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Another week… another prediction post.
And FYI, I’ve decided to stop watching the Yahoo previews because I’m sick of sitting down to watch the episode and realizing that I’ve already seen 1/4 of it via the previews. I’d rather be surprised, I guess.

So… from last week:
– Dominique was indeed the girl most likely to make me throw something at the TV… her attitude and antics are getting rather old.
– Aimee did indeed cry during last week’s episode, as I predicted… poor girl. Personally, I would have been mad… but that’s just me.
– No one got criticized for their looks in judging… oh well.
– And, my elimination prediction was — unfortunately — dead on. It seems so ridiculous to me, especially since she had overall a much stronger portfolio than Dominique or Fatima… but, as we all know, they have to keep pot-stirrers around for dramatic effect, even if they are worse models.

Episode 7: If You Can’t Make it Here, You Can’t Make it Anywhere
So, this episode contains go-sees (hoorah!) and a Fuerza Bruta photo shoot in which Claire ends up injuring herself. Uh-oh.

Random predictions:
– Girl most likely to make me want to throw something at the TV: Dominique
– Girls most likely to be involved in the drama in the house: Dominique, Lauren, Fatima, Whitney
– Girl most likely to win the go-see challenge: Katarzyna (I’d love to see her win this one)

Elimination predictions:
As I said last week, these predictions are getting tougher and tougher, as we have reached the point where eliminations don’t necessarily have to make sense (i.e. Aimee being eliminated over Fatima or Dominique). No one is safe anymore, and the slightest, most random thing can get you in the bottom two faster than you can say “Tyra, please don’t shave my head.”

Anya is the obvious judge favorite. And they’ve been doing a fairly good job of keeping her from talking too much, since their only complaint about her seems to be her voice. When her atrocious “punk” photo was so highly praised last week, I knew there was no way that Tyra & Co. are letting this diamond in the rough slip through their fingers. As long as she keeps doing what she’s doing, she’s guaranteed a top-three spot. At this point, I can’t think of any possible reason why they would eliminate her.

Dominique – UNLIKELY
Unfortunately, I think Dom is sticking around, at least for awhile longer. She keeps “improving” — at least by the judges’ standards, and they seem to like her — for whatever reason… I can’t figure it out. The only thing that she may have working against her is her harshness, which would not work well with commercial modeling.
“Dominique… We’ve seen you produce some beautiful photos, but if the designers look at you in person and don’t see you as someone that they would want to have wearing their clothes, you’re not going to be able to make it in this industry. The judges don’t think that you know how to be soft, delicate, and feminine… and that’s what the designers are looking for.”

A new makeover is a good sign for her. It means that Tyra sees potential and is willing to invest in her. However, if she doesn’t do well on her photo shoot, it can also be used as a reason to get rid of her.
“Katarzyna… we’ve given you all the tools to be a good model. We even gave you a second makeover, hoping that would give you the edginess that you needed. Unfortunately, it turns out that isn’t the case, and you were unable to pull off a quality photo.”

Stacey-Ann – POSSIBLY
She’s been laying low up until this point, which could work in her benefit. However, her bottom-three call-out last week seemed unnecessarily harsh for a photo which wasn’t really that bad. Eventually, the judges are going to get sick of her same-old-same-old poses and expressions.
“Stacey-Ann… you came in here with so much energy, and as such a fun, bubbly person. When we look at your photos, we don’t see that ‘zing’ — that personality. Your photos are boring, and it’s the same thing every single week.”

Though the judges liked her photo last week, in general she has not been doing well. Among the fans, certainly, expectations were high within the first few weeks, and I know that her photos have disappointed me week to week. Sooner or later the judges are going to tire of her “potential” and demand that she actually follow through on it.
“Fatima… when we started this journey, the judges were really pulling for you. We thought that you had a beautiful, Iman-like look, with strong features and a very modelesque frame. We have been disappointed, though… because although you have what it takes, you have no idea how to use it. So we begin to think maybe she’s just a pretty girl? Or maybe she just needs a bit more time to figure out who she is?”

Her top photo last week might save her, but as we inch closer to the international destination, the question on everyone’s minds is whether Tyra is really going to let a plus-sized model make it overseas. And we all know that go-sees and plus-sized models don’t mix well; many designers don’t have higher sizes on hand. If she can make it through this week, I predict a top-three finish, but the go-sees will tell for sure one way or another whether or not she’ll make it.
“Whitney… you’ve taken some beautiful pictures in your time here, and the judges have all been impressed by your presence and your personality. In order to make it in this industry, though, you have to convince the designers that you are exactly what they need… a pretty picture and a smile just isn’t enough.”

She’s been getting by on what the judges deem to be excellent photos, despite the fact that her walk is horrendous and she doesn’t look or act like a model in person. But, since this episode is all about go-sees, things may turn around rather quickly for her here. While some designers may like her edginess, her lack of confidence in her abilities is sure to come through. The big question will be whether her photo will save her from elimination again this week.
“Lauren… through your weeks here you’ve gone through a great physical transformation. The judges are disappointed that this physical transformation hasn’t come through when we see you in person. And the designers at your go-sees seemed to think the same. Not every pretty, tall girl that takes good photos is cut out for the pressures of this industry.”

As much as I HATE to say this (since Claire is my fave)… the editing is NOT in her favor. Just as the week before Aimee’s demise, we saw a different side of her; so last week we saw a different side of Claire which portrayed her in a less-than-flattering light. Combine that with this week’s injury, which could easily be blamed on her not following directions or not considering her safety first, and the odds are stacked against her, regardless of how fantastic her walk is, how amazing her photos are, and how bright her personality is.
“Claire… in order to succeed in any industry, you need to look out for your own health and well-being, and you need to listen to what is being said to you by the people that are in charge of the shoot. The judges don’t think that you know how to listen and follow directions.”

What do you think?  What are your predictions?


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  1. OH MY GOD!
    Well… first at all, i really hope that this episode ‘ll be on youtube as far as it will be on tv! because i’m from México and i can’t see the show in other place! So … UPLOAD THE EPISODE!

    I’m really surprised with your predictions!
    The last week i said.. “Aimme eliminated?, are you serious?… no way!” but my surprise was that THAT’S HAPPENED! So… i almost cry when you said that Kataryna was the most likely to be eliminated! I DON’T WANT THAT! And see you prediction this week and Kat isn’t in the bottom I just said “THANK’S GOD!!!”

    Nice PAge! I really love it! and if one ANTM Fan want to talk with another I leave my msn


  2. Thanks for the comment, Ruytarzyno 😉 I think I was wrong once so far this cycle with my prediction of who will be eliminated. I guess that’s what comes from watching all 9 previous cycles — you catch on to some of the editing tricks.
    And Kat rocked her new haircut and all the judges loved it, so I don’t think she’s in much danger for next week, either.

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