Episode Guide #8-10

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Episode 8: Top Model Confidential (airing 4/9/08)
NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN FOOTAGE FROM CYCLE 10 A look at never-before-seen footage of the cycle 10 contestants that includes the ladies battling with posing instructor Benny Ninja and his team, New York City firefighters practicing their runway struts and contestant wrestling matches
My commentary on this episode here.

Episode 9: For Those About to Walk, We Salute You (airing 4/16/08)
THE MODELS HIT THE RED CARPET Paulina drops by the loft to surprise the girls with tips on how to behave during press interviews and while attending public events. The girls are dressed by designer Jay Godfrey and must mingle with fashion world VIPs at a cocktail party. One girl breaks down when she realizes she lost her travel document and learns she may not be able to accompany the remaining girls to the secret overseas location.
My commentary on this episode here.

Episode 10: Viva Italia! (airing 4/23/08)
The remaining models head off to their international destination, Italy, where they are faced with the challenging task of filming a commercial in Italian.
Am I the only one that thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous that the models are so often asked to film commercials in their non-native language? Those episodes are just so painful to watch. They remind me of those awful high school oral presentations in foreign language classes, where no one has any clue what the presenter is trying to say, their inflections are entirely off, and the whole thing makes everyone feel embarrassed for the poor soul that has to try to struggle through it for a decent grade. Italian is a tough language anyways, though any of the models with any experience in other foreign Romance languages (Spanish, French, etc.) is likely to have a huge advantage.



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  1. […] Episode 10: Viva Italia! (airing 4/23/08 ) The remaining models head off to their international destination, Italy, where they are faced with the challenging task of filming a commercial in Italian. My commentary on this episode here. […]

  2. I wanna share a little for all my friends…
    this is the recaps of ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 10 : VIVA ITALY:


    The girls delight at their arrival to Rome, where they get a tour and then go to their new home. After getting to the new house, Fatima comes down with a fever and Anya helps her by bringing her dinner, while Whitney and Dominique gossip about her.

    The girls go on Segway to a challenge, where they are judged on their walks and how they look in designer Italian clothing. Anya wins the challenge and wins a long white dress.

    The girls film a CoverGirl commercial in Italian. Fatima, Katarzyna, and Whitney are the only ones who get their lines down. Mr. Jay calls out Whitney for acting too fake, Katarzyna for being too flat, while naming Fatima the best of the day. Anya’s lines are unintelligible, Dominique overreacts and doesn’t get many words right either, while Lauren gives up, saying she is not a CoverGirl.

    Tyra tells Fatima that her commercial would have been perfect if she took the sexiness out of it. While the other judges think Whitney’s commercial is fake, Tyra is the only one who likes it. Katarzyna gives Tyra another “lesson” on pronouncing her name, and is given credit for showing more personality, but Tyra thinks her commercial was boring while some of the other judges think it’s the best. Anya’s and Dominique’s commercials are laughed at, but Anya still maintains looking flirty and good while Dominique is praised for giving energy in her commercial. Lauren is criticized for showing no desire in her commercial.

    Lauren and Whitney are in the bottom two. Whitney, for her fake personality, and Lauren, for her lack of confidence and giving up on herself. Even though Whitney is told to “get real”, Lauren is eliminated.

    * Bottom two: Whitney Thompson & Lauren Utter
    * Eliminated: Lauren Utter
    * Featured commercial director:
    * Special guests: Gai Mattiolo, Christian Marc
    * CoverGirl of the Week: Anya Kop

    So..Lauren, the eliminated girl this wekk… T.T

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