, but Fatima’s constant complaining is getting on my nerves.
Turn up the heat, or you’ll get hosed.

They end up at the fire station for their runway challenge. The first part is a quick change into their tacky little outfits. Fatima annoys Miss Jay by not changing her shoes. And doing so, she also annoys me.

So, they do their walk-off… Katarzyna has to be careful about her shoulders, Claire’s strut was praised, Stacy-Ann was told to stay loose, Anya looked like she was walking on hot coals, Whitney’s walk was praised, Dominique was told that she actually has a good walk, but was way too flirty. Aimee’s pace was good, Fatima marches like a Clydsdale (what’s their obsession with horses this cycle?) which made Jay lose all faith in her, Lauren can’t walk, Amis skips (WTF?)

Now she’s driving me nuts. Kick her off, Tyra! And Fatima, too! Double elimination!Aimee wants to take a shower. The other girls don’t want her to lock the door, so they can still get in and use the toilet. They’re making a huge deal out of her not liking to be naked in front of people, which tends not to be a good sign. I totally love and respect that she has strong morals and values, but the fact that they’ve brought it up twice now in one episode does not bode well.

So… it’s time for a CATFIGHT!
Marvita/Fatima/Dominique vs. Aimee/Whitney

Marvita goes off on Aimee, Whitney steps in and basically tells them that Aimee already told everyone that she wasn’t comfortable with the shower thing and to lay off. Marvita continues to shout that she didn’t know. Okay… so get over it, then. Oh, and Fatima gets her nosy self involved, and says that Whitney deserves to be harassed because she starts a lot of drama.  Huh?  Pot, meet kettle. Oh, and to top it off, Dominique calls Whitney “uncultured white trash.” Again, pot, meet kettle.

Better keep your story straight, or you will be out of order!

It’s a Tuleh fashion show. Huzzah. Lauren already thinks she’s going to do badly, which means she is. I’m getting a bit sick of her defeatist attitude. They meet Bryan Bradley, Andrew Weir, Ann Shoket, and “Miss Jaslene Cha-Cha-Diva.” And the winner gets to be in Seventeen with Jaslene. Oh, and Fatima says she doesn’t work well under pressure. You are in the entirely wrong industry then, girl.

Whitney flashed the entire audience, Lauren made Jaslene’s jaw drop, Fatima missed a button.  The best part of that was that she didn’t think anyone would notice.  No, no… it’s not noticeable at all.

Jay said, “Off with her head” and I laughed out loud. Yes, it was a rather evil laugh.Okay, so JASLENE can say Katarzyna’s name right, but Tyra can’t?

As much as I don’t like to admit it, when it comes to Lauren, I completely agree with Jaslene. She may have as much desire to be a model as the other girls, but she definitely doesn’t show it.

And the winner is Katarzyna. Yay! Her two friends that she picks to be in the shoot are Amis and Marvita. And when they’re shooting, Jaslene upstages everyone.  And it didn’t look like Marvita or Amis were even trying to pose. Huh.

Prove that you’ve got the chops for this competition or you’ll be sent packing.

So, they’re posing with hunks… of meat. (Oh, you’re so punny, Jay Manuel). Whitney’s not phased. Fatima thinks it’ll be the most difficult shoot ever. Claire and Aimee think they’ll be sick. Highlights include Stacy-Ann faking screams (lame), Lauren rocking it with a serious attitude and scary/dark posing, and Aimee looking really uncomfortable.
Tomorrow you will meet with the judges… blah, blah, blah… we know the drill.

Aimee is nervous about the photo shoot. Lauren is nervous about the runway. Amis is still sleeping when everyone’s getting ready for the competition. She looks a wreck. Do I smell a bottom two in there somewhere?

Tyra does some stupid singy thing when introducing the judges. Everyone pretends to laugh. ENOUGH, Tyra.

So, here are the photos, in order of my favorite to my least favorite!

Lauren – So, last week, her photo was one of my least favorites but they called it first. This week it’s my very favorite, and it doesn’t get a first call-out. Go figure. It looks editorial, she looks confident and poised, and she had the most unique poses of the whole group. Love it, love it.

Katarzyna – Hers also looked rather editorial, and she used the props, such as her skirt. I also thought that this was her first shot that she really worked the angles of her face well. The judges still think that she’s too sexy-looking (Brittany C4, anyone?), and Tyra tells her to wear a bun to the next judging panel.

Anya – I did think this was a really good photo, too. The judges continued to drool all over Anya’s shots, and I must say, it looks like she may have a final three spot in the bag. As Tyra said, this is definitely a fashion picture, and she does look the most comfortable of all the girls.

Whitney – She does need to learn to close her mouth, and I’m surprised that they haven’t called her out on it yet… but other than that, I like it. It’s playful and quirky, which I think worked well with her hair and makeup. It reminds me a bit of Brittany C8’s ice cream shot (Why? I have no idea.)

Claire – At first, I wasn’t sure about this one. The more I look at it, though, the more I like it. Tyra and Nigel liked it, so of course she got called early, but Paulina thought it was too 90s heroine and it didn’t really impress Jay, either. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the face, but on closer inspection, I decided what I really don’t like about it is the makeup… and with the excessive makeup, she really did make it work. She makes raw meat look stylish.

Dominique – The eyes are good, but the pose is a bit posey. Nigel kept referring to it as a calendar girl shot, and I guess I could see that, too.

– I just thought hers was rather boring. Jay referred to her pose as a “standard modeling 101 pose,” and it does come off as something that I’ve seen before. On the plus side, though, she’s working the angles of her face better.

– Been there, done that. If she were to bend at the knees, it would be almost exactly like her shot last week. Yawn. I’m so over her. And it seems that the judges are also catching on that she really only has one look.

– So. Sick. Of. Fatima. Her pose was boring, her face was weird, and she held that hook, but didn’t DO anything with it. Nigel says she needs to try harder, but from watching the photoshoots, I’m wondering if that maybe is all she’s got.

Aimee – I could tell (from their clever editing) that she wasn’t going to do well this week. This photo is so completely off that it’s hard to believe it’s the same person that pulled off the beautiful shots the previous two weeks. She seems to be slipping, and it doesn’t look good for her at all. Hopefully she’ll snap out of it.
Amis – She looked like a meatpacker. As opposed to a model posing in a meatpacking warehouse. I liked the fog rolling around her legs, but she can hardly be applauded for that. She does have a very pretty profile, but the judges were right – she had absolutely no focus.
And, then it was time to call out the girls that would NOT be going home this week.
1. Anya (top photo for the second time in three weeks, a feat accomplished previously by Shannon C1, Jaslene C8, and Jenah C9)
2. Whitney
3. Katarzyna (her first top-five photo!)
4. Claire (the only girl who’s been in the top five all three weeks)
5. Dominique (for “most improved”)
6. Stacy-Ann
7. Lauren (whom they said could have been called earlier but for her runway walk)
8. Marvita
9. Aimee

Which left Fatima and Amis in the bottom two, which made me shout “hoorah!” Frankly, I’d have been happy with either of them leaving, as they were both driving me absolutely nuts this week.

Amis – the unfocused, laissez-faire attitude girl whom they’re not sure really wants to be there
Fatima – the pretty girl who can only model one half of her body at a time

And, Amis was sent home, which, once again, I believe was the right decision. Even from her exit interview, it seems that she knew she wasn’t going to make it very far, and probably was just there for a fun learning experience. Sorry… time to go have fun back in Oklahoma. Buh-bye!


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