Episode 9 Recap

April 18, 2008 at 3:25 pm | Posted in Anya, Dominique, episode recap, Fatima, Katarzyna, Lauren, StacyAnn, Whitney | 6 Comments

Many thanks to vampiriusz over at YouTube for finally putting episode 9 online… I’m sure I wasn’t the only one getting a bit impatient.  Fortunately, it’s been a busy week for me anyways, so I wasn’t able to sit at my computer ALL day yesterday trying to find the “missing” torrent.

So… who will be eliminated tonight?  (As if we all haven’t already figured it out or heard it from someone else yet)

This episode starts out by everyone in the house reiterating the fact that Tyra has no idea what she’s doing and was completely out of her mind for sending Claire home.  I paraphrased, of course.  And poor little Stacy-Ann is sick of being called in the middle, and Dominique goes “blah blah blah” about something.

Fatima is not a US citizen, and lost her travel documents.  Say what?  Wasn’t that a requirement for being ANTM?  I searched through the Cycle 10 Eligibility Document and found this:

9. You must be a United States Citizen and live in the United States.

WTF?  So once again, we find finalists who have broken the eligibility requirements making it not only into the ANTM house, but all the way to the final 7?  A green card is NOT the same as citizenship!  I call foul, Tyra!  What the heck is the point of eligibility rules if there are no consequences for breaking them?

So, later they show her on the phone with her lawyer, who tells her she isn’t going to get the documents because she waited until the last minute.  Duh.  Around the same time of this filming I — a US citizen — was trying to get a PASSPORT and it took them three months to get it to me (expedited!)… “But I didn’t KNOW!!!” she whines.  Her expecting to get them on-demand is just ridiculous and nieve.  And another thing… wouldn’t someone with ANTM have MADE SURE that all the girls’ travel documents were in order BEFORE letting them qualify for the final 14?

So… as I’m still stewing over that, Paulina comes in.  Blah.  I haven’t been impressed with her as a judge this cycle.  So, she tries to teach them how to get the attention of important people and how to be interviewed.
– Anya rocks it (despite her accent!)
– Stacey-Ann, Lauren, and Kat bomb it
– Whitney gets compared to Miss America again
– Dom is finally told to stop her jabbering

And we have another obligatory medical emergency — Lauren cuts through her finger when chopping potatoes and has to go to the hospital.

It’s an exclusive green-carpet event hosted by 7Up!  And they get outfits for the party from Jay Godfrey.

Highlights from the party/challenge:
– Dom bombs the big one when she says she’s wearing “Jay Georgio.”  Wow.  Just wow.
– Lauren says she should win b/c she can kick the other girls’ (bleep) anytime.  Ummmm…. kay.
– Jaslene was there, too.  Gee whiz, that girl’s everywhere.  And April C2 was there.
– Lauren makes some “enlightened” statement about how you shouldn’t have to change yourself to look like the girls on TV to win ANTM.  Um… does she realize the irony of that statement as she’s standing there all dolled up by professional hairdressers and makeup artists, showcasing her makeover and designer clothes?
– Stacey-Ann claims she has it “in the bag.”  Oh, don’t speak so soon, princess.
– Anya won the challenge… which is fine by me.  I think she looked awesome.  And she gets another (nude) photo shoot, which I think turned out great.  And she gets $10k for her photo shoot.

There’s no time to lag, so pack up fast or you’ll miss your connection!

And, screaming ensues.

And then they find out their suitcases are props for their photo shoot… running to catch a plane.  They’re combining each “best shot” into a composite group shot for panel.

Okay, so here’s another conspiracy theory for you.  The ANTM producers were the ones that arranged Fatima’s appointment at the consul.  I’ll bet you anything they knew darn well that the girls had a photo shoot scheduled for that exact same time on that day.  In fact, I’ll bet anything they arranged it that way just to amp up the drama.  Regardless, though, it’s still totally unprofessional of her not to have it taken care of.

Highlights of the photoshoot:
– Stacy-Ann was cold and posey
– Lauren was in pain
– Whitney gets compared to Miss America again
– Anya’s rocking it out
– Dominique looks posey

Surprise!  Judging takes place immediately after the photo shoot… and Fatima walks in late. 
On a side note… how on earth would they have time to look through all the photos, edit them, and compile all the girls’ best shots in the time between the photo shoot and judging?

Here is the group photo:

And close-ups in order of my favorite to least favorite:

Anya – The way the judges just LOVE this girl is ridiculous.  I mean, yes, she’s gorgeous, and she did rock the party and the photo shoot, no doubt about that!… but do any of the other girls even stand a chance?

Lauren – The judges oohed and aaaahed over her photo, and even I have to admit that she pulled it off well

Katarzyna – Nigel kind of took a jab at her, saying that her “conceited” look seemed to come naturally, but I thought it was great that she was able to get into character so well.

Whitney – I thought the judges were overly rude to her… as they often are to the girls.  There are ways of pointing out that she needs to give off the appearance of “realness” without mocking her

Dominique – Call me crazy, but I don’t see Joanie’s “quirky, crazy” crumping shot in this one.  To me, it looks too posed… and she looks old.

Stacy-Ann – So… too much personality = fake now?  Man, it’s hard to keep up with these judges’ expectations.

Fatima – no picture…

Call-out order:
1. Anya (her THIRD #1 photo — a feat accomplished by Shandi, Amanda c2, Kahlen, Joanie, Melrose, and Jaslene)
2. Lauren (still looking as awkward as ever)
3. Dominique
4. Katarzyna (who gets the “we want to see more personality” comment)
5. Whitney
6. Fatima

And Stacy-Ann goes home… which is ridiculous.  Discuss.



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  1. Here’s the thing, there’s no way they were sending Fatima home. She’s not the nicest girl, but she’s DEFINITELY more of a model than Stacy-Ann or Dominique. Besides, if she had skipped her appointment to do the photo-shoot, she wouldn’t’ve been able to go on in the show anyway, so what was she supposed to do? Skip the meeting so that she wouldn’t get kicked off, and then be kicked off anyway? Yeah, she should’ve had it taken care of, but she didn’t, and that’s that. I’m glad Stacy-Ann went home.

    And I was pretty impressed with Lauren at the party (apart from her initial “beat the crap out of them” comment). I was really worried for her because she’s like the world’s most awkward person, but she was surprisingly sociable! If Anya hadn’t completely rocked it, I think she would’ve had a chance at winning that challenge.

    Anya’s definitely at the top of this competition, though. They never say anything bad about her and she really is just a good model. Her voice isn’t as unintelligible anymore, either. Maybe I’m just getting used to it…

  2. And I can’t believe Dominique is still in the running. She looks like a stripper who hit her prime 10 years ago and used to be a man. And she’s just plain annoying.

  3. Didn’t Heather from cycle 9 get called #1 photo 3 times? I can’t remember. Maybe it was only two.

    I’m kind of sad that they aren’t showing too much of Katarzyna’s personality. But maybe she is one of the top 2 and we’ll see much more of her in the final episodes 😀

    I’m happy that Anya is getting more airtime. I’m a little weary though since that might mean she could go home earlier than expected (which seems to be a common theme this cycle)

    I’m sort of rooting for Whitney to win this cycle but the producers have been showing a very snooty side of her. Call it confidence but it seems like they are trying to bring her down 😦 However this cycle isn’t really revealing much of a favorite.

  4. Actually Amanda was a contestant on cycle 3, not cycle 2…

    To Christine:
    “Didn’t Heather from cycle 9 get called #1 photo 3 times? I can’t remember. Maybe it was only two.”

    Actually Heather was called first to continue the race only once in the second episode on cycle 9!!!

    I don’t know why everyone likes Whitney & Katarzyna that much!!! KATARZYNA’s personality cannot be portraid in the show because she doesn’t even have one!!! Everytime when she gets screentime she just speaks about what is happening around, but she has never really told her own openion about anything, this is why the editors don’t give her more screentime, because what the need is someone who tells her mind (like Dominique), not a narrator!!! I’m not all impressed by her work either, however she’s doing quite well dispeit the fact that she is the not so attractive-looking. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate her, I want her to be the 2nd runner-up of this cycle, but I just don’t know why on every forum she is told to be a supermodel eventhough she’s doing rather mediocre than well.

    And I’m not keen on WHITNEY because her way of talking and her complete behavior is a bit old-woman-like, she speaks like if she was 50 years old, not 20. And I have no problem with someone being plus-sized, but one thing is a fact: those girls’ bodylanguage, who aren’t skinny, don’t look all that edgy and fierce on pictures, this is why plus-size girls have never won this competetion. And I think if one plus-size girl had the potential to win this competition, that one was SARAH from cycle 9 (eventhough I didn’t want her to win, because Jenah is the best contestant ever attanded ANTM!!!) and the 2nd one was Toccara, so Whitney is only the 3rd most talented plus-sized girl in ANTM history!!! And I have to say Whitney is the 3rd meanest person in this cycle right after Dominique & Fatima…

    I want the finale order of the girls look like this:
    1. Lauren
    2. Anya *
    3. Katarzyna
    4. Fatima
    5. Whitney
    6. Dominique

    * I admit the Anya’s doing the best, and she’s my 2nd fav. right after Lauren, but I just hate that that is so predictable that she’s going to win!!!

    And if I were the judges I would have kept Claire, Amy & Marvita a lot way longer so my elimination list would deffinetely be:
    1. Lauren
    2. Anya
    3. Amy
    4. Katarzyna
    5. Marvita
    6. Fatima
    7. Claire
    8. Amis
    9. Stacey-Ann
    10. Whitney
    11. Kimberly (she could have worked with a Canndra (cycle 5) – like short cut!!!)
    12. Allison
    13. Dominique
    14. Atalya

  5. That Canndra would have been Cassandra, sorry…

  6. len90: Thanks for the info on Heather.

    I admit, I thought Jenah was goign to win cycle 9. But ANTM is always full of surprises.

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