7Up Portfolio = Screencaps?

April 20, 2008 at 5:04 pm | Posted in Anya, Dominique, Fatima, Katarzyna, Lauren, promo, random thoughts, StacyAnn, Whitney | 2 Comments

Seriously? What is up with the 7Up portfolio on the CW site? Pretty much the only reason I ever go to the CW site is for their higher-quality candids of the girls throughout the episode. But this 7Up portfolio is really something of a joke.

Please note: The following photos were taken from the CW 7Up portfolio with absolutely NO resizing, editing, recoloring, or retouching of any sort from yours truly. Don’t believe me..? Go check out the gallery yourself (LINK).

Everyone is blurry, squished, and pixelated! The disproportion of the shot makes Dominique look like more of a plus-sized model than Whitney!

The graininess on these is enough to make any photographer cringe!

This one has GOT to be a screen shot… and not a very good quality one at that!

And why is Anya’s hair blue? Can they not figure out how to do a simple white balance correction?

On a side rant… why is “Supermodels” in the third full line capitalized?

Here’s a tip… 7Up… CW… whoever… get a better photographer. Or screencapper. Or whatever… because that was just ridiculous.


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  1. yes!! is very bad quality!!thety do so bad!!

    ;-(all for 7 up!!

    ahha,thanks for post!

  2. Go Anya!!! 🙂

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