Episode 5 Recap: Top Model Takes it to the Streets

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Another week… another challenge… another photo shoot… another elimination. Who’s it going to be today?

I cannot express my joy at seeing Fatima in the first confessional – the one that has historically shown a girl that in this week would be in the bottom two. She basically said that she has to step up her game and practice, practice, practice.

Oh, and Dominique gets the second confessional. And Dominique believes in herself. And Dominique is here to stay. And Dominique can go on for days about it. And Dominique is obviously delusional.

And then Whitney shows up on screen as my mouthpiece, speaking the exact words that I was thinking. The main gist: “Shut UP already, Dominique.”

Marvita says that no one can connect with her and she’s not an affectionate person. What’s the point of this conversation? Is this leading up to something?

And then Claire shows up on screen as my mouthpiece, speaking the exact words that I was thinking. The main gist: “Marvita could be a model, but she needs to straighten her life out.” Only, Claire – because she’s nicer than I am – said it in a much nicer way.

Then there’s a tiny clip where Stacey-Ann calls Whitney fat and Whitney brushes it off. You rock, Whitney.

We’ll skip ahead to the rest of the house drama before talking about the challenge…

Dominique vs. Whitney
Basically, Dominique expects the other girls in the house to hold her hand and look after her and come get her when it’s her turn to use the phone (diva, anyone?) and she blames Whitney, because Whitney made the phone list.

And Claire shows up at the kitchen table as my mouthpiece, speaking the exact words that I was thinking. The main gist: “Dominique, it’s your own responsibility to keep track of when it’s your turn to use the phone. Don’t try placing the blame on Whitney, who was just trying to make everyone’s life easier by creating a system.”

Dominique says that the way Whitney talks is disrespectful; Whitney says she has no reason to respect Dominique. Dom in confession spins Whitney’s words and says that Whitney doesn’t like anyone and that she’s the kind of person that “doesn’t like people.” (I have no idea why that should be in quotes. Dominique used air quotes there… for no good reason.) Whitney says Dominique seems uneducated.

And then Lauren shows up at the kitchen table as my mouthpiece, speaking the exact words that I was thinking. The main gist: “This whole conversation is stupid, so shut up.”

And Dominique says that Whitney is (and I quote) “a big brick wall who’s like, racist towards anyone and everyone.” Huh?

And Whitney gets understandably upset. She’s exactly right: “racist” isn’t a term you just throw around when you’re mad at someone. And from Dominique’s explanation, I’m not sure she knows what “racist” means.

Also, an observation for you:
So, last week they focused a lot on Amis and Fatima complained about her being childish… and she went home.
This week they are focusing a lot on Marvita and Fatima is complaining about her being childish… hmmmmmm

TYRA MAIL!! Challenge: “Benny Ninja and Vendela Try to Teach the Girls to Pose”

You all know your ABCs but what about the 3 Cs? Love, Tyra
Tyra, are you certain they all know their ABCs? I wonder about some of those girls.

Highlights of the challenge:
– Benny Ninja is not at all impressed with Lauren, Claire, or Marvita
– Benny Ninja was impressed with Katarzyna, Stacey-Ann, and Dominique
TYRA MAIL!! Challenge
The battle is on. You better bring it to the center and work. Love, Tyra
“You better”? You better use better English next time, Tyra.

Highlights of the challenge:
– Dominique says she “fits in” with draggish, beautiful posers. Heh. Sure, that sounds accurate.
– The teams seemed unequally matched… Lauren, Dominique, Fatima, Anya, and Aimee vs. Whitney, Stacey-Ann, Claire, Marvita, and Katarzyna. I’m rooting for Team B.
– Claire v. Dominique (tie)
– Lauren v. Marvita (Lauren wins)
– Anya v. Stacey-Ann (Stacey wins)
– Fatima v. Whitney (Whitney wins)
– Aimee v. Katarzyna (Kat wins)
– Claire wins the challenge – Woo hoo!! – and she wins a trip to Bora Bora, Tahiti

TYRA MAIL!! Photo Shoot
LA is all about your car. NYC is all about your coat. Love, Tyra

Coats. Of paint. “Ah, Tyra, you so clever!” (said in Shaya’s “Ah, Shaya, you so ghetto” voice)

– everyone does well except for Marvita and Fatima (and to a lesser extent, Stacey-Ann)
– Dominique actually pulls of a good shoot (bummer)

Dominique is confident, Marvita says “I don’t want to go home,” which means a bottom-two for sure.
TYRA MAIL!! Judging Panel
Okay, so they didn’t actually show the Tyra mail… but you know they must have gotten one.

Just a few judging highlights before we get to the photos:
– What was up with Dominique’s outfit? She looked like a receptionist.

– Okay… why can’t Tyra leave Kat alone. You want her to look like a matronly old librarian? She put her hair up in a bun! What more do you want???
– I couldn’t believe the look on Tyra’s face when Fatima said she didn’t shave. For all she knew, it could have been a cultural difference! Of course, then again… it seems to me that Fatima’s legs are definitely shaved… and you think if she’d go through the trouble to do that she’d at least run it over her pits as well.

– I felt really bad for Lauren for losing her shoes… and I felt bad that they laughed at her for wearing size 10. But I do think that she needs longer jeans.
– I thought Claire looked great today
– Stacey-Ann’s pant legs are different lengths. Just sayin’So, here’s the photos, in order of my favorite to my least favorite:

Anya – Why do the judges hate Anya this week? Is it all a ploy to keep people from thinking they’re playing favorites? I thought her pose was the most high-fashion, and her face shone forth a beautiful softness. I’m not a huge Anya fan, but I definitely thought this was the best shot this week.

Claire – The judges said it would be perfect with another inch of neck. I claim… Claire has a long neck! It just looks shorter when you put those huge chunky stones on it! I love this photo… it’s intense, it’s slightly androgynous, and it’s fierce.

Lauren – I kind of doubt that this was her best shot. I mean, it’s beautiful alright, but from the video of the photo shoot, I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t pick one with a more interesting pose. Regardless, I think her face is strong and beautiful, and she finally looks like she knows what she’s doing.

Katarzyna – Like Lauren’s, I’m a bit skeptical as to whether or not this were really her best shot. There seemed to be more interesting poses in the video clips. Regardless, the judges praised her eyes, which I also thought were fairly good

Aimee – She does have a very classic loveliness about her, and I think that Tyra’s comment about her being too much of a chameleon was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard; I don’t think that applies to her at all.

Whitney – I’m kind of disappointed that they chose yet another of her photos with her mouth open, and in this one her eyes look unfocused (or focused on two completely different things?), but it was still overall a decent shot.

Stacey-Ann – I noticed the paint, and then I noticed her. I think she’s buried in the paint and just kind of standing there as we admire the pretty colors. Not impressed… though the judges were.

Dominique – Her hand doesn’t even look like it’s her own, her pose bores me, and I’m not seeing anything striking in her face. Why oh why do the judges like her so much?

Fatima – First off… if you’re a model who doesn’t shave her pits, wouldn’t you at least know that’s not normal and that you maybe shouldn’t go around parading your pits in the photographer’s face? Secondly, I don’t see her doing anything different with her face than what she’s already done. Her face in this one is a mirror image of her promo shot.

Marvita – She was going for soft and pretty and ended up looking sad, pathetic, and uninterested. What is it about this cycle that makes girls lose their passion and desire to model? First Kimberly, then Amis, now Marvita (with Whitney and Fatima also being accused of not taking it seriously?) Huh?Okay, so here’s the actual final call-out order:
1 Stacey-Ann (ugh)
2 Dominique (double ugh)
3 Claire (Woo hoo!)
4 Anya
5 Lauren
6 Aimee
7 Katarzyna (Tyra’s getting a bit better at pronouncing her name)
8 Fatima

Whitney and Marvita are the bottom two. (Whitney? Bottom two? Not invested??? Just because she did the splits? What?!?!?)

Needless to say, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Whitney’s name was called. I might have had to shut down this blog if she were sent home for such a bogus reason.

And Tyra gives Marvita a nice little pep talk before she leaves. Buh-bye.


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  1. How ironic that you have all of the black girls at the bottom…. Racist much???

  2. Thanks, Dominique… or, in the word of Whitney, “Don’t you EVER call me racist!”

    Seriously, though… I hadn’t even noticed that. But I must admit I haven’t been very impressed with the black girls this cycle. None of them measure up to the fierceness of Bianca C9, Dionne C8, Eva or Toccarra C3, or Mercedes C2 — all whom I really liked.

    Fatima has the right body and face for modeling, but can’t execute; Marvita was an emotional mess; Stacey-Ann uses the same poses and facial expressions for every shoot; and Dominique (whom I believe is mixed race?) had potential, but was cursed with one of the most awful makeovers in history. Atalya I thought had a really good chance with a decent makeover, but we all know how far she made it… I’d have much rather they’d gotten rid of someone else at that point.

  3. I actually don’t like any of the black girls this cycle. I like Stacy Ann, but she kinda disappoints me with her pictures.

    Err.. Lauren’s fade-out thingy picture changed? D :
    What’s up with that?

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