Episode 6 Recap – “House of Pain”

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YAY! Thanks so much to w9c53nfj on YouTube for finally, FINALLY getting episode 6 uploaded! Unfortunately, in the meantime, I accidentally ran across the call-out order… makes it not-so-much fun watching it.

So, we start out in the Tyra-limo… talking about how amazing Aimee‘s skin is. And she gets the very-first-going-home-next-confessional (as if we didn’t know already).

And… Claire talks on the phone with her husband and talks about how much she misses her husband and baby… which is never a good sign. And they show her pumping milk… (gee… thanks.) And we see some product placement for Sprint. And Claire talks more about daughter (though you can tell it was from a previous week… I hate when they do that.

CATFIGHT!! Claire (and Anya & Lauren & Whitney) vs. Dominique
Dominique‘s alarm keeps going off… she’s confused, because seriously… setting an alarm clock is harder than quantum physics. Claire gets upset because Dom isn’t doing anything about it and actually ends up calling her a bitch. (Wow… didn’t see that one coming from our oh-so-sweet,-mature,-and-motherly-type Claire). Anya gets involved because Dominique is delusional and thinks that Claire is making the whole thing up. Or something. Anya is hilariously calm about the whole thing… scoring major points with me.

Dominique starts up again (by the way, what is that THING on Dom’s head?)… and makes some reference to “do you call your husband a bitch when you’re in an argument.” Wait… what? First of all, men aren’t generally called “bitches.” And secondly, Claire has a loving, committed relationship (we would assume) with her husband. She does NOT have the same with Dom. So… how can you compare the two? And Claire makes the comment, “At least I have a husband… iokay, you wanna get dirty and low?” Touche, Claire, touche. If Claire’s home life is fair game for critique, why not Dom’s? It’s kind of the plank/speck thing… don’t try to take out the speck in your neighbor’s eye until you’ve taken the plank out of your own. Lauren points out they’re having a communication problem and Dom jumps on her. Lauren completely blows up, which is hilarious.  And somewhere in there, Whitney calls Dom trash.  And then Dom says that they’re ganging up on her because she’s so strong. And I have a really good laugh at that joke before realizing she was serious. And she cries to her mommy. And I’m just WAITING for her mom to make some comment about how she’s a “daughter of the throne.”
“You ladies are sick! But I’ll help you get better… love, Tyra”
Um… anyone else get totally creeped out by this Tyra-mail?

Tyra is driving the cab. Screaming ensues.
Then they get dressed up in these ridiculous-looking red outfits (though they are better than the ones they had last cycle). And Tyra tries to teach them to “work their fierceness.”
And Tyra trips and sprains her ankle… or not. She says she did it to show them how to “pose with pain… Pain, but beauty.” Anyone else think it was horribly tacky that she had them “act out” menstrual pains. Sorry, but I know women with endometriosis, and I can tell you one thing… there’s nothing “beautiful” about those cramps.
So, they do a pose-off. They all look ridiculous… obviously following Tyra’s example.

“I’ve been aching to tell you tonight’s lesson was actually a challenge. Guess who posed the fiercest? Congratulations, ANYA! You just won a one-on-one photo shoot with NIGEL BARKER!”
I’ll bet it’s a lie. I’ll bet that whatever they had actually planned for the challenge fell through at the last minute. Heh.

So Anya‘s prize was getting to pose nude… because nude is “timeless.” Um… I guess you could say that.

And Aimee was glad she didn’t win because she didn’t think she was ready for that. Well, then I guess it’s a good thing she wasn’t in cycle 6, where they had the nude photo shoot to get into the finals! (And why are these girls still always so surprised about nude photo shoots?)

More drama in the house! Dominique was sick and couldn’t fall asleep, and Whitney, Claire, and Lauren are all talking about Dominique while she’s sitting there, trying to sleep. And Dom called them monkeys. Clever analogy, actually, but I still say Dom had it coming.
Being a top model is a pretty good gig, if you can get it. Love, Tyra

So, for their photo shoot, they have to embody different genres of music… with Russel James as the photographer (ugh.. not a fan of his… but that’s another story for another day).

Highlights of the photoshoot:
Claire and Anya get the most ridiculous costumes ever that look absolutely NOTHING like the genre they are trying to portray. What on earth WERE the wardrobe people thinking!?!?!?
Aimee bombs her shoot… Claire doesn’t do very well either… and the photographer said he became very frustrated with Stacey-Ann

Tomorrow you will meet with the judges… blah blah blah

Aimee and Claire express concerns about their photo shoot… gee… wonder who’s going to be in the bottom two? Lauren expresses her anxiety as well, but that’s pretty much the norm for her.

So… a few notes about judging….
– I get TOTALLY creeped out by the whole Nigel/Tyra thing when she goes off about how hot/sexy he is… maybe someone should tell her that he’s married.
– I do NOT think that those were actually the best photos for Claire, Aimee, and Stacey-Ann. The judges had critiques for each of them that they had done in other shots! Miss Jay said that Claire’s photo would have been great with a bright smile… and towards the end of the shoot there WAS one where she had a bright smile… why did they not pick that one???

Regardless, here are the photos… from my favorite to my least favorite:

Kat – The facial expression, the stance, the pose, the whole thing really personified emo in my mind. I could totally see her on an album cover like that. And the best part is, it still looks “pretty.”

Stacey-Ann – Up until this point, I’ve thought her photos were overrated. This one, though, I think is really quite great (except of course, for the fact that she’s used that same facial expression in half of her photos). She went outside the box and used a completely different pose that really makes her body look like it’s moving to the music.

Claire – After her rough, tough shots the last two weeks (due, in part, I’m sure, to her new makeover) it was shocking to see her all cutesy. I would have loved to see her long legs, but on the other hand, I do think that this pose works for her genre. I’m not sure what the wardrobe people were thinking with that pink skirt (especially coordinated with that red bandana), but I think it turned out really pretty.

Dominique – I’m not a fan of hers at all, but even I have to admit this is a decent picture that personifies folk quite well. The weird shoulder-stance does give the illusion of movement, and I just wish that her face didn’t look so… exactly the same as every other picture she’s taken on this show.

Aimee – Sure, it’s a bit boring, and her eyes don’t quite seem to be focused on anything, but it’s not a horrible photo I guess. I’m really quite indifferent to it.

Lauren – Talk about putting a girl outside her element! It’s pretty obvious that Lauren has no idea what pop stars are supposed to do. She doesn’t look like a pop star and she barely looks like a model. Plus, I find her pose boring and slightly awkward (in the bad way, not the good way.)

Whitney – So here’s a girl that ends up with the absolute best and she seems to me to really miss the mark. Perhaps I’m harder on her because she’s portraying my favorite genre. but D’arcy Wretzky she is NOT. Where’s the love for the music? Where’s the power chords? Where’s the angst? I was horribly disappointed.

Fatima – This pose made me laugh out loud. She looks completely ridiculous. I don’t think I need to point out the irony of the high heels or the pink thing tied around her thigh. And the rest of her just goes so overboard on all the heavy-metal clichés (KISS tongue, the hand signal, guitar flung around her shoulder, etc.) that it just ends up looking like a bad parody.

Anya – My first thought when I saw this picture was “I didn’t know mimes played music.” Because, yes… that’s exactly what I thought she was portraying. Besides the wardrobe crew getting the punk style completely wrong (and believe me, I would know), what kind of pose is that? Her front arm looks twisted out of its socket and unnaturally long, whereas her back arm is completely hidden. The legs are somewhat model-esque, but nothing like a punk star. Has this girl never been to a punk concert? Anya, girl, go buy yourself a Clash CD and some tickets to see Sonic Youth. You’ll thank me.

So, here’s their call-out order:
1. Whitney (I love her, but this pic was overrated)
2. Katarzyna (woo!)
3. Fatima (TOTALLY overrated)
4. Lauren
5. Anya
6. Dominique
7. Stacey-Ann (who totally deserved a higher placement)

Aimee & Claire were bottom two… and Aimee started crying right away. R&B was one of the easiest? Huh? And they called Claire’s stoic and blase. But, Claire’s photo was called and I’ve never seen any girl jump up to grab her photo so quickly. Does Tyra have something against Claire? First the hideous pink skirt… then the bottom two… and even after calling her name, Tyra seemed unnecessarily skeptical about Claire’s insistence that she can do something light and happy. What was once a “winner’s edit” has within the course of a single episode turned into a “is she going to make it another week” edit. Not good!


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