Episode 5 Predictions!

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First, a review of last week. Fatima with her advice-giving and mumbling about the other girls definitely made me want to throw the remote at the TV. The challenge winner was Katarzyna, just as I predicted. Fatima didn’t actually cry this episode (someone correct me if I’m wrong or missed something!)… still, 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. The top photo was Anya’s, which took me a bit by surprise. But – as I predicted – Amis was eliminated. Did I ever mention how completely predictable this show is?

So, this next episode is entitled “Top Model Takes it to the Streets,” and Benny Ninja helps the girls learn how to pose. Oh, and “one girl begins to feel the pressure of it all.” Shocking, I know. And their photo shoot will be a beauty shoot with brightly colored paint. Oh, and somewhere in there, Dominique calls Whitney a racist.

Random predictions:
– Girl most likely to make me throw something at the TV: Fatima (4 out of 4 so far!)
– Girl most likely to be challenge winner: Katarzyna (who, from the preview, looked like she was doing really well), or Anya
– Girl most likely to cry this episode: Fatima (again… 3 out of 4 so far aren’t bad odds)
– Girl most likely to annoy Benny Ninja: Dominique
– Girl most likely to get criticized for her outfit in judging panel: Dominique
– Girl most likely to “begin to feel the pressure of it all”: Marvita (which, again, they pretty much gave away in the previews)

Elimination predictions:
Anya’s on her way to the final three, especially with those two first call-outs in the first three eliminations, so unless she really falls apart within the next few episodes, I’m pretty sure you can count on her sticking around. And with how much the judges adore her, there’s no way she’s going home this week.

Claire’s also been sitting pretty the past few weeks, with call-outs consistently in the top five. She also seems to be scoring bonus points with the judges both with her fierce walk and her personality. She’s been so far staying out of the drama, but shining in the photo shoots and challenges.

Whitney – UNLIKELY
It seems that this plus-sized model may make it far. She’s been causing some stir in the house, and the argument last week seemed to be leading up to her major blow-out with Dominique this week. She has spunk, confidence, and provides drama to the house, so she makes for good TV… AND the judges have really been impressed with her photos as well as her general “presence” in the judging panel. So far, things are looking good for her.

Her third-position call-out last week may have been enough to redeem her at least for awhile, and since there is little chance of her being called too risqué in this week’s photo shoot, I think she’s safe at least for this week. From the previews, she also seemed to be doing fairly well in the posing challenge, and in the photo shoot. As long as she remembers to put her hair in a bun for judging panel, I think she has a free pass this week.

Despite her great photo last week, the competition seems to be getting to her emotionally, which isn’t necessarily a good sign. The next episode or so are really going to be make-it-or-break-it weeks for Lauren, as the judges try to figure out if she’s making enough progress and a big enough transformation. She could remain determined and do very well (final three material!), or her interest could wane and fizzle out completely.

Stacey-Ann – POSSIBLY
Stacey-who? This girl has been making no impression on me at all. Since this is posing week, and she has been criticized in the past for her lack of posing skills, that may negatively effect her, but since from the previews she seemed to do at least alright on her photo shoot, so she may stay another week just because there’s someone worse than her “mediocre”ness.

Despite the fact that her first photos were highly praised, the editing last week set her up for a huge fall. She was portrayed as a girl with insecurities, dwindling self-confidence, a lack of energy, and a mediocre photo – not good. She’s definitely in danger this week; I could see her in the bottom two this week for sure if she doesn’t shape up quick.

She seemed to take her bottom-two last week fairly hard, so either it’ll be a good dose of humble pie for her, or it’ll be the last straw before a complete breakdown. She’s yet to ever get a top-five photo, and we all know she didn’t score any points with Miss Jay or Mr. Jay last week. For some reason Tyra still seems to cut her more slack than the other girls, but she may not get by very much longer just because of her impressive bone structure.

Like Lauren, Marvita seems to have been somewhat of a “project” for Tyra, and was possibly thrown into the mix to create drama in the house. While Lauren’s physical and emotional transformation is overshadowing Marvita’s transformation, Fatima’s abrasive personality is also overshadowing Marvita’s “dynamite-waiting-to-explode” potential. Her photos have been fairly middle-of-the-road, and the judges may soon run out of reasons to keep her around.

Dominique – QUITE LIKELY
Send this girl home already, PLEASE! Her photos have not been good, her personality drives me nuts, according to the previews, she’s now causing issues in the house, and she still just doesn’t seem to get it. Last week at the photo shoot she did well and Mr. Jay really commended her on taking his advice seriously, but it seems to me that may have been a fluke. They’ve been building her story for the past few weeks as if they’re leading up to this dramatic elimination, and I must say, I’d be glad to see it come to fruition.



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  1. Actually, Fatima cried when her name was called from the bottom two.

    …uhh.. I think. o__O

  2. Good call, Boof… I went back and re-watched it and she is indeed weepy/teary-eyed (though I didn’t see any actual tears being wiped away). Close enough!

  3. hey, i’m sorry if this isn’t put in the right section or something, but i’ve always wondered why you always say “scandaleisha”. well, I’m not a big fan of Saleisha either, but where is the scandal/has there really been a scandal or is this your personal nickname for her because you don’t like her?

  4. Ah, the Saleisha scandal! The best conglomeration of the whole debacle that I’ve been able to find is this video on YouTube:

    Basically, she was in a national Wendy’s TV ad, was on the TYRA show (multiple times!) and was on Ugly Betty before applying to ANTM. The biggest issue is her relationship with Tyra and the Tyra show, which some (myself included) gave her an unfair advantage… Tyra may have even rigged the whole cycle just to help out her little pet project.

  5. @antm10
    No tears? o 3o
    Oh, my bad, sorry. xD

    Cycle 9 screamed of favoritism.
    I kinda felt that she was gonna win when Heather got eliminated.

  6. thanks, everyone 🙂 that is some interesting intel…

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