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Over the past three days, I’ve taken some time out to watch cycle 1 of Canada’s Next Top Model, thanks to the modern miracle which is YouTube. I thought it was about time that I saw some of the international Top Model competitions to see how they were in comparison. And, since I’m a fan of Tricia Helfer’s, I figured CNTM Cycle 1 was a great place to start. Here’s what I discovered.Canada rocks. Canada’s Next Top Model (at least cycle 1… I haven’t watched cycle 2 yet) rocks… here’s why:

1. Tricia Helfer is a much more modern, chic, and “current” model than Tyra.

2. “Tricia Mail” is an actual video with Tricia speaking to the girls… not a stupid message on a scrolling sign that Tyra probably doesn’t even write.
3. It’s actually about the girls more than the host. Throughout the cycle, there were some shots of Tricia, but it’s not like there was one for every photo shoot the girls did, and the ones they showed were actual magazine covers and other “real” shots… not just staged ones.
4. The footage from around the house isn’t just catfight after catfight after catfight. They showed one in the entire cycle, and the rest of the house footage was with the girls having fun, goofing off, eating, etc.

5. The photo shoots aren’t over-the-top and cheesy. You can tell that they’re probably lower-cost than ANTM, but they end up looking great anyways, without all the bells and whistles, elephants and circus costumes.
6. The judges seem GENUINE and are not rude for no reason as Tyra and the other ANTM judges think that they should be. Tricia comes off as a caring, sweet, older sister or mentor… not at ALL how I would describe the Tyra-nt (at least not as of later cycles).
7. In nearly every elimination, when the girls names are called, they are given an encouragement, advice, or reason for their placement, so it doesn’t seem so arbitrary and the girls get a chance to work on the things that the judges are concerned about instead of being blindsided by the critiques during the week that they are eliminated.
8. Perhaps I’m weird like this, but I like seeing the girls go through their fitness training. The most recent ANTM cycles, especially, it just seems that the girls sit around and eat the whole time… do they still have fitness training? Do they go to the gym? Are they being trained how to care for their bodies?
9. They seem to get more/better actual model training, or at least they show it more, which makes these “transformations” seem more real, rather than just “awkward girl Lauren practices and her walk gets better… huh?”

10. The girls seem to have been cast for actual modeling potential, and not for drama potential. It doesn’t seem there are any “filler” girls, put there just for their dramatic effect.
Has anyone else seen any international Next Top Model cycles that they really enjoyed?


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  1. I like the other versions for the same reasons that you listed, but I’m also quite bored by them. I just wish that the editing was slightly more up to par with the American version. Better background music, less echoing effect, and overall better voiceovers would make the entire cycle feel less like ANTM’s little retarded cousin.

  2. Germany’s Next Top Model with Heidi Klum is also far superior to ANTM, for those who speak German. I believe you can download episodes on bittorrent.

  3. I’m from the Philippines and I saw an episode of Philippines Next Top Model.
    It sucks. A lot. x__x

  4. Austrailia’s next top model is good, I heard. Everyone is obsessed with Alice.

  5. I used to be really annoyed by Tyra’s ego, but now I just find it amusing. The times when she “surprises” the girls (i.e. homecoming queen, taxi driver) are hilarious, as well as when she demonstrates to the girls how to pose, show emotion in the eyes, etc. I’ve seen one or two episodes from AustraliaNTM and BritainNTM, and wasn’t inceredibly impressed. Tyra is one of the reasons I love ANTM. She’s FIERCE!

    Oh, but I do wish that the ANTM editors would make the elimination more surprising. I don’t like knowing who will be in the bottom two after the first 5 minutes of the show, especially when it’s for a dumb reason (Marvita, CLAIRE?!!).

  6. Brazil’s Next Top Model
    was amazing!

  7. ^Yes… the 1st cycle of CNTM was great. It was so interesting, and I liked how they showed girls being themselves, not just catfights or complaining about being fat. I wish Alanna had won though:(!

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