Episode 7: If You Can’t Make it Here…

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Happy ANTM Day! 8 Girls remain – Who will be eliminated tonight???

The show today opens back in the gas-guzzling Tyra-mobile, with Whitney talking about how excited she is that she got called first. And Dom thinks that Whitney is intimidated by her. Right, Dom… right… they’re all SCARED of you… so scared, they have nightmares about you.

Claire talks about how nervous she was in the bottom two, Lauren talks about how she thought Claire‘s springy response to her photo being called was disrespectful, Stacey-Ann thinks Claire is too over-the-top, and Claire makes some comment about her baby. The editing’s not looking good for the enthusiastic house-mama.

CATFIGHT! Fatima vs. Lauren
It’s the obligatory once-a-cycle fight about dishes. Or, in this case, coffee… which Fatima made and Lauren may or may not have poured out. And Lauren screams at her… and Fatima sits back and smirks (typical Fati-ma-nipulation). If your coffee was really that important, Fat, you’d have brought your own coffee press and hid it in your room, like Tocarra hid her snacks.
If you don’t make it here, you won’t make it anywhere. Love, Tyra.

Gee, wonder how they came up with the title for the episode?

And Dom makes a huge deal in the confessional of thinking that it might be Broadway… after Anya just says that’s what it probably is. Novel idea, Dom… come up with that one on your own? Oh, and her mama says that Dom was a “daughter of the throne” (oops… sorry… wrong cycle…)… I mean, a “natural born actress.”  Kinda like how you were acting like you were the one that figured out you were going to Broadway?

Karen Lee & Kristy Hinze from Elite talk about go-sees. Yay, go-sees! (Maybe it’s just my screen, but there’s something a little “off” about the hair/skin color of this Kristy Hinze.)

So, they’re split into two teams and given SPRINT (gotta get the product placement in there!) navigational phones. I’m still amazed it’s taken them 10 cycles to give the girls GPSs for go-sees… but then again… do models know how to use a GPS?Here are the teams & the highlights of their go-sees:

Team 1Claire, Dominique, Stacy-Ann, Whitney – “THE WALKERS”
Claire talks again about her motherly instincts not once but twice (darn, you, editors!)
Stacy-Ann decides she needs a GPS
Dominique pats herself on the back and high-fives everyone in front of the designer (trashy!)
Whitney is discriminated against because she’s not a size 2… but the next designer does book all types of models, so she pulls herself together

Team 2Lauren, Anya, Katarzyna, Fatima – “THE LOOKERS”
Anya grabs the GPS and gets totally confused and lost
Fatima talks about how much she hates Lauren (as we saw with Amis, Marvita, and Allison… this is not a good sign)
Fatima is a size 0 and is too small for the designer’s runway
Anya lacks confidence
Lauren has a “horse-walk” that one of the designers thought was hilarious

And, Team1 wins, and Stacy-Ann booked the most jobs. Huh? Seriously? Alright, maybe I underestimated Stacy-Ann. Their prize is a shoot for Seventeen magazine. And Dom nearly gives herself a heart attack because she’s so excited. Almost.
Put your best face forward but be careful not to get washed out.

Yet another Tyra mail that could mean about one million different things…. big surprise.

Mr. Jay puts on a short Fuerza Bruta skit for them. And they see that they’ll be jumping around on a clear mylar sheet with water and being photographed from below by Mike Rosenthal (C9 smoking, C8 dead bodies, C7 circus photo shoots).

Highlights of the shoot:
Claire is first, “glides” (or, as it seemed to me… “belly-flopped”) in and hurts her head.
Katarzyna gets her hair cut, and cries — totally would not have expected that!
Anya, Dominique, Fatima, Katarzyna, and Whitney do very well
Claire, Lauren, and Stacey-Ann bombed it
Tomorrow you will meet with the judges…
blah blah blah

Whitney talks about how failure is not an option. Lauren is worried about this panel. And then Dom blabs on about something… I dunno… I tuned her out.

Judging highlights:
– Did they not even let Claire explain what happened? She wasn’t told NOT to glide in… Jay told her “You don’t have to.” HUGE difference!
– Is Tyra still mispronouncing Katarzyna‘s name? Seriously?
– I hate when they ask the models to explain something (“what were you thinking?”) and then interrupt them halfway through.

Photos (in order of my favorite to my least favorite):

Whitney – I really loved this one. I liked her profile, the details of her fingers, and most of all, the legs curled up with the ribbon around it.  Yes, it does look fetal (as the judges pointed out), but that gives it an air of vulnerability and innocence.

Fatima – Finally… a Fatima picture that I like! And this one I really love… the little details like her hair streaming back and her fingers pointed upwards she that she was really considering how she looked and not just flailing like some of the other girls.

Katarzyna – I wasn’t sure at first, basically because of that front arm, but looking at it more, I’ve come to like it. Her profile is so striking, and the pose makes her look strong and determined.

Claire – Injured or not, this was a pretty shot. The photographer used the rule of thirds fantastically and that asymmetry really works. Her profile isn’t as strong as I thought it would be, but she still looks very ethereal.

Anya – For some reason this seems a bit harsh to me, and a bit more like a watercolor version of Anya than Anya herself. Her chin looks ridiculously pointy, especially in congrast with her hair, and the fact that her fingers aren’t spaced out evenly bugs me a bit.  I have no clue why the judges raved about this photo so much.

Dominique – Seriously? Is this girl making out with the mylar? Because that’s what it looks like to me. ‘Nuff said.

Stacy-Ann – Um… boring? This is not only the most typical pose one could do in this situation, but the face seems really “off” too. Meh.

Lauren – She actually looks like she’s drowning. She’s a mess.

Call-out order:
1. Fatima
2. Anya
3. Katarzyna
4. Whitney
5. Stacy-Ann
6. Dominique
7. Lauren

I was really sad to see Claire go, and I definitely don’t think that she deserved to leave. Even with today’s 8th place photo factored in, she still had a statistically higher call-out average than Katarzyna, Stacy-Ann, Fatima, or Dominique. I just hope that she’ll be the AJ of this cycle and go on to prove everyone wrong. And her inability to be diverse? Frankly, I’ll blame the haircut.


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