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This cycle is definitely keeping me on my toes which my favorites list. Claire and Katarzyna continue to do well in the competition and avoid doing things that annoy me, so they continue to be my top two. Of all the girls in the house, those two (along with Lauren, Anya, and Stacey-Ann) seem to pretty much stay out of the drama and bickering, which definitely makes them seem more mature and worthy of winning.

Lauren surprised me this week. I was glad that Jaslene gave her that much-needed wake-up call; this week at the photo shoot she really applied herself and produced what I feel is the strongest photo yet this cycle. Bonus points for Lauren… and for the first time since pre-show, she’s back in my top three.

Whitney also continues to wow the judges, and I appreciated that she stuck up for Aimee during the War of the Shower this week. Aimee herself, however, seems to be getting set up for a fall. I’m sensing some Brittany C8 vibes from her attitude – she doesn’t seem to be getting along with many of the other girls, they don’t seem to understand her, and she doesn’t do a particularly good job standing up for herself… I sense a major emotional breakdown on the horizon.

Anya also impressed me this week; she did a great job on the photo shoot and her makeover isn’t bothering me as much this week as it was last week. Stacey-Ann has a great lack of screentime, so I don’t really have much of an opinion about her this week.

Despite the fact that she was eliminated weeks ago, Atalya ended up moving up, basically because of my growing dislike for Dominique, Marvita, and Amis. While I initially found Dom’s self-confidence refreshing, after weeks of being on the bottom, she’s still insisting that she’s an amazing, high-fashion diva and that she’s in the forerunning of the competition. So, now I’m wondering if she’s delusional, or just a bit slow to catch on to things. Either way, it’s getting a bit old… as is her look. I don’t think her “new” haircolor this week made her any less soccer-mom-looking than her ‘do last week.

Marvita has been portrayed as being a very one-dimensional character… “I’m calloused and tough because I had a hard life.” Her photos all look the same to me, and there is nothing about her personality which draws me to her. I really don’t know what the judges see in her.

I was glad that Amis went home. She really was just there for the experience, which is fine for her, but the attention-getting tactics, constant flightiness, and ridiculous talking-just-to-hear-her-own-voice were wearing on my nerves.

Fatima dropped a few points in my book for a number of reasons. First off, her “enlightened” logic about how they should all gang up on Whitney instead of Aimee because “Whitney likes to start a lot of things.” (Because obviously it was Whitney that called Allison’s butt big last week, told Amis she acted like a clown the week before, flung her arm out at Marvita after the first fashion show, and called the black girls at the casting “ghetto.” Yup… must’ve been Whitney.) Also, the whole shoe thing at the fire house was just stupid; she should know better than to get on Miss Jay’s bad side – he’s a judge for goodness sake!

Stats coming soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to dig up some more episode descriptions for you, too.


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