Episode Guide #10-12

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Episode 10: Viva Italia! (airing 4/23/08 ) FINAL SIX!
The remaining models head off to their international destination, Italy, where they are faced with the challenging task of filming a commercial in Italian.
My commentary on this episode here.

Episode 11: We Are Spartans! (airing 4/30/08 ) FINAL FIVE!
The models learn Gladiator-style fighting with swords. Later, they are photographed by Tyra in an old Roman castle, where one of the girls leaves Tyra startled with her beauty.
My commentary on this episode here.

Episode 12: Ready For My Close-Up (airing 5/7/08 ) FINAL FOUR!
The roles are turned when the models are asked to step behind the camera and photograph Paulina. Later, Nigel photographs the contestants in a photo shoot where they must pose as famous movie icons. In the end, the girls find themselves in an unpleasant situation when none of the judges are impressed with a single model’s photograph.
This is one episode description that actually makes me want to watch the episode. Basically, because it sounds so awful. When I read that the girls were going to take over the cameras, I audibly scoffed. It kind of reminded me of Sara c8 and her insistence that she was going to win because she’s a photographer. While I can see how someone who is a good photographer might be better prepared to be on the other side of the camera… it definitely doesn’t work the other way. What makes them think that models are going to make good photographers? The hilarious part is that they’re probably just going to have the setup all ready for them, put the camera settings on “automatic” and then go on and on about what wonderful photographers they are. While you can get some good shots just pointing and shooting, a real photographer knows that there’s a lot more to a fashion shot than just that… way more than they could teach the girls in the course of a few hours.

Later, Nigel makes them pose as movie icons. Oh please… not again. For those of you that might have forgotten, cycle 2 had a celebrity photo shoot, and cycle 7 had an awful celebrity couples photo shoot. I’m really quite done with the “let’s dress up like someone else” photo shoot. And what sort of movie icons are the final four going to portray? Are these classic movie icons (a la Audrey Hepburn and Bette Midler?) or are these more contemporary celebrities (a la Anna Nicole Smith?)? Either way, it’s probably going to be just as awful as cycle 2 and cycle 7.

Oh, and wait — yes, it is! Tyra & Co. can’t find a single photo they like! MAYBE it’s because you’re not really shooting movie icons… you’re shooting girls pretending to be movie icons… and MAYBE it’s not a big surprise because it’s a lame idea for a photo shoot! Here’s a question for those more involved in the modeling world…

How likely is it really going to be that any of these girls in their modeling careers are going to be asked to dress up as another movie star/celebrity for an actual photo shoot?
And then… why have we in the course of ten cycles have we had THREE photo shoots that do just that? Hmmmmmm?


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  1. Just a question, when will Britains next top models auditions be for the next series?

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