Episode 6 Predictions

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Let’s review last week’s predictions.

Last week’s “Girl Most Likely to Make Me Throw Something at the TV” actually was NOT Fatima as I had predicted. It was Dominique, with her antagonizing and diva attitude. In fact, with Dominique doing so well at the photo shoots and Fatima not doing so hot, I think that Dom may actually end up in that top-four spot normally reserved for antagonists such as Bianca C9, Renee C8, Melrose C7, Jade C6, etc. – which I had previously assumed would be reserved for Fatima this cycle.

The challenge winner last week was Claire, which was a pleasant surprise. Anya and Katarzyna did very well, too.

There was no crying in the last episode! Huh? I don’t remember anyone crying! Not even Fatima!

No one got criticized (at least on air) about their outfits in judging panel by the judges. I, however, highly criticized a few of them, including Dominique’s receptionist outfit.

And, obviously, Marvita was the girl that “began to feel the pressure of it all,” which, according to post-show interviews wasn’t because she felt defeated – she was just having a bad day. As we all know, however, Tyra NEVER has a bad day, so Marvita obviously wasn’t cut out for America’s Next Tyra Banks.
This episode is entitled “The House of Pain,” obviously as a joke on Tyra teaching them to pose in the dance studio. In the preview, Tyra plays on this by telling each girl to pose as if a part of her body were in pain. Uh-huh. Also, we’re told that one girl (who the previews have already revealed) “gets to” work with Nigel in a nude photo shoot for the challenge prize. And, as usual, there is drama in the house. This time, centering around a girl who doesn’t know how to turn her alarm clock off in the early morning hours.

Random Predictions:
– Girl most likely to make me throw something at the TV: Dominique
– Girl most likely to cry this episode: Aimee (followed closely by Fatima)
– Girl most likely to annoy a judge or photographer: Fatima
– Girl most likely to get criticized for her look in judging panel: Katarzyna (as usual, too sexy!)

Elimination Predictions:
Predictions at this point are going to get tougher and tougher, basically because it is at this point that the “fillers” have mostly all been sent home and the judges’ reasons for eliminations get more and more “out there.” For instance, this was the week in cycle 7 where AJ, who had been leading ALL the other girls in call-outs, got sent home for not being invested enough in the competition (although obviously she was still invested enough to continue getting top-five photos up until that point!) It’s also at this point in the competition that Xiomara C2 is eliminated, despite the fact that she had gotten the 2nd place photo the week before. In C6, MollieSue was eliminated at this point, which was a frustration to many fans, especially now seeing her gorgeous post-show work. The main point: No one is “safe” anymore. A bad photo, a discontented look, a misspoken phrase, and they could be the next one to go. But, regardless, here are my predictions:

As one of the girls tied for the top position, her elimination at this point would be exactly akin to AJ’s, and I doubt the judges would make that error again. And after seeing Tyra raving about her poses in the preview, there’s no way she’d go home. Even if she produced a roll of film worse than Lluvy’s Pisces photo, she’d end up in the bottom two, but get saved for her prior consistency and “potential.”

Claire and Anya are tied for the top position right now, with Anya having more first call-outs, but Claire having more consistent phots – none below fifth place in the call-outs. An elimination at this point is unlikely, since it seems for the most part that the judges still like her and feel she has a lot of potential and drive.

If she were to perform poorly, I could see them throwing her in the bottom two to test her drive and desire to be there, but I don’t think Tyra & the gang are quite done with her transformation yet. Plus, this photoshoot (according to the preview on cwtv) seems to be some sort of music/rock theme, which seems right up her alley.

Of all the girls, Dominique has made the most improvement in the judges’ eyes, going from the bottom in the first two eliminations to the top in the past two (much like Brittany C4, Jade C6, and Jael C8, who all made it overseas). Tyra & the gang like seeing improvement, and Dominique keeps impressing them despite herself… I see an “antagonist top-four” spot for her.

Stacey-Ann – POSSIBLY
She is improving from week to week, going from the end of the pack, to the middle, to – just last week – the top. The judges seem impressed with her improvement, which is a good thing, but once you’ve hit the top, it’s hard to keep improving and not just plateau. Norelle C3, Furonda C6, Natasha C7, and Bianca C9 all had a similar progression in the first episodes and all made it quite far, so I think we’ll see Stacey-Ann around for awhile yet.

Whitney – POSSIBLY
Her elimination or lack thereof is probably going to be based solely on whether or not Tyra wants to let a plus-sized model make it overseas. In the first few episodes, I thought she had a chance of being treated on an equal plain as the other girls, but the ridiculous accusation last week that she wasn’t really invested in the competition just reiterated to me the fact that Tyra really does EXPECT the plus-sized models to lose their drive and self-confidence, and drop off around the halfway point.

The negative critiques keep piling up, and she was back in the bottom four last week, even after the previous week’s top-three photo. I thought her photo was good, and the only real comments on it were about her eyes, which the judges said they loved… so why was she in the bottom four? It seems that the judges are either out to get her, or that they’re breaking her down for a miraculous and fantastic comeback (in the style of Saleisha, who did poorly throughout the first part of her cycle as well).

She’s gone from middle-of-the-road callouts to bottom-three call-outs, making her the statistically weakest model. With Dominique providing all the drama a reality TV producer could ask for, their need to keep Fatima around is becoming less and less. Plus, we haven’t heard about her circumcision or her rough life growing up in Somolia in quite awhile, which means they’re now downplaying her sob story… possibly so we don’t feel so bad for her when she’s eliminated?

Aimee has gone from having top five photos in the first two episodes to bottom five photos in the last two – not a good sign at all. She also was given a ridiculous negative critique last week about being too versatile, which seems to me that Tyra & the gang are for whatever reason just trying to think of bogus reasons to eliminate her. Add that onto the fact that Tyra said she was only giving her a B+ on her posing, and that she wants A+s… it doesn’t look too good for our sweet little ex-Mormon.


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