Yahoo Preview for Episode 5

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New previews for this week’s episode are up! (LINK)


“Top Models Get Covered in Bright Paint”
It looks like the photo shoot this episode is going to be beauty shots with bright paint dripping all over them. Of all the photo shoots ANTM does, I really do like the beauty shots the best, and though I do think they could do without the bright paint, I’m glad they’re doing something a bit more high-fashion than the few previous cycles.
It looks so far like Lauren and Whitney do well, and Stacey-Ann and Katarzyna do alright with some coaching.

“A ‘Top Model’ Looks Like Anna Nicole”
Whitney doesn’t like being called Anna Nicole. I personally don’t see the resemblance. So they’re both blonde? And it doesn’t look like very many of the girls “get” the difference between catalogue, commercial, and couture poses.

“It’s the Top Model Pose Battle”
It’s Katarzyna vs. Aimee in a posing battle. I’m not sure who these audience “judges” are, but they pick Kat as the winner. Aimee, dear… a backbend isn’t “couture.”

“Jay Encourages a Defeated Top Model”
So Marvita is feeling “defeated” because the judges criticized her at the last panel, saying she did the same thing over and over (which is completely true). Boo hoo… poor Marvita. I find it a bit humorous when these models are surprised by the fact that they’re picked apart at panel… that’s just part of the business! Deal with it!


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