A Note to Parents

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Dear Parents,

It has come to my attention that there is a group of parents out there that are up in arms about Anya Kop’s nude photo shoot, which was recently featured on America’s Next Top Model (LINK).  It was accused of being “irresponsible” and “indecent.”  It was also said that “[p]arents and families are fed up with such blatant and continued disregard for decency standards.”

Did America’s Next Top Model set a good example of family values and wholesomeness as they chose to air this particular one-minute clip?  Absolutely not!  I’ll be the first to admit that I was a bit surprised that they showed as much as they did, and yet again, on the other hand, I wasn’t.

After all, this is the show that nearly every cycle has some sort of nude or semi-nude photo shoot (sometimes even WITH male models!).  This is also the show that features lying, backstabbing, selfish, conniving competitors who spend their time drinking, smoking, swearing, fighting, and has even been known to “feature” one particular model cheating on her boyfriend in a sexual encounter with a male model.

This is also coming from CW, a network known to bring some other rather “edgy” and mature shows, such as Gossip Girl — the story of snobish, oversexual upper-east-side underage yuppies whose favorite activities are lying, cheating, having sex, and drinking.  Another CW show is The Pussycat Dolls — a reality show revolving around performers learning how to gyrate their hips while singing suggestive lyrics and busting out of their skimpy outfits.

Any parent having any knowledge of the CW network, or of America’s Next Top Model should have the common sense to realize that – regardless of what Tyra says about the girls being “role models” – ANTM is NOT a kids’ show.  Regardless of what time of day it is, parents who allow their children to watch networks and shows that have historically shown themselves to be chock-full of sex, swearing, drinking, lying, and other vices have absolutely no basis on which to be surprised when these things once again occur.  It’s like going to a circus and then having a panic attack when you find out there are clowns there.

Are ANTM and the CW morally bankrupt?  Probably.  Are these shows suitable entertainment for children? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

So, parents… here’s a simple solution for you in regards to censorship.  Watch TV with your kids.  Better yet, watch the shows that your kids WANT to watch BEFORE you let them watch it.  Check it out for yourself, and see if there are any “red flags” that go up that tell you this may not be age-appropriate for your children.  Talk with your children about the things that you see on TV.  Or… (here’s a crazy idea) … when your kids get home from school at night and you feel like doing something fun together as a family… TURN OFF THE TV.  Play a board game, a family-friendly video game like Wii Sports, read together, or spend an evening around the dining room table with a plate of chips and cheese just TALKING.  Expecting ANY television show (especially ANTM) to teach your children morals and values is slacking off on your parental responsibilities.


America’s Next Top Blogger


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