Favorites… 7 down, 7 to go

April 6, 2008 at 1:55 am | Posted in Anya, Dominique, Fatima, Katarzyna, Lauren, random thoughts, StacyAnn, Whitney | 5 Comments

Now that we’re down to the final 7 and half the girls have already gone home, I’m simplifying my favorites list, because — let’s face it — Claire was my absolute fave and now has no chance of winning.  And, yes, I’m still sad about it, and still think it was a ridiculous elimination.

So, here’s who’s left!  Katarzyna edged Whitney out ever so slightly ONLY because I love, love, LOVE her new makeover.  In fact, I’m thinking of getting the same hairdo myself.  Whitney has been kicking butt and taking names with a call-out average that is only beat by Anya’s.  And, unlike any previous plussies, she’s keeping her personality and self-esteem while doing it.

After those top two, I’m really somewhat lukewarm about the next three — Anya, Stacey-Ann, and Lauren.  Anya seems to be able to do no wrong in the judges’ eyes, and instead of that endearing her to me, it’s actually annoying me.  Or I’m just still bitter about the “punk” photo shoot that was so obviously not punk.  Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised if she won, but I wouldn’t be jumping up and down about it, either.  I was impressed that Stacey-Ann won the go-see challenge, and that won her a few points in my book, but I’m still not quite sold on her yet.  Lauren has been spiraling downwards both as a model and as a sane human being ever since the meat photo shoot, and I’m finding her awkwardness less and less attractive.

And, finally, we have my personal bottom two… Fatima and Dominique.  Fatima stunned me with her photo this past week — I thought it was gorgeous — and made me finally see that somewhere beneath her bitter, precocious exterior there may actually be a model.  Dominique, on the other hand… I’ll just put it nicely and say that I have absolutely no idea what the judges see in that girl.

So, what about you?  Who’s your top pick?  Who are your bottom two?  How have your favorites changed now that we’ve reached the halfway point?



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  1. My top picks hAV3 never changed dramaticlly. My top 2 HAz always been dominique and stacy ann. Dominique being first,followed by stacy ann.My third place is between katarzayans….however u spell it and anya.they both are doing very,very well and are in the judges good graces, and they havent been in any house drama,LiKE stacy ann(or at least thats how the editing is showing us). Next in MY good graces is fatima,she has this attitude thats like, “if your going to fight with me, your going to look like your the immiture person”.and i Like her because although shes been in TONS and TONS of drama,she never brakes under that pressure.This leaves me lauren and whitney…luaren…whintney….haha i started liking both of these until..i saw whitney acting like a total b*~!h and lauren screaming about coffee..they fell flat for me. Alhough i Like the turn out of laurens pictures she does seem a little loud and…to “white,punk rockish” and with that said THiS leaves whitney. Whitney Whitney..haha. I thought that i would Like this girl,Like the other plus sized girls in previous cycles,but sHE is a total b*%#h. The fight with whitney could have gone not as bitchy as iT was,but when dominique called her a racist,whitney thought sHE was talkin just about black-white racism. Racism D0ESNt just have to do with black-white hate,racism affect all kinds of ethnic backrounds.i think dominique just ment “sHE discriminitory to LiKE every body” instead of “sHES just racist to LiKE every body!” because dom in the conessional discribed racism as discrimination and i think THAtz what sHE ment. So here are my favorites thanks for listening

  2. At this point my top three is Katarzyna-Fatima-Anya. I like Kat’s quiet confidence, but the judges tend to take it as not having enough personality, which I think could be her only fault. She knows how to model. Fatima I think has improved because she’s listening to her criticisms, and she’s actually learning how to model. However, she is just learning. Anya just can’t seem to do wrong in the judges eyes, I can’t see her leaving any time soon. I think Whitney will probably make it to the foreign country though, she’s really coming into her own. Dominique will probably go the way of Renee, [not looking like the freshest face] with the exception that she probably has a much smaller fanbase I’m sure. Lauren’s temper may get the best of her, I’m waiting for her to tear out Mr. Jay’s throat or something. And the zombie walk probably won’t get her through to the foreign destination.

    There’s my two cents. 😀

  3. Whoa, I actually forgot about Stacey-Ann. I think she’ll make it farther than Lauren, she booked the most go-sees, but I think she isn’t quite as photogenic. Plus, she’s forgettable. Obviously. :/

  4. I still want to see more of Lauren. I doubt she’ll stick around for long now that the CoverGirl attitude is starting to be more of a factor in eliminations, but I’ve already grown so fond of her. She’s my favorite girl.

    Anya is my second fave. I don’t see why she’s “annoying”…she just seems really nice and enthusiastic AND a great model. I don’t know how she’d do in the commercial, but she’d take a great CoverGirl photo.

    Dom’s irritating. And I hate leggings as pants.

  5. Just to clarify… I don’t find Anya herself annoying. I find the judges’ reaction to her annoying… it’s like she can do no wrong, like she’s God’s gift to the modeling industry. I’ll admit she’s a good model, but didn’t Tyra say in one of the first episodes that she’s going to be HARDER on Anya than the other girls? Yeah… so far not seeing that. At all.

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