Recap of a Recap (Episode 8)

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I’m starting off today with a confession of sorts… I HATE recap episodes.  I think they’re horribly pointless, and usually don’t even bother watching them.  But, I had an hour to kill, so — huzzah — today you get a recap of a recap.

Basically, we see a bunch of stuff we’ve already seen… and some new stuff we haven’t.  We have to suffer through watching the Fatima vs. Shawhatshername “you’re too ghetto” fight… we have to hear about Fatima’s circumcision again… and we have to re-live the Claire vs. Dominique alarm drama… and we have to relive the Fatima vs. Lauren coffee drama…

In some new stuff, we see Mr Jay teaches the Top Model preppies how to use different facial expressions… Stacey-Ann performs some sort of rap in her audition… we learn that Kim has no idea how to do anything on her own… we learn that Allison only eats A1 and Jello (ew!)… we learn that Marvita was sick during the lingerie shoot (surprised they didn’t mention that in the episode)… we see Amis breaking stuff, dancing, and singing “Little Bunny Foo Foo”… we see way more of Marvita than we ever wanted to… we see them having a wrestling match (which, despite what the preview said, had nothing to do with the alarm clock incident)… there’s also a funny clip about Anya taking everyone’s pictures and we see that she really does have a crazier side to her… and we see them out at a club making fools of themselves

Random thoughts:
– Having both “preparatory” and “academy” in the name “Top Model Preparatory Academy is ridiculously redundant.
– When Tyra’s voice-over is talking about how Dominique’s strong personality is in a league of its own, it seems to me she’s pretty much admitting that Dom was only cast for the drama factor
– I’m not sure Elle would appreciate being compared to the Brooklyn Bridge… somewhere in there, I think Tyra was going for a compliment.
– Stacey-Ann describes the firefighters as “really cute.”  I beg to differ… the one looked old enough to be my grandpa.
– Marvita… Jimi Hendrix you are not.
– Is emo really that obscure that people honestly don’t know what it is?  And how is R&B “one of the most recognizable genres of them all?”  Seriously, Tyra?  Remember who your audience is.
– If the bottle of vodka Stacey-Ann took really was complimentary (as in, FREE), why did she feel the need to hide it in her jacket?

Quoteable quotes:
“Every day, I don’t care what I’m doing — if I’m cooking sometimes I’ll stop and think, like, ‘Okay, if this was an ad, how would I pose?'” -Dominique (obsessive at all?)
“We have bidets!  That makes me really feel at home.” -Dominique
“Do you know how to make hot chocolate?” -Kim (ALMOST as good as ‘Do you want me to pose?’)
“Kim really is benefiting from her stupid, gimmicky stereotype and I think it’s awesome and charming.” -Amis (huh?)
“Allison is hell-a crazy.” -Marvita
“I’ll sell my milk for $50 a bottle.” -Claire
“I want to be like freakin’ Mother Theresa… but in a diva kind of way, okay?” -Dominique (Poor Mother Theresa’s probably turning in her grave!)
“Amis is crazy.  I think if you tied her to a tree, she’d argue with it.” -Whitney
“That’s my secret goal… I want to be, like, a boxer.  Or at least an action hero.” -Claire

Regardless… I made it through the entire episode without falling asleep.  Now, for the most fun part… model faces!

And… the fiercest of them all….


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  1. The model faces were great!
    I thought Marvita’s face was the funniest though.

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